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#Chapter 59βœ“



Zeemah writes








“Don’t waste my ti…” I was saying but was shocked by what she said next.


“Mia is the assassin you’ve been toiling to apprehend” She said.


“I have my proof” She said, shocking me further.


I rested my hand on the nearest couch still looking at Katy.


“I never knew your hatred for Mia has gone this far” I said.


“Darrel! Hatred aside, and i don’t even hate her. When did you turn this Darrel?” She asked with pain in her voice but i was less concerned with that at the moment. “You don’t hate her? Yet you’re accusing her”


“I’m not accusing her! What I’m saying is the truth. I have pro…” She was saying but i stopped her with my words.


“I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say. Pack your things and leave” I said and started walking to the door.


“Darrel” She called just as i was about pulling the door open.


I turn and saw her eyes,watery with tears.


Normally, i would have rushed to her,wipe her tears and comforted her but Katy messed up big time. She’s no longer the Katy i know.


Even if she almost had me loose my job, i still feel sympathy for her.


“You don’t believe me?” She asked sniffing.


“Leave before I’m back” I said and with a final look.


I pulled the door open and stepped out.


The rain poured down heavily and my heart itch in pain.


Mia is under this rain, probably looking for shelter just because of what Katy did.


I gritted my teeth as i tightened my fist almost breaking my car key.


Where will i find her?


She never told me her home address.


I’m just realizing that i don’t know much about Mia. I know so little about her .


“Agent D.” Nath called loudly, trying to make his voice clear in the rain.




The rain is getting heavier.


He was holding an umbrella over his head as he made his way to me.


“You’re standing in the rain” He said, trying to raise the umbrella higher so it could


cover the both of us but i stopped him.


“Did you see Mia?” I asked.


“Yes, she left some minutes ago. She refused to tell me anything. All she said was i should tell you not to look for her. What’s going on agent D. I’m so worried” “You’ll get to know later, now i need to go in search of her. It’s raining pretty hard ” I said.


“I offered her an umbrella but she declined”


“I know how much she love being in the rain but not this time” I said, moving to my car.


“Open the gate, i need to go after her now before she goes far. She’s coming back into this house and i don’t mind loosing my job! Open the gate!!” I said and unlocked my car .


I got in and felt warm immediately, my clothes are drenched and my hair too.


I grabbed my dry napkin from the backseat and dried my face and hair before inserting the key into the ignition.


The car roared to life and i drove speedily out of the open gate.


“Maintain your driving rules” Nath shouted after me.




I drove back into the compound sadly after hours of futile search.


It’s getting dark already.


I picked my phone and dialled Mia’s number for the 40th time..


I groaned when it directed me to voicemail again.


What if she’s hurt and damn it!


It’s now snowing.


Me being in the car,I’m still damn cold,not to talk of someone out there, probably in the streets.


I parked my car in the compound and rested my head on the wheels in frustration.


Where could she be?


She’s not even picking up my calls.


What if those bad guys have her.




Why did i allow her leave in the first place.


I almost sprang up when i heard my phone ring, i pick it up, hoping to see Mia but i was disappointed to my bones when i saw;




I nearly smashed my phone against the windscreen.


What the freaking hell does he want again.


If he’s in New York,he should better find a hotel.


I won’t accommodate him!


He caused all this.


I watched my phone ring till the call disconnected.


I hissed before picking up the second ring.



Darrel , i cancelled my flight because of the weather. I’ll be in New York whenever it’s safe to fly .


Okay” I replied numbly.


I would have been so happy if Mia was here with me.


The person she left for is not coming anytime soon. Why didn’t she wait?


She cared so much about me, she does not want me to lose my job. She’s far better than the one i call my best friend,she’s simply the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Darrel are you okay?” Boss asked.



Yeah” I said tempted to disconnect the call.



Okay, bye then” He said and i think he waited for several seconds for me to say bye.

He disconnected when he didn’t hear anything from me.


I stared down at my phone and was about ringing Mia once again when i head a gentle knock on the windscreen.


I glanced towards it and saw Nath.


He gesticulated for me to open the car door.


