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#Chapter 56βœ“



Zeemah writes






“Katherine!” Darrel yelled and i stood up.


“How could you tell your boss I’m Darrel’s distraction” I said slowly, building up my anger.


“Aren’t you?” She asked.


“Do you know you just tarnished Darrel’s image, oh…you think he’ll ever be given a mission like this again? He’s your friend,how could you do this to him” I said and for a few minute,remorse was written all over her face.


Darrel sighed deeply, pushing his fingers into his hair.


“Katy,why are you doing this?” He asked calmly.


“Cause i love you” She said and for the first time, i saw tears filled up her eyes before she turned and walked out.


I can feel her pain.


That pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you.


It hurts.


I won’t blame her for anything she does, but she’s unleashing out her pain in a wrong way.


I slowly sat back on the bed staring at Darrel.


One wouldn’t know what’s going on in his mind cause his face seem expressionless.


So…I’ll be leaving that house soon?


Where will i go to?


I have enough cash to Lodge in hotel for months but Katy shouldn’t have done this.


“Darrel,what to do?” I asked.


“I..i don’t know cause i know my boss to be someone that hates distractions, he’ll


do whatever it takes to make you leave”




“Yeah and i should be expecting his call any time from now but don’t worry I’ll try to convince him okay?” He said and i nodded.


“Com’on don’t be sad, even if you end up leaving the house,that doesn’t stop our


love right?” He asked and i nodded.


“Smile for me” He said.


“You’re not smiling either” I said.


He smiled, pulling my cheeks.


I ended up smiling too.


“I wonder where Nath is” He said.


“With his dear lover” I said and we both chuckled.


Darrel’s ringtone interrupted us..


“My boss” He said on picking his phone.


I sighed nervously.


“Could you place it on loudspeaker?” I asked.


“I will” He said and answered the call.



Darrel! ” His boss said with a deep voice.


It can’t be compared to my boss’s though.




Have i really left boss?


He let me go just like that?


I still can’t believe this.


I’m not dead yet?



Good day Boss” Darrel said into the phone.



I wouldn’t want to yell at you because you’re bedridden. I believe Katy should have conveyed my message to you.


She has boss, but…



No buts!” His boss yelled. “How dare you fall in love on a mission,to the extent that it distracted you”



Boss, it’s not my wish to fall in love on a mission but i couldn’t help it and Boss it has never distracted me. What Katy said is false.



Who will fall in love and not be distracted. Anyway, I’ve called the CIA leader over there and ask him to terminate the appointment of your housekeeper.


Boss, you can’t do this.



Oh, really? Go ahead and tell me what to do. The fact that you’ve been on one case for over two months is just pissing me off. Now i wanna help you clear out your distraction but you’re still telling me not to. Do not make me regret ever choosing you for this mission”



I’m sorry boss but please do not terminate her appointment. She’s not my distraction and if you think she is,I’ll try hard not to be distracted, I’ll be more serious with this case. Please boss.


Say all that to the thrash cause I’ve called the CIA leader and he said he’ll


terminate her appointment once he finds another replacement which will be in a few days, so tell your so called lover to get ready to leave.








The call disconnected and i heaved a sad sigh.


I’ll be leaving Darrel soon.


Nath too and the house.


Tears filled my eyes and i quickly stopped it from scrolling down my cheeks.


I sniffed and brushed back my hair.


“Com’on Mia, I’ll find a way around this. Don’t cry” he pulled me close and it was then my tears rushed out in full force.




He smiled and kissed my forehead.


“I love you” He said, hugging me tightly.


He wiped my tears and made me look into his eyes.


“I know what to do” He said.


“What?” I asked slowly.


“I’ll tell the doctor to discharge me soon. Tomorrow” He said.


“Darrel, you’re not strong yet” I said.


“Yes i know that but listen to my plan”




“What if i try all my possible best to capture the assassin before your appointment will be terminated”






“You can’t do that Darrel”


“Mia, i will. I will be very serious and focused now”




I breathed out deeply.


“Darrel you can’t capture the assassin within few days, just let go of that thought” I said.


“Trust me, i can. I’ve been lenient enough,now i gotta get back to my old self. I feel energized right now, like continuing the investigation immediately”


“Darrel they’ll find a new housekeeper probably tomorrow, how will you do it?” “Nah! Not tomorrow, probably in a week time and with the new flow of energy in my veins, i bet i can get that assassin within a week” “Darrel, you can’t!” I said.


“Why are you not happy about it, i expected you to be happy. Don’t you want me to finish up this case so we can take our relationship to the next level”


“I..I’m happy about it, its just that I’m scared for you, i don’t want you to getting shot again”


“I won’t, i promise” He said.


“Must you finish up this case, Darrel just let go of this case, please” I said.


