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#Chapter 50βœ“



Zeemah writes







Well … Darrel has fallen into coma with no hope of coming out of it any time soon and even if he does,i don’t think he’ll be…normal as he was ” doc Mart dropped the bomb.


“What!” Nath exclaimed.


“Oh…no!” Katy cried.


I stood shocked, trying to comprehend what he just said.


My whole body felt numb, i couldn’t move nor talk.


Tears filled my eyes and i felt like killing myself right here. I feel angry at myself.


“Doctor it was just one bullet” Katy cried more.


“Yeah, the potency of the bullet is strong,it almost spread to his kidney plus he lost so much blood. To be sincere,I’m surprised he’s still breathing” doc said.


“Can i see him?” Katy asked.


“Not yet. Till tomorrow, i guess” doc said.


For the first time,i saw Nath cried even though he was trying so hard not to. “I swear down! I’m gonna kill that bloody bastard when next i see her” Katy



I slowly walked out of the office.


There’s no assurance to when he’ll be out of coma and even if he’s out if it. He might not be normal.


Am i still worthy of living then?


I dragged my feet to the reception and sat down.


I stared on with my heart heavy as ever.


My heart feel broken,slithered into pieces.


I almost killed the only guy I’ve ever loved.


Almost killed?


I’ve killed him already cause he may not even be okay when he wakes up, that’s good as dead.


“Are you okay Ms. …?” I heard and glanced up to see a young man dressed up in suit.


The glare i sent him made him took to his heels.


I covered my face back with my palms and cried silently.


I feel like hitting myself, i wish i can swap positions with Darrel.


I’m the one supposed to pay for this.


It’s high time i stopped this killing of a thing.


If i hadn’t gone out to kill, Darrel wouldn’t have gotten hurt.


I’m freaking tired of all this.



Lawyer Jude Thompson was murdered overnight in his home by the infamous anonymous assassin.


I raised my head up and glanced at the TV.


I realised everyone was watching the news too.


I cried even more when i saw the lawyer’s dead body,his white singlet is soaked with blood,his beautiful kids in tears beside him.


Is this the pain I’ve been causing people over the years?


I derived pleasure in that?




Something must be wrong with me.



This is so sad, he was an honest lawyer.



Heard his wife divorced him two years ago,he does not have any family.



Who’s gonna take care of this kids?



This assassin needs to be caught! She’s causing tragedy into people’s home.



I wonder how one kill non-stop for years without any humane feeling….” The


chorus went on and on.


My face was buried in my palms as i remembered the lawyer’s words;



“Please don’t kill me, there’ll be no one left for my kids”


I’m so cruel.


I’m damn cruel.


I stood up when i couldn’t bear the people’s chorus anymore.


It’s breaking my heart the more.


I walked to the restroom and broke down completely.


At least no one will see me crying my eyes out here.


I couldn’t stand any longer. I sat on the toilet seat when my legs started wavering.


I feel weak.


My whole body shook as i cried more.


For my parents.


My brother.


The people I’ve killed.




My heart yearned for my brother and mother at this moment.


I loved them so much and all they could do is leave me in this cold world.


Well…they were killed by the beast i call a father.


I feel like disappearing forever…


I feel like murdering myself like i did to others but Darrel needs me, i guess.






I stopped crying when my head started aching seriously.


I’m still seated on the toilet seat.


I’ve been here for hours and I’m not willing to leave.


I stared at the wall for a long time, looking at nothing in particular.


I just feel lost.


The thought of losing Darrel is really affecting me.


I’ve never felt this guilty.


A knock on the door startled my thoughts.


“Who’s in there? Please you need to come out,the workers need to clean up” I heard a feminine voice said.


I stood up and walked to the sink.


My stomach rumbled and that i remembered i haven’t eaten anything today.


I didn’t even had my bath before coming here.


I turned on the faucet and rinsed my face thoroughly.


I adjusted my rough ponytail and then walked to the door.


