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#Chapter 61βœ“



Zeemah writes







“What’s wrong?” I ask Mia, cause she suddenly gasped when she glanced at her phone.


“N.. nothing is w..rong” She stutter.


“Are you being threatened?” I ask worriedly getting up from the dining chair.


“No… it’s fine” She said.


“Let me have a look” i said stretching my hand to take the phone from her grip but the way she quickly move the phone away startled me.




“Darrel, i swear it’s nothing. It’s just that a new episode of my favorite kdrama has been released and I’m so surprised cause it came real fast” “Ohh… really?” I sigh in relief.




“You gat me worried” I said and sit back.


I notice she has not touched her breakfast.


“Why aren’t you eating?” Nath ask, beating me to it.


“I had sandwich and coffee at dawn”


“Ohhhh..i wanted to ask too” I said.


“But i beat you to it” Nath grin and i scoff playfully.


We laugh.


“Mia, you were saying something before i slept off” I say, remembering she said


she had something to tell me.


“Huh?” She ask.


“I mean, you were saying something before i slept off, you said you had something to tell me”


“Oh.. yeah, i only wanted to tell you I’m sorry”


“Aaarrgh” I roll my eyes and she laugh.


“So, how’s your fiancee?” Mia ask Nath.


“She’s fine, busy as hell but she promised to let go of some work after we get married” Nath smile happily.


“Nath, i don’t know why you have to wait till i solve this case before you get married”


“I can’t get married knowing you’re yet to apprehend that godforsaken assassin! And didn’t you noticed she has not killed anyone recently” Nath said.


“Maybe she’s changed” Mia said.


“Changed? Even if she’s changed,that won’t stop me from apprehending her” “Really?” Mia ask.


“Of course,cause her being changed does not brink back the people she’s killed. She needs to pay hugely for her cruel actions” “Yeah” Nath said.




I finish my meal and gulp the water in my glass cup.


“Yeah” I stretch, satisfied.


“I guess I’ll leave you guys now”


“Why?” Mia ask.


“I need to resume my investigation.”


“You need to rest too” Mia said.


“I’ll do that later” I get on my feet, plant kisses on her cheeks and wave at Nath before moving to my office.


I push the door open and walk in,.


I already planned out number one strategy.


I need to plan out number two strategy.


Once i arrive at number three strategy then I’m good to go.


I close the door and walk to my desk, i arrange the files properly before sitting.


I turn on my laptop and wait for a few seconds.


It came into life and i quickly go through my first strategy.




Now i should plan the second..


My phone ringtone interrupt my thoughts.


I always put my phone on silent whenever I’m here, how did it skip my mind.


I pick it up and glance at the screen.




He surely wants to talk to me about Katy and I’m not in for that now.


I ignore the call and switch my phone to silence.


I resumed work but my heart would not stop pounding in guilt.


I feel like I’ve wronged Katy.







“He’s not picking up” i announce sadly to Katy who has been crying.


We are seated in her office and I’ve been comforting her since she came back from New York.


Hearing what Darrel did to her pissed me off.


How could he choose another person over our friendship.


“H..he said I’m not his friend anymore” Katy sniff, wiping her tears. “Katy, he only said that because he was angry at the moment” “No! He meant it” She resume her tears.


“Ahh” I sigh, passing her the fifth handkerchief.



“You know how much i love him” She said blowing her nose loudly. “Yeah i know”


“Watching him love another woman hurts me so much. Eric he believed her over me despite the years I’ve spent loving just him”


“I told you then to tell Darrel how you feel but you kept it yourself, now, see how everything is ruined” i said, feeling really sorry for her.


“I love him” She cried loudly.


“I know you do”


“Why can’t he love me back” She cried harder.


“It’s not his fault Katy, it’s his heart. I know Darrel would have gladly returned your love if he could but his heart points to another person”


“Why does it have to be his housekeeper, why?”


“As i said,his heart should be blamed. Katy it’s high time you moved on with someone else” I said.


“But it’s Darrel i love, i can’t stop loving him”


“You have to try Katy, you can’t keep wasting your time on someone who doesn’t love you. Go for the one who love you. I know it’s hard but you just have to try. Please” I said.


“I don’t think i can, i can’t love another person” She said.


“You have to try”


“I can’t…” She is saying, when her phone ringtone interrupted her.


“I can’t answer any call for now” She said, wiping her face.


“Com’on, it might be boss” i said.


“I don’t wanna talk to anyone” She said.


“Mmm” I sigh glancing at her phone.


“It’s Darrel” I said and she almost jump from her chair.


She grab her phone and quickly answer it.


I shook my head.





“Place it on speaker” I said and she did.



Katy, I’m sorry. I know i hurt you with my words and actions, I’m deeply sorry.



It’s fine Darrel, I’m sorry too” She smile.





I spoke that way cause i was pissed. You still remain my buddy and know that i love you.


Her eyes clouded with tears and she smile widely.



I love you too Darrel, thank you.



Katy, can you please do something for me?



What? I’ll do anything.



Is that a promise?