“I can’t. Once i bite, i don’t let go. I’ve never let go of any case and i particularly wanna see the end of this case”


I’ve quit.


Why can’t you also quit.


“What’s up?” Nath said coming in, he stopped walking when he saw our faces.


“What happened? You guys are not looking as bright as i left you” He said.


“Well… Katy came” Darrel said.


“Ohh!” Nath sighed before sitting.


“Mia’s appointment will be terminated soon” Darrel said and Nath nearly jumped


out of the chair.


“What!” He exclaimed.




“How? What the hell happened?” Nath asked.


“They assume she’s a distraction to me” Darrel said.


“Damn!” Nath swore.


“What are we gonna do?” He asked.


“I have plans and I’ve told Mia about it. I’m gonna try to solve the case before another housekeeper is employed”


“How are you going to do that? Another housekeeper will be employed in just few days and you can’t possibly solve this hard case within a few days” Nath said. “Exactly what i told him” I said.


“Nah, another housekeeper can’t be appointed within days, probably after a week and i should be able to solve this case by then, i don’t mind having sleepless nights”


“Mmmm. Just call on me whenever you need my help, I’ll be right there for you.


Remember we’re in this together” Nath said.


“Thanks Nath” Darrel smiled.


“So, what next ?” Nath asked.


“Help me get Doc Mart” I said.


“Why?” Nath asked.


“Are you feeling pains?” I asked.


“I wanna be discharged now!” He said.




“Agent D. You’re not well eno..” Nath was saying.


“Doctor Mart!!!” Darrel shouted loudly.


Few days later


“Darrel, please come have your lunch” I said knocking on Darrel’s office door.


He has been in there working his ass off.


Yesterday,he didn’t leave his office until late in the night.


He’s doing all this for me, not knowing I’m the one he’s yearning to apprehend.


I would have been so happy if the assassin wasn’t me.


I would have worked alongside with him.


Should I tell him?




What if he finds out himself that I’m the assassin. Cause the rate he’s working hard,i bet he’s gonna fish me out soon.


What should i do?


He’ll be less hurt if i told him than him finding out.


He said he’ll keep on loving me even if i do the worst thing on earth. Should i tell him then?


“Delicious” Katy said beside me, jolting me out of my thoughts.


She was holding a tray containing her lunch, and a glass cup of juice.


She cooks her meals separately since we got back from the hospital.


She doesn’t help Darrel in his office anymore and they dont even interact like they normally do.


She distanced herself from everyone.


“He’s not eating again?” She asked.


“Yeah” I nodded.


“Maybe your meals are not delicious enough” She said and laughed to herself before walking away.


I knocked on the door again.



“Darrel, your lunch is here” I said.


“Keep it, I’m gonna eat it when I’m done” He said loudly.


“Darrel i want you to eat it now” I said.


“I’m busy Mia”




If only the door isn’t locked.


“I’m not gonna eat either and Nath too” I said and i heard him sigh loudly.


I smiled when i heard his footsteps.


The door opened and i quickly walked in.


“Damn! Look at your eyes, you’re so stressed out” I said while he walked back to his seat.


“I’m not but my eyes are” He said and sat down.


Looking at him made me feel guilty that it almost bought tears to my eyes.


I’m tired of seeing him like this everyday when i know I’m the same person he’s working so hard to get and I’m also the same person he’s working this hard for.


“I’m sorry” I said.


“What are you sorry for?” He asked.


Did i said that aloud?


“F .. for making you work this hard”


“Com’on,I’ll do anything for you and what I’m doing right now,is the least i can do for you” He said.


Not that.


I’m sorry for making you work this hard when i know I’m the assassin you’re


looking for, I’m right under your roof.


I’ve betrayed you already.


“Thanks, would you please eat now” I said.


“Okay, you can leave. I’ll call you when I’m done” He said.



“No, eat it now. I will wait till i see you finish everything on this plate” “I ca…” He was saying.


“No argument” I interrupted him.


He nodded and started eating…


“Good news, I’m close to getting the assassin” He smiled and even though my heart


raced in fear. I had to fake a laughter too.


“Thank goodness” I said.




“Make sure you come out of this place before dinner or I’ll knock down this door” I said and Darrel laughed.


“Don’t worry, i will” He said walking me to the door..


I made sure he finished his lunch and even drank the whole water.


He opened the door for me and i stepped out.


“Must you lock the door?” I asked.




“Why?” I asked.


“Cause i know someone like you can just barge in and force water down my throat” he said and i laughed.


“See ya later, i gotta go back to work” He said and pecked my cheeks.


He closed the door and then locked it.


I smiled and started walking back to the kitchen, i heard Katy’s footsteps behind me but i decided not to stop.


She suddenly blocked my movement by standing in front of me.


“You’re the assassin, aren’t you?” She asked and my whole system stopped.





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