I sighed and did.


I stepped out of the the car and locked it.


My phone went into my pocket,so as my car key.


“You didn’t find her?” Nath asked and i nodded.


He sighed sadly and patted my shoulder.


“I believe she’s somewhere safe” He said.


“She’s not picking my calls” i said gently but screamed in my inner mind.


“Sh.. she’ll be back agent D. I know that” Nath said reassuringly.


“You really need to change into dry clothes”


“Yeah” I said walking in.


“Katy left too” He said and i stopped walking.


“With her things?” I asked.


“Yes” he said.


I should feel satisfied she left already but i didn’t know why I’m feeling bad, like i treated her the wrong way.


Like she don’t deserve what i did to her, when she actually do.


Sending her away justifies what she did.


I walked into the house with my mind occupied with the thought of Mia.


She’s having problem lodging and she’ll call me back when she’s settled right? Yeah.. that’s it.


Well…i hope that’s it.


I climbed the stairs and headed to my room.


I should do what Nath said. I should change into dry clothes. I’m starting to shiver.


I walk into my room, dropped my phone and car key on the shelf before heading to the bathroom.


I pulled off my wet clothes and took a warm shower.


I walked back to my room with a towel around my waist.


I feel i should call Katy to know if she had a safe trip back home, considering the weather but i won’t. She really upset me..


I opened my wardrobe and selected a pair of blue jeans and white t-shirt.


I made them land on the bed before closing my wardrobe.



I proceeded to put on my selected clothes when my phone started ringing.


I rushed to the shelf with high hopes but my hopes dashed when i saw the caller ID




It’s Eric.


I’m not picking up.


Katy has surely narrated the ordeal to him.


I’m not in the mood to batter words.


I left the phone ringing and stared putting on my clothes.


My body felt better and warm but my heart is as cold as ever…


Eric should just stop calling already.


He should know I’m not picking up.


I walked out of the bathroom after hanging my damp towel on the rail .


Thankfully, my phone has stopped ringing.


I picked my phone and sat on the bed.


I resumed calling Mia and it kept directing me to voicemail.


I groaned,almost hitting the bedstand.


I stand up and walked to the door,still dialling Mia’s number.


It kept referring me to voicemail till i got downstairs.


I don’t just get myself anymore.


I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a liquor drink. I’m starving but I’m sure i won’t even be able to eat any meal if i was offered one.


I gulped down the whole drink in my glass cup.


“Ah!” I sighed as it burned my throat.


I poured more into my glass cup and gulped it down my throat.


I’ll go continue my search for Mia once I’m done with the drink.


I know she’s not lost but not even hearing from her is driving me crazy.


I need to see her.


I dropped the empty glass cup in the sink and walked out of the kitchen.


I need to take a coat before stepping out.


I started walking to the stairs but a knock on the door stopped me.


Nath should just come in. Why knocking.


The knock came again.


“Nath, come in” I shouted rubbing my forehead.


“I can’t, you need to open the door ” He said and i sighed.


I’m not in for his pranks right now.


I walked to the door and pulled it open.


And there is Mia, looking unconscious in Nath’s arm.




My breathing stopped for a few seconds when i grabbed her from Nath.


Her body is so cold.


So cold.


The last time i had touched a body cold as this, it belonged to a dead person.


My mum.


Oh, no!


Tears welled in my eyes as i ran to my room with Mia in my arms.


My face did not leave her face,which almost made me stumble on the stairs.


I kicked my door opened and stepped inside.


“Turn on the house heater” I told Nath.


“Okay, but I’ll make fire in your room first” He said and headed to my fireplace.


There’s so much worry in his eyes.


Hearing her breathings reassured me.


She’s alive.


I got to the bathroom and placed her in the tub.


I started peeling off her wet clothes.


Even though I’ve imagined seeing Mia naked, i wish there was a lady to do this for me.


I feel like I’m invading her privacy but if i don’t do this now,I’m afraid I’ll lose her.


The cold must not eat deep into her body.


I just hope she understands why i did this when she’s awake.


I finished peeling off her clothes and forced my eyes not to linger on her body.


