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*****EPISODE 43*****


The honk of a car outside the compound wafted in and interrupted Jide from the football match he was watching. He cursed under his breath and sat tight with the resolve to ignore the caller. He wasn’t in the mood to see anyone, and he guessed Daisy wasn’t too. She would have to be seen first before she can receive visitors. She had as usual retired into her room and refused to come out. He had knocked at her door in the morning on his way to church, but had gotten no response.


The decision to attend church service today hadn’t been planned, he had suddenly became restless and felt constricted in the house. In his desire to kill the feelings of anger, boredom and loneliness, he had decided to attend service since it was the appropriate place to be on a


Sunday. Then after the match he had decided to visit his family home.


He had planned to ask Daisy if she wanted to come along, but if she was still bent on being ridiculously angry and childish not wanting to iron things out with him, he would let her be. Because as it stands, he was irritated and fed up with all the problem that seem endless.


If marriage produced this sort of headache, then why would anyone raise a brow over the alarming rate of divorce in the world? Women should be the one getting all the blame, they were the one who nursed grudges and


past mistakes like eggs, holding on tightly like they would slump if they just forgave and moved on! Why couldn’t bygone ever be bygone?


He had cheated on her with Grace, so what? He was a changed man now, why couldn’t Daisy see beyond that unavoidable mistake of his? He sighed and shook his head. He hoped he could still handle all of this, because honestly everything is starting to weigh him down.


An impatient bang on the door jolted him out of his thoughts and inertia and saw him hurrying towards the door to the impatient caller.


‘Do you have a muffler or something in your ears?’ was the angry words of Brenda that greeted him soon as he unlocked the door.


‘And is that why you wanna tear down the door?’ Jide retorted, his form still blocking the way.


‘I definitely should break down the door, cos I’ve been knocking like forever!’


‘You could have atleast be more patient’


‘Patient is what I showed out there by not breaking the d–n thing down, why did you have to the lock the door in the first place?’


‘One, because its my house and I decide if I wanted it open or not! Two, it was locked to keep rude things like you out there where you belong!’


‘Too bad then, cos your burglary proof is broken! Burglar alert! Rude girl is in your face!’ she replied. Then pushing past him to the parlour, she added: ‘if you would excuse me I ain’t got all day dude’.


Jide sighed, cursed and shook his head, this was such a wonderful way to end an equally wonderful day, he mused.


‘So where’s my friend?’ Brenda asked, now standing in the middle of the parlor. ‘And you expect me to answer that?’ came Jide’s curt reply as he walked back to his seat.


‘Why not, you live here don’t you?’




‘Then I’d like to see her.’


Jide shook his head in amazement, was this girl like this always? Didn’t she know where to find her friend? Or what? Was she trying to draw some reaction for him? ‘Hello! Am talking to you dude’ Brenda pushed.


‘And you have no right whatsoever to talk to me, go learn some manners first’ ‘Only if you will tell me where…’


‘And why should I? You’re not even welcomed in this house’


‘Oh yes I am!’ Brenda challenged, her hands on her hips. ‘my friend lives here so…’


‘Well your friend lives and not OWN this place’ ‘She’s married to you, so she has every right to…’


‘Be careful with that word, because I wouldn’t count on that long enough if you don’t take your meddling nose outta our business!’ Jide said standing up. He was fed up with Daisy’s friend and her nonsense. She couldn’t come to his house and tell him how to run his business, this was Nigeria, not America!


‘Oh I see, is that gonna be your new move hunh? Then be rest assured, that we are


meeting you right there!’


‘Am not afraid of any of you!’


‘You should be, cos we are gonna make sure you end up penniless! Brenda shouted.

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A scoff. ‘if that has been your plan the whole while, go re-think, cos you’re so wasting your time’


‘We are gonna see about that!’


‘You know what? You’ve over stayed your welcome!’ Jide said and marched towards her, set on dragging her annoying presence out of his house. She can wait for Daisy all she wanted out there.


‘Don’t you just come near me, you…you…or I will call the cops on you!’ she said retreating backwards and heading for the hallway.


‘Reality check little Miss American! we don’t have cops here, we call them police and they handle rude things like you just perfectly’ Jide said and stopped in his track, happy that his scare had turned her on her heels and gotten through her thick rude skin. He would have loved to teach her a lesson or two, too bad he wasn’t a woman beater, and he wasn’t planning on becoming one because of some ill-mannered female.


‘All mouth and no strength’ he added.


Just then Daisy walked in, almost colliding with Brenda at the hallway. She had heard their voices in her room, but hadn’t cared for She had problems of her own. Then knowing Brenda too well, she would be up to no good.


‘What’s going on here?’ she asked, looking from one to the other.


‘I can’t believe you’ve been staying with this animal!’ Brenda shouted. ‘And if you don’t watch your tongue, am gonna teach you some’ ‘You can’t do me nothing!’


‘Will you guys both quit this!’ Daisy shouted.


Everyone turned calm.


‘Can we leave now? Am ready’ she addressed Brenda.


‘About time too! And what’s that you’re putting on? A simple top and jean, what happened to those s£xy clothes? it’s months since you last saw PETER! No way you’re going to see HIM dressed like that!’ Brenda said, adding more than required emphasis on the words ‘Peter’ and ‘him’ whilst eyeing Jide.


Jide just shook his head.


‘Quit tripping and lets go, there’s nothing wrong with what am wearing and Pete’s isn’t new to us’ Daisy replied drily and headed for the door, Brenda following closely behind.



‘So what? You finally appear from your room since morning and now you’re just going to head out?’ Jide called after them. ‘I suggest you make your choices carefully Daisy’ he shouted addressing Daisy.


Daisy didn’t act like she was the one been spoken to.


‘Duh, she has and its not with you, loser!’ Brenda replied him, then stuck her tongue at him before banging the door after her.


Jide stood there a while staring blankly at the door. It was definitely time to involve the parents, he concluded and made for his study. **********************


To be continued……….


By Oden Green





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