Yeah, it’s a promise.



Katy, i want you to move on. Please just stop loving me, i know it’s hard but


please just try. Go for the one that loves you, i want you to feel what love is like, if you keep loving me then I’m afraid you can never feel what love is like, you’re my buddy and i want the best for you. Katy please, I’ll be so happy if you can do that for me.


Katy fell silent and stare into space.


Tears roll down her eyes and she wipe them off.



Just try for me Katy. Please.



I wi..ll, i will do what you said Darrel” She said and i nearly jump off the chair in excitement.


“Finally!” I scream.



Wow! Thank you so much Katy, I’m glad you listened to me. I’m so happy you finally decided to set things straight. I know it hurts but it’s just for a short period of time. Remember there’s no rainbow without rain, you know what i went through in the hands of love before i also met Mia. You’re beautiful Katy and i know you’ll find your Prince charming soon and just know that I’ll always be there for you.


Thanks Darrel for making me see a new path.



That’s the least i can do for you. I’ll be done with this case soon and I’ll be back in California okay?”


Okay D.



I need to get back to work now and i know Eric is there with you. Say hi to him for me.


Okay D. And my regards to Mia.









Okay, i will. Bye.





She drop her phone and sigh deeply.


I can see how hard she’s trying to hold her tears.


“It’s okay Katy, remember we are in a world where everything won’t always go your way, you just have to let some things go” I say, patting her back.


She nods.



“So have you now decided to…” I ask.


“Move on” She completed my words and just then Mark appeared at the office door.




Perfect moment!



New York





“Darrel, I’m off to the grocery store” I call loudly standing in front of his office door.


“Hold on, I’ll go with you” He said.


“No, it’s fine. I can go alone”


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah, i just need to get few things”


“Okay, you with enough cash?”








I walk out of the house and summon Nath to open the gate.


“Where to?” He ask, opening the gate.


“Grocery store”


“Ohh… don’t take long”


“Alright” i walk out of the gate and move farther before stopping a cab.


“Pine estate” i say and hop in.


I sigh and was lost in thought as the cab move.


How could i even think boss will let me go that easily.


I’m still battling with how I’ll tell Darrel the truth, now there’s another problem.


A huge one.


I know if i do not go to Pine estate soon, Boss is capable of doing anything.


I unlock my phone and read the message again.


It keeps sending chills down my spine.


What could be boss plan?


To kill me?


No, boss wouldn’t do that. I can’t just wait to get there, i can’t wait to know what’s in stock for me.


But whatever it is…i just hope it won’t affect Darrel.




The gate open automatically and i step in.


My chest heaving.


I walk to the door and push it open before i could have a change of mind.


I was greeted by a familiar scent, a homey scent.


Tears gather in my eyes as i walk towards the living room.


I miss this place.


This place has been my home for years.


I feel like i betrayed boss, i feel guilty.


I sniff back my tears before finally stepping into the living.


And there they are.


Waiting for me.


I miss them all…


The expression on their faces is unreadable except Carla whom her looks sent me daggers.


“Boss” I bow.


“Mia, how have you been?”


“I’ve been fine boss and you?”


“I’ve been good” He smile.


“Hi everyone” I say.


“Hey Mia” they chorus except Carla.


Looks like they are all happy to see me except the bitch of course.


And there’s still that longing in Joel’s eyes.


Well… He should better let go of unwanted feelings.


“Do you think everything is over when you left?” Boss ask.


I shrug nervously.


“Well…there’s a mission for you” He say.


“I can’t!” I snapped before i could stop myself.


“You just snapped at me?”


“I’m sorry i snapped at you boss but i can’t do it”


“And why is that?”


“Because i quitted already”


“Ohh…because i made you leave without piercing a bullet in your brain huh?” “Boss, i already made a vow not to kill anyone again, i can’t. I can’t even bring myself to do it”


“Like you’ve not done it severally, why pretending to be a saint!” Carla bark.


“Shut up Carla! Do not interfere” Boss said.


“I’m sorry boss” She bow, gritting her teeth.


She actually act like she can beat up hundreds of people but she can’t even face one.


“Mia, you’re taking this mission”


“I won’t boss, I’m so sorry to say”


“I let you leave without hurting you,you thought i was dumb?”


“Boss, I’m sorry. I can’t, please just let me go” I say, my eyes already dazed with tears.


“Mia?” He ask in surprise.


“Boss, please I’m not interested anymore”


“Is this how you’ll repay me for all i did for you. Without me, you won’t be alive now” He say.


I couldn’t utter a word, i surely owe boss a lot.




“Accomplish this last mission and I’ll let you go finally” Boss said.






“You’ll let me go finally?” I ask to be sure.


“Yes, i promise. You should know i don’t go back on my words” He said.


“I…” I was saying.


“And if you still refuse, i won’t have any choice but to kill your precious Darrel”


“, please don’t touch him. Please” I plead.


“So…will you take the mission or not” He ask.


My heart ache and the tears i was holding drop carelessly.


After minutes of silence, i finally spoke up.


“I will”










The beautiful killer

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