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#Chapter 66βœ“



Zeemah writes






“I.. i am the assassin” I said, finally letting out my dark secret.


There was silence and i couldn’t glance at Darrel’s face for a while but the moment i did.


My heart shattered.


This is not Darrel anymore….



He looked shocked,his pistol dropping from his hand and i doubt if he even noticed that.


His lips shook as he crumbled to the floor beside me.


My eyes hurt.


I can’t cry anymore but i guess my heart did the crying for me.


I couldn’t stare at Darrel in the face, i just can’t face him after I’ve hurt him.


I noticed Nath standing beside the cops, he was just staring straight ahead,i couldn’t decipher his expression but i know he must be so shocked.


Who won’t be?


“M..ia no.. no.. no oo” Darrel said,in an unfamiliar voice.


A different voice that sounds broken.


I was forced to look at his face and all i saw was raw pain, his eyes had gone red so quickly and he cried silently.


I can never forgive myself for causing him so much pain.


Tears poured out of my aching eyes and i almost felt numb.


“I’m sorry” i said in tears.


“You’re joking right?” Nath asked.


I shook my head and he burst into tears.


“I..i trusted you” Darrel said.


I’ve never seen him looked this hurt.


His eyes are hot shade of red.


Like he’s angry and hurt at the same time.


He’s completely changed.


Who wouldn’t?


Knowing the person he has lived with and loved for months is actually the assassin


he wants to apprehend.


I’d be more shocked .



Minutes passed and no one talked nor moved.


I think the cops are waiting for Darrel to order them to arrest me but he’s looking so lost and cold now.


Like he’s still shocked.


I stared at him,he was staring at me too and i suddenly wished all this was a dream.


I wish i had a perfect life but then it’s just a wish.


It probably might not come not come true.


My life is crumbled before me already and is there any wish that can change that?


“I..tried telling you before now” I said,when i finally gathered the strength to talk.


I felt weak, looking at Darrel.


Please say something.


Feels like he won’t recover from his shock anytime soon.


“You can arrest me now” I said to the cops.


Two of them moved towards me with handcuff.


“Don’t you dare!” Darrel said and they stepped back immediately.


“Darrel…” I was saying when he held my leg and cried loudly.


“Why?” He asked in tears.


“I’m sorry” I said, feeling too weak to cry now.


I feel like collapsing.. i wish i did not have to face all this, i wish i didn’t have to look Darrel in the eye right now.


The hurt in his eyes is something I’ll forever remember.


“It all started when i was eight” I said and made myself travel back to the past.






“My family is what you could describe as perfect but not until i turned eight. My dad started touching me intimately,he touched every part of my body, my


private parts the most.


I didn’t have enough sense then but i felt it wasn’t right.


I told my mum and i could remember how her eyes went wide with horror, she quickly dismissed me and told me to go play with Blaine, my elder brother.


I gladly went, I’ve always enjoyed playing with Blaine, My brother. Who was 12 years old then.


We played in our garden and pluck flowers.


We chased butterflies and laugh at whatever seems funny.


Blaine was helping me arrange flowers in my hair when we heard noises.


It’s obvious mum and dad are into a heated argument.


I glanced at Blaine but he only shrugged and took me farther from the house.


“You told mama anything?” He asked.






“I told her that dad touches me” I said with a little pout.


“Touches you?” He asked and i nodded.


“Where?” He asked again.


“Down here ” I said “and here” I said pointing to my flat chest.


“What!” He exclaimed and i felt scared.


He looked shocked too,just like mum.


“It’s bad right?” I asked and he nodded.


My little chest started pumping hard in fear and i started crying when i saw how hard Blaine was trying to hold back his tears.


He drew me close to him and patted my back.


“I’ll make sure Dad doesn’t hurt you anymore okay?” He said and i nodded.


“But he’s not hurting me” I said.


“He is Mia, he is” He said, looking angry.



We returned to the house when it’s getting late and was glad to see everywhere peaceful.


Everyone sat in the dining and we all had our dinner in silence.


The next day, i saw Blaine with a broken arm, it was wrapped in bandage and it was so obvious on his face that he’s in pain.


I didn’t bother to ask what happened and he didn’t tell me either.


All i wanted was for him to get well.


I hate seeing him hurt.




I noticed dad stopped touching me and even if i don’t know what it means, i was glad.


But little did i know i was wrong cause it all started again the second night i clocked thirteen and it was even worst.