I opened it and came to face a nurse.


“Ma’am are you okay?” She asked but i walked past her to the reception.


I saw Nath and Katy sitting,they were both looking sad and depressed.


Nath stood up when he saw me approaching.


“Mia, are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.


“Where have you been to?”


“The restroom” i answered.


I noticed how red Katy’s eyes were but i guess mine will be redder.


“Your eyes are bloodshot” Nath said confirming my guess.


“Yeah” I said.


He led me to a chair and sat beside me.


“Do not cry anymore, Darrel will be fine. He’ll come out of coma soon and everything will be alright okay?” He said and i nodded.


My stomach rumbled again and i glanced at the wall clock.


It’s 5pm already.




“Mia, you need to eat” Nath said.


I’d be a fool to eat now.


“I’m not hungry” I said.


“Your stomach is saying otherwise” He said .


“Nath, im not eating, i don’t want to eat” I said.


“Please, it’s for your health” He said.


“Have you eaten?” I asked.


“Hmm … No” He said.


“Then don’t dare convince me to eat” I said and he sighed deeply.






It’s night already and we all did nothing than sitting and crying all long that anyone would believe Darrel is dead already.


I stood up from the chair and faced Nath and Katy.


“I need to go home,I’ve not had my bath” I said.


Katy nodded while Nath handed me the gate key.


I turned, about leaving when Katy called me back.


“Can you please prepare a meal when coming..I’m … Starving,ive not had anything” She said and i nodded.


“Nath,you want something too?” I asked and he shook his head.


“I had tea in the morning,I’m not starving yet” He said.


“Just tea? ” I asked.




“Well…I’m gonna prepare something for you too” I said before walking away.





Even though it was so dark yesternight, i caught the color of the assassin’s eyes and it’s almost the same as Mia’s.


I had to look into her eyes intensely when she came into the hospital.


The eyes are exactly the same…


Well, a lot of people also have that same colour of eyes but looking at her eyes now is giving me mixed thought.


I watched her leave after telling her to prepare something for me on her way back.


Well…the person i should bother about now is Darrel.


He’s in that critical state because of me.


If only i had stayed back home, he wouldn’t have been shot.



He was pissed when i was scratched in the face and wanted to collect the pistol from her…


Those foolish cops just stood there without doing anything!


I will write a petition against them.


They all need to be fired!


So incompetent.


I wonder where the lady got such strength from.


Her kick is something else, and how dare she leave a scar on my face.


I’m gonna kill her when next we meet!!



Next morning






We sat round the dining table to have our breakfast before going back to the hospital.


We came home this dawn to freshen up and eat before going back to the hospital.


I bit into my toastbread and stared at Nath and Katy across the table.


We all haven’t really spoken much to one another since yesterday.


Of course there’ll be nothing to talk about when everyone is depressed.


I can’t wait to see Darrel today, i won’t leave his bedside.


I miss him, this whole house feel empty without Darrel.


I’m sorry D.


I fought back the tears trying to cloud my eyes and managed to finish my breakfast.


We were all done with our breakfast, Nath offered to wash the dishes while i quickly cleaned up the house.


He assisted me with the chores when he was done washing the dishes.


We all left for the hospital after we were done.






“Doc Mart is not around at the moment, his resumption time is 8:30am” A nurse told us when we asked after Mr Mart.


We glanced at the wall clock.


It’s 8:09am.


“You can sit” The nurse said before walking away.


I’ll rather stand till it’s 8:30.


We were still waiting when my phone vibrated in my hand.


I turned it on and it was a message from boss.


I clicked on it .



He’s in coma now with no hope of ever coming out of it, why don’t you just kill him or I’ll come do it myself.



“To hell with you boss” I fumed inwardly after reading the message.


I stormed out of the hospital and headed outside the gate..


I stopped an approaching cab….


“Pine estate!” I said harshly and entered the cab.


I think it’s time he knows the stuff I’m made of..






The beautiful killer



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