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*****EPISODE 54*****


Daisy shifted comfortably to lay her head on Jide’s chest. The light streaming in through the curtains indicated that the sun was way up in the sky and business was going on as usual in the ever busy state of Lagos. Yet these cuddling couples seemed reluctant to disentangle and go about the day’s affair.


They were probably relishing the moments of the night before or thinking about the whole time they had wasted while pride, arrogance, unforgiveness, vindictiveness and interfering human elements stalled the happiness that should have been theirs before now.


But whatever it was that was in their minds, the sun seemed unaware as it spread its wonderful rays around the room, neither did the clock stop ticking away towards 8am.


Daisy smiled now as she remembered the thrill of the night before, her left hand slowly caressing Jide’s chest. All is well that ends well, she thought. Who would have thought that with the way their marriage issue had kicked off and held through, that she would be brave enough to conquer it all and would one day hold tight to the man of her dreams?


Special thanks it is to her cousin who had shaken her out of her delusions, given her an ‘expert’ view and saved her from the crash course she was headed. And If she had ever doubted Jide’s love for her, all that doubts had evaporated in thin air. He had been such a wonderful lover. The end, indeed, justifies the means, as they say for this was right where she belonged. she concluded smiling.


Daisy had been awake for the past minutes but had decided to sleep tight and snuggle closer than skin to Jide. His light snore was melody to her ears and the rhythmical heaving of his chest against her face was better than any jolly ride that Disneyland could offer. She could stay here forever, basking in his masculine aura



and the safety and comfort that had eluded her all her life. This was home! Every chance to get there had been indeed, worth taking.


Now, Daisy slightly raised her head to peer at Jide’s face, but Surprisingly, he too wasn’t asleep.


‘Morning sunshine, hope your night was great?’ Jide said softly. Daisy felt her heart melt like Jelly then. Sunshine? Nobody had ever said it this wonderful before! Her night? It had been way out of this


world! He was as good in sheet as he was in looks! Was she going to get use to this




Offcourse she was!


Slowly, her smile diffused over her body as she continued peering into his eyes and probably didn’t remember he’d asked a question.


‘Are you gonna answer me, or you’re just gonna smile all day’ Jide prompted, stroking her face.


‘My night was the greatest ever’ she softly replied.


‘You surprise me every day, you know that’ Jide said his hands still teasing her face.


‘And so do you’ she replied.


Time seemed to stand still as they stared motionless at each other now.


‘I love you Jide’ Daisy finally said, meaning every word.


‘Love you too’ Jide replied.


And Daisy’s smile this time was exuding with contentment and pride. She had so long wanted to hear him say these words to her! And now that he finally did say it. It sounded magical.


‘You’ve got a wonderful smile, you know’ He said softly.


Daisy flashed more smile in response, it was followed by another magical spell of silence and intense gazing.


Daisy special moment held on for what seemed like ages, until… ‘Am already late for work Daisy’ Jide cut in softly.


Daisy felt a pang of pain slice through her heart then. There goes her special moment! She mused, pursing her lips.


‘Do you have to go to work today?’ she whined.


‘Am so sorry, but it’s important I call in this morning, got some deals to round off’ he pleaded.


‘Can’t it be postponed’ Daisy pleaded.


Jide shook his head and started rising up.


Women would always be women, thinking life was more about bed and breakfast. Some other day, then he would have stayed back to make sweet love to his wonderful wife, but today, business really calls. It was the business whose document had brought him home on Friday and it would be sealed today. His dad wouldn’t take it likely if he was absence. And he didn’t want to ruin the gradual bandages that were healing their sore wounds, for he’d finally apologise to his father. And then again, he still needed to intimate his dad with this new development, he couldn’t just skip work on a Monday, a previous act that had gotten him married in the first place. Not that he was regretting the outcome of it. No! He d–n well wasn’t. But business still preceded pleasure everywhere. Jide shrugged as he twirled to face the sulky Daisy.


‘So not fair’ Daisy said pouting her lips and crossed her arms like a whining child.


Jide smiled at her childish pose and felt his heart and firm resolution melting again.


Finally, he saw himself going back to seat on the bed.


‘How do I make it up to you?’ he asked caressing her cheek.


‘Stay with me’ Daisy replied.


‘Hmmmmm’ he simply said and moved closer, his face barely an inch from hers.


‘how about I leave you with a part of me’ he whispered softly.


A smile curved on Daisy’s lips now.