By then, i was more wise, i had known what he did to me when i was eight and i avoided him to avoid such occurrence again.


I was asleep in my room,the second night i clocked thirteen when he came again.


I woke up to his touches which was bolder this time.


He was fondling my growing br**sts and trying to tear my panties apart.


My eyes hasn’t gotten clear yet but as soon as i realised what was happening.


I pushed him away and sat uptight on the bed, breathing heavily.


My heart raced in my chest as i stared at the icy eyes of my father.


He smirked and moved closer to me.


I kept shifting back till my back hit the bed headboard.


Tears gathered in my eyes and i even felt too weak to cry.


“Don’t cry princess, i love you and i want you” He said, caressing my exposed arm,down to my br**sts.


I shook under his touch and did not know where the strength of slapping his hand came from.


“Im going to scream” I threatened in shaky voice.



“If you do,then I’m gonna kill Blaine, i once broke his arm when he confronted me for touching you,so if you dare tell him or anyone else, I’ll kill him this time. ” He said and i gasp.


“So, just keep shut and lay back on the bed” He whispered.


“Leave me alone” I said tightly.


“I’m not gonna hurt you, atleast not yet. I just need to… Ah! I can’t get you out of my mind” He said.


“Leave” I cried.


“Okay, i will but if you tell anyone this, then you’ll have your brother killed.” He said and forcefully kissed me on the lips before walking out of my room.


I sat on the bed and cried,not able to sleep till morning.


He kept coming to my room every night, touching me intimately and threatening to


kill Blaine if i ever tell anyone.


And all i could do is cry.


My life was disorganized at an early stage and i became a shadow of my self. Blaine and mum kept asking me what the problem is,cause I’m known to be always cheerful and happy.


Every morning, I’d wish for the night.


The molestation went on till i turned fifteen.


My father deflowered me!


I felt like thrash, i felt dirty, i felt like dieing and if he had not ran to the door when


i picked my bedside lamp.


I would have killed him.


“Remember, no one must hear about this or you’ll lose your brother” He said. “And.. you’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted” He added with a smirk before walking out.


I stared numbly at the door after he left.


Feeling sick to the stomach, i couldn’t move and when i tried to.


The pain i felt between my thighs made me stay back.


“You blossomed so quickly, now is the time I’ve been waiting for” He had said before plunging into me.


The pain i felt was almost unbearable and i has shrieked under him.


I cried, wishing my life hadn’t turn this way.


I’m in pain. Physically and emotionally, i wish i can voice out but I’m voiceless in this case.


I won’t want my brother dead. My father had turned into a monster,he can do anything.


My past nights have been horrible but this is the most horrible night of my life. *


“Mia” I heard someone call,the voice sounded distant.


“Mia” I heard again, more clearly.


My eyes opened and i saw it’s Blaine.


I noticed the look on his face is not so bright.


“Blaine” I called, yawning.


“Mia, what happened, you’re stained and your sheets too” He said and my heart raced .


I should have just cleaned up before morning.


I was too weak and hurt to do so.


“What happened to you?” He asked worriedly.


“’s my monthly flow” I said and he gave me a doubting look.


“I thought you’re done with this month’s” He said.


Well..that’s how well my brother knows me.


He calculates my monthly flow so he could stay with me when it’s about to come cause I’m the one with a very terrible cramp.


We’re damn close and the thought of loosing him terrifies me.


“It can be irregular at times” I lied.


“Mia, are you sure you’re okay?” He asked, sitting beside me.


“You’ll get stained..shift farther” I said.


“I don’t care” he said and i smiled.


I love him so much.


He held my hands and looked into my eyes.


“Mia Cunnane” He called and i know he’s dead serious and worried right now.


“Is there anything going on? Is there anything i need to know?” He asked and i was almost forced to tell him.


Blaine is a great Kung Fu fighter at nineteen.


I was highly respected and feared by all in my school cause no one dares touches a strand of my hair and does not face Blaine’s wrath.


My brother is my knight in shining armor and i can never replace him with anything.


If he knows about what Mr Cunnane is doing to me,then I’m afraid what will come next.


He had confronted Mr Cunnane once and got his arm broken, if he confronts him now, he’d get killed.


“Blaine, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m fine” I said.


“What’s with your looks nowadays and now you’re acting like you’re in pain” “I’m fine, it’s the normal cramps” I said slowly sliding off the bed.


“Mia, the blood is freaking much! Your flow is not always as heavy as this . What happened to you?” He asked standing up.