Mia has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.


The nice curves i do see whenever she’s clad in clothes is now bare to me and i must confess it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


It’s irresistible.


I swallowed hard and cursed my body for reacting to an unconscious woman’s body.


And i cursed myself more for staring at her when i should have filled her body with warm water.


I blinked severally and finally removed my gaze from her body.


I fill the tub with warm water and stared at her face as i held it in my palms.


She’s beautiful.


Very beautiful.


My heart ache for the love i have for her.


How did i eventually end up falling for Mia.


I did not have this sort of feeling the first day she was here and suddenly after weeks, my heart started feeling funny whenever I’m with her.


I thought it was because of her looks but no.


I would still love her regardless of what she looks like.


Her heart is the only thing more beautiful than her face.


After my mum, Mia is the sweetest person I’ve met and i can’t afford to lose her.


It’ll break me completely.


Her movement jolted me out of my thoughts.


Her body moved just now?


Yeah it did.


I noticed the water has stated getting cold.


I quickly renewed it with another warm water.


Her eyelids started flickering and i couldn’t be more happy when she finally opened her eyes.


She closed it back immediately and i guess her vision isn’t stable yet.


I brought her out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her body.


I carried her in my arms back to my room.


Nath has lit the logs in the fireplace and the whole room is warm.


Where’s he though?


I gently place her on my bed before tucking her in the blanket.


Her long black hair spread on


my making her face look so small and smooth.


She stirred and i hold my breath, not able to take in all of her beauty.


All I’m concerned about now is her health.


I’m glad she’s now conscious.


I sat beside her and felt her body temperature.


I think my touch on her skin made her open her eyes again.



“D..da..rrel” she called, slowly lifting her hand to my face.


Her vigorous eyes is now looking weak and dark.


“Mia” I call happily kissing her forehead.


“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded.


“You sure?” I asked and she nodded again.


“I’m so sorry f..” I was saying but she stopped me.


“I just want to sleep” She said….


“Please” she added weakly before closing her eyes..


I smiled, my whole body zapping with excitement.


She’s now conscious and she just spoke to me.


That was what I’ve been hoping for all day.


I should just leave her to sleep now.


I peck her cheeks before getting up from the bed.


Nath walked in with a steaming coffee in hand.


“She’s now conscious” i announce excitedly.


“Yeah, i can tell with the huge smile on your face. I’m so glad she’s awake” He said.


“Me too. She said i should leave her to sleep”


“I should better return this coffee to the kitchen then and tomorrow you must tell me everything” He said.


“I will”





It’s past midnight and im still watching Mia sleep.


I took a sip of the liquor in my hand.


I just finished a whole bottle, I’m now on the second one.



I’ll do anything to keep me awake, i need to watch over Mia and i need to be here when she opens her eyes.


Though I’m getting intoxicated with the liquor but im glad it’s keeping me awake.


My eyes feel drowsy and i rubbed my palm over my face.


I’ve been doing this but i don’t think it’s working anymore.


I took six cups of coffee before starting the liquor but it didn’t help.


This liquor helps better than the coffee do.


I gulped more and sighed.


“Darrel” I heard Mia call and i sat up on the chair.


“Mia” I said, walking to the bed.


No, staggering.


I’m drunk.


“Are you okay?” I asked, sitting beside her. Trying to behave normal.


“I’m fine, Darrel you’re drunk” She said holding my hand.


“I’m not,” I said even though objects have started looking double in my eyes.


I shifted closer to her and hugged her.


She hugged me back tightly.


I smiled as i sniffed her hair, i really miss her scent.


I kissed her fresh neck, holding her smooth hair in my hand.


We disengaged from the hug after a long time.


“There’s something i want to tell you” She said and is that tears in her eyes.


No, i guess it’s my drunken state.


And now I’m feeling sleepy.


I can’t control it anymore, i yawned loudly.



“Darrel there’s something i want to tell you” Mia repeated.


“What?” I asked, halfway asleep..


“I am….


“I am the…


I am the assassin you came to New York to apprehend.








The beautiful killer



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