‘Yhat’s better’ he said then kissed her slowly. A minute later, he broke the kiss. Then with his lips still closer to hers and his hands encircling her, he asked: ‘then I can go for a while?


‘Just a while only?’ Daisy whispered, her previously crossed hands now circled his neck.


‘You can bet on that sunshine’ he said softly and covered her lips with his. Slowly Daisy slid down to accommodate her man, every of her childish whining gone as his kisses traced her mouth and skin. In its place was a woman ready to prove how deeply she loved her husband with her touch, caresses and kisses. At the end, she mused, it would be her leaving memories of herself engraved in his heart, so good that it would make him come running home back into her arms. *****************



‘Jeez Daisy, who could ever imagine that one day I’d mean nothing to you!’ A tall, dark, suited lady, spotting dread-locks complained as she walked through the opened door.


Daisy followed behind, smiling like one who had recently won a million bucks. Truth was that she didn’t care how angry this lady was, or how wrong she had been for totally forgetting that Brenda existed. It was so unlike her. Formerly, she would have gone to fix their issues but now, the joy she had felt for these past days was something she could trade even her juice cravings for, so Brenda’s whining didn’t even come close.


‘Are you even listening to me?’ Brenda turned, eyeing the widely grinning Daisy.


‘and what’s d–n so funny here!’ she shouted.


‘Oh Bree! Would you lower your voice and quit whining already? Then come take a seat with me’ Daisy replied calmly as she walked past Brenda to go sit down. Unperturbed by her friend’s angry demeanour or quaint stare.


‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ Brenda asked still staring quizzically at Daisy. ‘Sure’ Daisy replied, smiling like a love-struck teenager, then tightened her outer robe. There was no rush for anything again, her mornings were half spent on bed with her husband, so why should she be far from okay? Infact, she was feeling great!


‘Do have a seat, will you?’ she said.


Brenda shook her head rather perplexed. What was really wrong with her friend?


And what’s with the annoying grin she was wearing since?


‘Like for real Dee, what’s gotten into you?’ she asked moving over to the seat. ‘Hmm, you’re on suit today’ Daisy replied, glancing over her friend like she was seeing her for the first time.


‘Will you snap outta this?’ Brenda exclaimed sitting down, ‘that ain’t what I asked’


‘…and you’re still on dreads? Doesn’t look good with the suit though’ Daisy continued, ignoring Brenda’s angry stare.


‘Daisy!’ Brenda screamed.


Daisy broke into a laugh that resounded in the parlour. It was a laughter that came


from deep within her heart, not to mock or scare, just a true reflection of what she


truly felt.




‘Can I join in the joke’ Brenda cut in drily. Her friends attitude was d–n strange!



‘Jeez Bren, am so happy right now’ Daisy said finally, looking sober after the wine of laughter.


‘for a moment I thought you’ve lost it’ Brenda said.


‘No girl, am perfectly sane but simply happy’ Daisy replied.


‘Good! So start spilling’ Brenda said, her curiousity piqued as to the reason her estranged friend was this happy. Whatever grievance she had come to bear would have to chill for a while.


‘So?’ she prompted


‘We’ve made up’ Daisy simply said and smiled.


‘Who’s the we?’


‘Jeez Bree! Don’t be like that, don’t you see the glow in my face, don’t I radiate enough! Don’t you feel my smile! Don’t you feel me! Hunh?’ Daisy went euphoric.


‘Chilax, will you? I see ’em all and that’s why I ask’


‘Such a wonderful, loving dude’ Daisy uttered in that euphoric state ‘Who?’


‘My husband’


‘That tripping dude?’


‘No, not that tripping dude, its My dude, My boo! We ain’t into those anymore, we’ve let it all slide like jelly…and now, we are so good, it hurts!’ Daisy hugged herself now.


‘Can you cruise down to planet earth? I ain’t really getting…’


‘Oh come on Bree! Catch the gist! I’ve got him all back to myself and I mean all of him! all that arrogance, pay backs, temper, fights, quarrels, gush! all of ’em are gone…whoosh! Just like that, evaporated in thin air’ ‘And the ex ish?’


‘She’s history, she don’t matter to us anymore, gone like she never even happened’ ‘Whoa!’


‘You can say that again’




‘Yeah baby! And you’re gonna love the new him, I tell you, he’s so the best thing around’


‘Yeah right! he’s still a d**k head to me’ Brenda replied drily.


To be continued…………


By Oden Green










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