“I’m fine Blaine” I replied, tears fighting to get to my eyes but i restrained it.


I got on my feet and felt huge pain tore through my body as i tried to take a step forward.


“Ahhh!” I shouted.


“Mia!” Blaine called, alarmed. Holding me.


“Are you okay? Should i call mum?” He asked.


“No, I’m fine” I said holding on to him.


I don’t think i can walk all by myself for now.



“It’s the cramps” I said.


“You walk well when you have menstrual cramps, you walk perfectly well Mia, now you can’t seem to move. ”


“It’s worst this time and can you please help me to the bathroom” I said and he hesistated before nodding.


He lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the bathroom.


“Are you sure you’re …”


“I’m okay” I interrupted him.


“I swear” I added, forcing on a smile.


He nodded. “I’ll be in the room, if you need anything”


He gently closed the bathroom door after him and i let out the tears burning the back of my throat.




I’m eighteen now and yes, Mr Cunnane continued.


I don’t cry anymore, I wait for him to get done and leave.


Of course i tried to defend myself on some nights.


I had stabbed him twice in the shoulder but that didn’t stop him.


He only threatened to make life unbearable for Blaine and i couldn’t bear that.


I stopped trying to defend myself and just stare at him till he’s done and that pisses him off.


I guess he enjoys it when i cry.


I wonder how mum still didn’t noticed anything. Her husband gets up beside her every damn night!


Perhaps if my mum had been more observant,i would have been free from this long ago.


Rain is my only comfort, i always pray it rains.


It relieves me whenever I’m under it.


It gives me hope that things could still get better.


Mr Cunnane doesn’t come to my room on rainy nights, i don’t know why but i guess his wife cuddles him then.


Seeing other men except my brother irks me.


I felt deep hatred for men, especially those the age of Mr Cunnane.


Most times, i was almost forced to talk to someone about it but i fear for my brother’s life.


If he dies because of me,then i will never forgive myself.


I walked into our garden on a sunny afternoon and met Mr Cunnane digging whatever it is with an axe.


He looked up and saw me, a dirty grin displayed on his face.


I hate him.


I went ahead to pluck some flowers for my hair.


I’ve always enjoyed tucking beautiful flowers in my hair but i enjoy it more when someone do it for me.


Mum is in the kitchen preparing lunch,she won’t wanna help me with it.


I’ll wait for Blaine to be back, he went to one of his Kung Fu practices.


I walked back inside ignoring the gaze of the stupid man.


Well..I’m the stupid one, i should have ripped off his heart when i had the chance to.


I placed the flowers on my dressing table and turned to leave when i saw Mr Cunnane behind me.


I almost screamed in fear but hissed, realising it’s him.


“Are you crazy huh?” I asked before trying to walk past him.


He grabbed my arm and pulled me back.


“Let go of me!” I yelled.


“I want you now” He said, licking his lips.


“I hate you!” I spat as he pulled me towards the bed.


He made me lay on my back before getting on top of me.


“Please,stop” I pleaded for the first time in years, tears blinding my eyes.


“You shouldn’t have been this beautiful,you shouldn’t have grown this fast,i can’t get enough of you” He said, trying to pull down my shorts but i didn’t let him. His disgusting hands were already roaming my entire body.


I struggled hard with him this time that he slapped me hard across the face.


I felt weak and was about giving in again but didn’t know what pushed me to scream.




If i had known screaming her name would make her lose her life that very day. I wouldn’t have.


“How could you do this to your daughter! Maxwell!” Mum screamed in tears, bursting into the room.


Mr Cunnane slowly got up and walked out of my room.


Mum rushed to me.


“This has been going on for long right?” She asked, cleaning her tears.


I nodded and she bursted into sobs again.


“I’m sorry” She cried, hugging me tightly .


What is she sorry for?


“Why didn’t you tell me all this while, i was waiting for you to come to me” She cried.


Waiting for me to come to her?


“Mum,he’s gonna kill Blaine. Please let’s save him” I cried.



I suddenly felt her go stiff, her eyes widened and she gripped my body hard,like someone in pain. Her body started going cold and the next thing i saw was blood. I was too shocked to move or say anything.


“G..get my dia..ry, Miss” She stuttered with her last breath ,i couldn’t even process what she said cause i was still shocked to the bone.


What just happened?


She collapsed in my arm and it was then i saw what really happened.


Mr Cunnane had stabbed her.










The beautiful killer


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