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*****EPISODE 41*****


A day after the parlour confrontation, things were far from being perfect for the Olukoyas, even now as they sat in the parlor, each in his own world, the tension in the room was very palpable.



Jide who had been the worst hit was presently stealing glances at his fuming wife seated few meters away. He couldn’t fully understand why she was unusually angry at his stint with Grace, when he knew he had done worst in time past. It wasn’t as if they’d been best of couples and yet he had gone ahead to cheat on her, if you


looked at it from his perspective, he was hardly in the wrong. Why? Daisy wasn’t his hand picked wife, she hadn’t been his lover, neither


had he known much about her existence till the marriage issue began. Yet she was this angry!


Grace however had been a part of his life, every close friend of his


knew about her, even his dad. Although he had been indifferent about her, not that they had ever sat together to discuss about his personal life, but with the appearance of Daisy and all the force and threat he’d encountered just so he could accept and marry her, it was obvious where his loyalty lies.


Okay! now he was taken, he was willing to be married to their choice, but their docile pet was far from making that happen, she was really acting up, portraying a new side of her he never knew existed. But then did he really know her? All that information she had disclosed in a fit of rage yesterday were jumbled up in his mind, he had tried to piece them together in futility.


If he wanted clear explanations, he’d have to hear it from the horses mouth. An obstinate, angry pretty fair horse at that.


Jide chuckled quietly at that and cast another side glance at Daisy, she seemed concentrated on the program Mnet was airing, her lips was set in an angry twitch, her hands crossed around her chest and legs shaking continuously in anger. She’d been at that position since he returned an hour ago, she had


totally ignored him when he came in, not at all bothered, he had just


headed to his study, refreshed himself, came out to his set dinner and now here was he, sitting like a ghost besides her.


No word had transpired between them since. But he couldn’t leave it at that, he needed to talk to her, needed to resolve this issue, desired to gain back her affection, wanted her to stop being angry at him, he simply wanted to make everything alright! And if that was ever going to happen, he had to make the first move.


Jide cleared his throat and braced up for whatever was to come, he was the man in this situation and it was high time he started acting as one.



‘Daisy’ he called, but it came out as a croak and he cleared his throat rather noisily this time.


Daisy didn’t turn an inch, her shoulders stiffened, her gaze still fixed at the screen.


‘You’ve not said anything since I returned’ Jide pushed further.


Still no response.


‘Don’t tell me you’re still mad at me? I’ve been restless ever…’ ‘Then don’t get yourself ‘restless’ any further’ she shot back angrily. ‘I wish I could help it but…’


‘For Christ’s sake Jide! Why don’t you ever keep to yourself for once?!’


‘And what would that solve? We are supposed to be married remember, why don’t we act it for once?’


‘Good question. Am doing my part effectively and foolis.hly well


even…’ she faced him defiantly, then added: ‘its your turn to start acting it too!’ ‘That’s exactly what am trying to do, only if you would let me!’


‘You still don’t get it! You never climb a ladder from the top down, you need to first get to its roots and climb upward!’


‘And haven’t you been listening? Am trying hard to get to whatever roots you speak about…’


‘Well am not in the mood for root searching and discovery, you can


bloody well try another time!’ Daisy cut in angrily and sprang up to her feet. For some strange reasons, she didn’t want to listen to him, didn’t want them talking or resolving issues, she just wanted to stay mad, mad at him and everybody, wanted him to suffer just as much as she had, she didn’t want no intimacy, no cuddling up, she wanted to get as far as she could from this reality, love could not be trusted, it wasn’t worth her energy just like Kerry Hilson had sang. Loving him was taking all of her energy.


‘I don’t want to talk, ever!’ she shouted at nobody in particular. She had been standing throughout, while those thoughts coursed through her mind. Unaware that Jide had been talking to her.


‘Okay! Okay!’ He said and sighed, retreating a few steps back. ‘I get it, but atleast sit down, I’ve got something else to request’ Daisy shot him an angry look and he quickly added: ‘its from my dad, he’s the one who put me to it’.


Jide knew that his dad had no hand in what he was about to say, but seeing the way the name had calmed her down, he decided to use him as the bait.



‘Your…dad?’ Daisy stammered, trying hard to hide her sudden apprehension, she wondered why he had sent a request across, for they’d not seen each other after the wedding affair.


‘Its nothing serious’ Jide offered seeing the look on her face. ’do seat down’ he added and they both sat down.


‘Like I said its nothing serious, just a dinner and awards night the company organised, it would be holding this Saturday and my…’ he




‘An award?’ Daisy cut in, irritation etched on her face.


‘Yeah, yeah! Just some company stuff holding at Eko hotels, am sure you would like it…’ he noticed her shaking her head probably in refusal, then quickly added ‘Dad specifically requests to see you, he told me to plead with you…’


‘That’s okay, Saturday right? I would be available’ she cut in with finality in her tone.


