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*****EPISODE 52*****


‘I’ve known that girl as a bad luck, see how she’s come between two friends like that!’


‘Ade was never my friend and I will not have you talk about Daisy like that!’ ‘Okay, okay, sorry if I struck some dumb marriage cord’ she drawled. ‘Who cares about Ade? I’m not even here to banter with you over innocent Daisy’ she scoffed. Jide was forced to look at her now, what was her mission then? He wondered. Grace moved to seat on the arm of his seat, then crossed her hand across his shoulder


‘I am here for you and only you’ she cooed softly looking intently at Jide. ‘I want you to love me the way you’ve done before, all other men don’t compare to you, my body remembers your touch and has long ached for it. Your wife is not here, so what’s the worst that can happen? I will be discreet and…’


Jide just sat transfixed, adrenaline surging through his body. He knew he should have stood up and pushed this seductress away, but somehow, he didn’t have the power to do so, not when his eyes were faced with the cleavage of the lady luring him with her words and teasing him with her gradual movement on his body. He knew this was sweet temptation, so ripe and ready to be plucked. He loved his wife but…



‘…See this skin’ Grace slowly drew her hand across her exposed thigh ‘…they await to feel you. So what you gonna do rude boy, decline this no strings attached offer?’ Grace took his hands and placed it on her bosom. ‘there, they need your squeezing too’ she winked and licked her lips


‘You’re crazy, you know?’ Jide whispered a failed attempt at shouting.


‘Yeah, I am, crazy for your love and…’ she positioned comfortably on his laps ‘…your kiss’. With this she drew her head slowly and kissed at his lips before going for the kill.


Jide tried to fight it, but at the end, he lost control and drew Grace closer.


Yeah! that’s what am talking about baby! Grace thought in triumph as she pressed closer to him. She had wanted to prove a point to herself, that Jide could still fall for her charm and so far she was very successful.


What you gonna do now Daisy? You don’t mess with a desperate Nigerian girl!


she thought proudly as she clang to Jide enjoying the ride and determined to go all


the way down!




Daisy alighted from the Taxi at the front of her gate and brought out her bag, smiling contentedly. She was feeling so happy and believed that nothing could ever go wrong, even the sun seemed to smile at her.


‘So, how much is my fare?’ she asked all smiles.


The driver hesitated a while, before he shrugged and said. ‘Madam bring 2000’, expecting her to bargain.


Daisy dug into her bag and brought out exactly 2000 naira.


‘Here’ she handed him the money and walked away. She didn’t notice or care about his surprised stare.


The driver perused the neighbourhood he just dropped his passenger, shrugged and drove off.


Adamu was already at the gate, smiling sheepishly.


‘Madam welcome oh’ he greeted flying his hands by his sides.


Daisy raised a brow before smiling. Hmm, even Adamu too was happy for her. ‘Thank you! How’s work?’ she asked as she walked past him into the compound, Adamu following behind.


‘Fine oh madam. Why you come go leave us?’ he asked.


Daisy, quite unlike her, stopped to chat with the man.



‘You know, I had to clear my head, but now am back…for good!’ she said excitedly.


‘Welcome oh!’ he replied still smiling sheepishly.


‘Thanks. I trust Jide is around?’ she asked, now walking away. ‘Yes…erm…yes oga dey’ he stammered, his smile immediately faded and his hands flew to his head.


Daisy didn’t look back, she sighted Jide’s car and felt a deeper urge to resolve their problems as soon as possible.


‘I’ve got a feeling, uh oh, that tonight’s gonna be a good night…’ she sang merrily as she walked on, Stopping briefly to peer at the pool with longing.


‘Soon we shall be united’ she chuckled and walked on.


Back in the parlour, Jide and Grace were still on with their business, the heat and tempo higher. Grace’s gown was already high up her thighs while Jide hands were everywhere on her body.


‘Tell me I do you better’ Grace moaned.


Jide didn’t answer, just continued working with his lips, while his hands ravaged her body.


Soon, the door flew open and in walked Daisy. Her duffel bag was the first to hit the ground as she stared dumbfounded at her husband and and…Grace!


The cuddling couples immediately disentangled when they heard the noise. Grace gracefully straightened her gown while she eyed Daisy with victory and contentment on her face.


Jide, still breathing heavily had this ‘busted’ look mixed with remorse, guilt and shame. He just stared at Daisy wishing the ground would swallow him there. But It didn’t.


Daisy’s face was already wet with tears from her gland.


‘What…is going on here?’ she managed to say.


‘Duh…you needed to ask?’ Grace replied, arms crossed on her chest. She was so ready for action however it came.

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To be continued………..


By Oden Green





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