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*******EPISODE 25*******


Jide paced around the parlour impatiently, his eyes darting at the clock, every now and then and his impatience increasing with every tick of the clock. The time was 7:10pm.



His mind wandered back to the afternoon he had spent with his friends. They had eventually left around three, but not without leaving a messy kitchen and Parlour, in their wake. (Join Group) The guys, after all the banter and argument over sports, girls, cars and all other guy’s talk, had rummaged the kitchen looking for something to eat when they felt pangs of hunger.


Dele had been the first to complain of hunger, and Soon, all four had marched to the kitchen to fix up something for themselves. The soup


Daisy had prepared yesterday had been the most hit. It was now cooling off in the freezer with almost half of its content gone. Ade had been the super chef of the day.


Even now, remnant of Semovita flour still littered the floor, dirty pots and dishes awaited whomever was in charge of domestic works, Okon or


Daisy, Jide didn’t care, infact, given the fact that today was Saturday


and Okon would be nowhere near the house, the onerous task rested on Daisy.


Served her right anyways, Jide had mused.


But then, that was actually the least of his problems. Where was Daisy, his supposed ‘beloveth wife’? Was this how she behaved and had been pretending otherwise since? Leaving her ‘matrimonial’ home to go on an undisclosed spree? Without a word or glance his way? Who did she even think she was? Making him all angry and jittery with worries over her?


And why did he even care? These and other questions raced through Jide’s pacing form.


Months ago, and he wouldn’t have bated an eyelid, infact he had even wished she would one day quietly carry her self, baggage and other personal effects and simply vanish into thin air. He would have compensated her with the television and decoder if she wanted. As long as she took her imposed self out of his face.


Then also, he had frowned, when he learnt that she sat home all day doing God knows what, courtesy of Adamu, who supplied unsolicited information. But Now he wished she stayed home.


‘Everybody’s d–n so messed up in this house’ he spat bitterly and


slumped onto the settee. His eyes travelling back to the clock. It was 7:30 now. Jide rolled his eyes and gave up a sigh, his rumbling stomach wasn’t making things any better. Soon he dozed off. *****************



Daisy smiled cheerfully at the bent form of Adamu as he curtised before her. ‘hi’ she said and walked on. That man was something else she thought amused. Today had been spectacular, she was so happy to finally see Brenda. From the Airport they had driven to her family house in Ikoyi, then the fun


party had moved to interesting places Lagos had to offer. Emeka, Brenda’s brother had been the tour guide.


Brenda had been excited to be back in the country, while she had been excited to finally see her friend, so they’d drove around, hardly noticing that the time was far spent. There was nothing to come back to at home anyways.




Daisy’s heart missed a beat, few steps ahead when she saw Jide’s Blue Sedan car parked in the compound. It meant he was around. She had not counted on him being home when she came back. Suddenly, She felt that old fear creep up again, immediately she pushed it away. She had done nothing bad whatsoever, so what was up with the feeling of fright? She chastised herself.


Yet walking further, Daisy still felt uneasy. Silently, she wished Emeka had not insisted on driving Brenda back home after they dropped her at the gate. She sure needed the strength of her presence now. What was it about this man that turned her jelly with fright and


unexplainable emotions. Daisy wondered angrily. And after a minute


hesitation at the door, she said a silent prayer, braced up for whatever was to come


and pushed open the door.


The disarray of the parlor greeted Daisy before she noticed the sleeping form of Jide crouched on the settee. Her eyes travelled to the clock, the time was 8:20pm, Daisy sighed. She had not been aware that the time was far spent.


Daisy resorted into tiptoe as she passed Jide to her room but a sound from him halted her. He was turning on his sides then.


When she heard nothing afterwards, Daisy resumed her slow and steady step only to be halted again by his voice.


‘What do you think you’re doing?’ he asked sitting up.


Daisy said nothing, her eyes darting at all corners except on him. She felt foolish. Was that question even for her?


‘I don’t think am invincible, neither should you think you are, what says your time now?’ he asked angrily.



Daisy eyes went back to the clock, she thought herself foolish, for she’d checked it before.