Jide exhaled the breath he didn’t know he had been holding in, maybe an evening out of their house and in another environment would do their


marriage some good, his father’s presence might even help, if his name could melt her like this, then who could tell what his presence could do? Feeling conceited, he relaxed unto the settee, and got ready to


settle for another evening of companionable silence.


But few seconds later, Daisy’s phone rang.


Daisy eyed the phone, reluctant to pick it up, two guesses and She knew who would be calling. Or better yet, make it three guesses, since Jide had miraculously gotten wind of her number. She added drily and reached out for her phone. ‘Hello…Brenda’ she said unexcitedly. Brenda too was at the receiving end of her recent anger.


Jide felt a wind wash over him at the mention of that name, he


straightened up and focused his attention on their discussion wishing that he could appear wherever Brenda was now and shut her rude interfering hole of a mouth for once. But then wishes weren’t horses. He sighed resignedly.


‘Am sorry I’ve been occupied lately that’s why I couldn’t…’ Daisy said obviously trying to calm her irate friend. She strongly felt like ending the call, but had to force herself to stay on the line.


‘When did you start with this ‘am occupied’ nonsense? What is happening Daisy?’ Brenda shot back in anger.


‘And I’ve said am sorry, so cut me the melodrama’ Daisy replied irritated.


‘If you are upset, don’t take it out on me silly’ Brenda snapped.


Daisy sighed realising now that she was at fault and had no cogent reason for being angry with Brenda, she was the one who had failed her promise to call since Wednesday, and now that she was calling, she could at least try to be apologetic. ‘Are you still there?’ Brenda screamed cutting into her thoughts.


‘Yeah, I am. And am deeply sorry for snapping at you’ she said and meant it. ‘Jeez! I was hoping to be act a peacock and refuse to pick your call but I was held on like forever’ Brenda said in sulky tone now. This made Daisy smile briefly. ‘Always the spoilt brat, aren’t you?’ she teased.


Jide who had been listening in on the banter, relaxed at this point, it was obviously a harmless female chatter, no need to feel threatened. ‘That’s why you’re calling?’ Daisy asked, relaxing on the settee.


‘Oh no no! Guess who’s in town! Brenda said excitedly ‘Honestly I…’


‘Oh just try! the person arrived from our very own Boston!’ ‘Uhm…no clue’ what other friends did they have in Boston? ‘Okay! let me put you out of your misery! P.e.t.e.r is in town!’ she screamed, spelling the word Peter.


‘P.e.t.e.r?’ a pause then, ‘Peter!’


‘Live and direct!’


‘Oh my gosh, why did you keep this from me!’


‘I tried to tell you days ago but we were rudely interrupted’ ‘How sad. Jeez! I Can’t wait to set my sights on him!’ ‘So can’t he! Infact he asked to see you like on Saturday!’


‘Saturday?’ Daisy paused and glanced at Jide whose angry stare was boring into hers, she smiled smugly and looked away, ‘piece of the iceberg’ she said quietly to herself.


‘So what you say?’


‘Uhm…Saturday’s not feasible, got a place to be with Jide, Sunday should…’ ‘Whatever’ she cut in drily’ ‘see you Sunday then? Good thing Peter’s now a practicing lawyer and I perceive he’ll be of much help to us’ she added cheerfully. ‘Whatever, I just wanna set my eyes on him, its being a while!’ ‘kk, catch you then’ Brenda said and hung up.


‘k’ Daisy said and slowly brought down the phone, her eyes travelled to Jide who was still staring angrily at her. Guilt immediately washed over her.



Brenda had again hinted another explosive of hers and this time she found herself unruffled by it. Guilty feeling washed over her again, she quickly pushed it away and settled back on her seat, her eyes staring head on.


She knew she was angry with Jide but such thought had never crossed her mind. Divorce? The words sent shivers down her spine. Now that the option was staring boldly at her, she wondered if she could possibly ever divorce Jide, the man of her dreams?


Though he was getting her angry in every way possible these days, but would she ever get pushed to the extent where that dreaded word would become her only option? She mentally shook her head and forced her attention on the program being televised.


Stop getting ahead of herself Daisy! she chastised. Just because Peter was in town didn’t mean he was coming with a ready made divorce papers. She should just look forward to seeing him-her very long ago ex, and presently a good friend of hers after Brenda. She should simply concentrate on keeping up her anger for Jide, until he suffered just as much as she had. That was where her energy should be directed, she needed it to counter all his persuasive and cuddling up gimmicks until she was sure he really loved her and had finally let go of Grace his ex. Divorce was definitely out of the question and should remain so. Hopefully that is. **************


To be continue…


By Oden Green





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