Jide was far from done. ‘you proclaim


yourself a wife, yet this is when you arrive since morning you left…’ he continued. Daisy just stood there like a statue. She was nolonger paying attention to his ramblings. What the hell had gotten into him? She wondered. This was actually the longest he had ever spoken to her, and when did she start owing him an explanation for her actions? Daisy’s anger was fast


rising. But Since she didn’t trust her voice to utter perfectly the way she felt, she’d just let this pass.


Her mind set, she started walking away.


‘…did you not hear what I said, am hungry and I don’t eat late but obviously whomever graced your day is more important…’ Jide was standing up now. Anger shaking his form.


‘Food’ Daisy cut in unbelievably. Here she was thinking that there was more to his strange behaviour this night, and here he was whining about food!


‘…Yes food, since that’s the only wifely duties your little pretty


head can come up with as the need of a husband, then get me my dinner. Or what happened? you’ve forgotten to drop it on the dining as usual and hide…’ ‘Oh stop already! food you want, food you will get!’ Daisy shouted,


surprised at her boldness, Flung her handbag on the closest settee and dashed to the kitchen.


Jide grinned and slumped back on the settee. They’d actually had their first Fight, he thought conceited. Maybe not your normal couple fight,


but given the circumstance, this was a start. Jide stretched his legs, the grin still plastered on his face.


‘Oh God!’ came Daisy’s sudden shout from the kitchen.


Jide grinned harder, almost denting his handsome face. Daisy must have discovered the state of her kitchen and soup he thought smiling.


‘Bless the boys!’ he said. For once, he was glad they came. It served


her right too, leaving her home to go frolic around ‘God knows where’ doing God knows what’. His dinner was what he wanted now and he didn’t


care how it would manifest. What a day to start working towards building a family.


He thought.


Daisy wasn’t finding it funny in the kitchen, the whole place was a


mess; like a football team had ransacked her kitchen, plates and pots laid carelessly


around, the semovita had stuck hard to them, the tiles were covered in white, and


oh no! Not her juice too! Empty packs of


it laid about.


She moved slowly to where it laid, to ascertain if they had even left a cup for her. Luckily some packs remained.


Daisy sighed and went back to the cooking platform, she had decided to fry


plantain for Jide. She had earlier planned to cook rice when she returned but going


by the present situation, there was no way she would stress herself. Thankfully the


stew had survived the rampage, too bad


for the soup. She sighed again.


‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ Daisy muttered under her breath as she got busy on the plantain.


Minutes later, she set the last plate containing fried eggs on the


dining. She was looking a mess, white particles perched conspicuously on all parts of her body, Daisy was really pissed. Too angry even to analyse the events of the last hour.


She looked towards the parlour, Jide was sprawled on the settee again, either sleeping or pretending to, she wasn’t sure and didn’t care.


She just needed a means to get his attention. She shifted one of the dining chair noisily and that did the trick, for Jide rose up.


Daisy then walked slowly to where her bag laid, picked it up and made for her room without a second glance Jide’s way.


‘And where do you think you are going?’ Jide asked. He was on his way to the dining. It was more out of something to say than that it was a required question. Even he knew where she was headed.


Daisy rolled her eyes and shook her head exasperated. He’s gotta be kidding me.


She thought still moving.


‘Am sure I asked a question’ Jide pushed further.


‘Where else do you think am going?’ she returned curtly and disappeared through the door leading to the hallway, muttering angrily under her breath.


Jide smiled mischievously. He had just wanted to hear her speak to him, nothing more. Infact this was the start to more conversing and bickering to come. Feeling unusually happy with himself, he settled to his meal.


Daisy once in her room went straight to the showers. She was d–n pissed at Jide and his good for nothing friends. It was only later on her bed that she went over and analyzed the events that transpired that night. Jide was acting up real strange



and funny, but she was glad that she had held her turf better than she would have, months ago. She appreciated fully the presence of her friend. It was like a catalyst nudging her up from her deplorable and fast-sinking existence.


‘Thank you Bree’ she said quietly and let the sweet embrace of sleep take over her tired being. Tomorrow was now a day to look forward to.


To be continued……




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