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#Chapter 33βœ“



Zeemah writes






I bent and inserted the key into the lock.


I pulled the drawer open and my mouth also fell open at the same time.


The red panties!


I laughed, throwing back my head.


I could remember the first day she resumed and while i was searching her luggage, i had this panties in my hand thinking it was some sort of tiny hair pack.


I laughed again and stared at it..


Well…I’m gonna pick it for her.


I threw it into the paper bag and also picked a bra.


She has nice set of undies though,so neat and fine.


I closed her drawer and got up..


I picked the paper bag and and walked out of her room..






I got to the hospital and walked to doctor Mart’s office.


“Wow! Are those for me?” He asked as i entered his office.


I smiled..”No! They are for Mia,her clothes and breakfast” I said.


“Ohh.. fine, she’s your girl right?” He asked.


“No,she’s not. She’s my housekeeper” I said.


“Really?” He asked and i nodded.


“Wow! I didn’t bother asking yesterday cause i thought she was your girl,i don’t know what prompted me to ask now” He said.


“So how’s she now?” I asked.


“She’s awake and I’ve placed her on IV fluid” He said.


“Okay, thanks” I smiled.


“Can you help me with something?” I asked.


“What?” He asked.


“There’s a scar on her arm and i want you to help me identify what sort of scar it is and how long it has been there” I said.


Mia might be threatened not to tell me anything.


I’m gonna figure it out myself and deal with the person behind this.


“Ohh… I’ll help you with that” He said.


“Thanks doc” I smiled.


“You should go see her now” He said and i nodded before walking out of his office.


‘I’m glad she is awake but how am i gonna face her?’ I pondered as i walked to her ward.


I sighed as i got to the door, i hesitated for a while and was about to push it open when it opened itself.


An ugly male doctor stepped out, smiling like someone who has achieved his aim. I sent him a hard glare and felt like strangling him with the stethoscope on his neck.


He just went to hit on Mia!


“What?” He asked.


“Why the hell are you in there in the first place” I half yelled.


“I went to attend to my patient,why are you so worked up about that?” He asked.



“She’s not your patient,she’s sighed under doctor Mart okay? Stay away from her with whatever motive you have in mind or you’re gonna regret it” I threatened seriously.


He scoffed and walked away, glancing back at me till he cornered the hallway.


I peeped into the open door and saw her seated on the bed with Nath.


She’s looking frail and weak,i feel like pulling her into her arm and protecting her till death.


I pushed the door widely open and that alerted them of my presence.


I walked in and holding my with Mia’s.




I missed those eyes.


She removed her gaze from me quickly and then i knew she’s pissed at me.


“Agent D. ” Nath smiled.


“Mia” I called and walked to her.


She didn’t respond,she massaged her feet instead.


“I’m sorry” I said.


No response!


“Mia,I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to fall down the stairs. Please” I said.


Same thing!


I sighed and dropped the things in my hand.


“How’re you feeling now?” I asked and she turned to Nath instead. “Thank you for being with me all night” She said to him and he laughed. “You should rather say ‘thank you for sleeping in the same ward with me’ You should thank Agent D. instead, he took just coffee as dinner yesternight so he could be awake and watch over you . He woke up severally at midnight and didn’t



even get enough sleep. He was the first to be awake this morning and look he already brought you some clothes and breakfast. Even if he caused the accident,you should forgive him already” Nath said, surprising me.


I glanced at Mia and noticed she had her head bowed.


No one spoke for a while.


“I’ll be going home to freshen up, will be back soon” Nath said and stood up.


“Thanks Nath” Mia said.


He nodded and winked at me before walking out of the door and once the door closed behind him.


Everywhere fell silent again.


I don’t know what to say or do,i guess i should keep apologising.


“I’m sorry” we both said at the same time.


It sounded funny and i tried not to laugh.


She still has her head bowed though,i noticed her shoulders were shaking.


She’s crying!


“Mia,I’m sor…” I was saying only to hear the sound of her laughter.


She raised up her head and I realised she was trying to stifle her laughter.


She was not crying!


She’s laughing hard now!


I also bursted into laughter, i held her hand and we both laughed hard.


“Darrel,I’m sorry” She said after our laughter subsided.


“No,I’m the one to apologise” I said.


“I’m sorry for getting pissed at you when all you did was watch over me” She said. “I’m sorry for making you fall”


“You didn’t make me fall, i missed my step” She said.


“It was because of me” I said and she sighed.


“You know what?” She asked using her free hand to adjust her hair.


“What?” I asked, trying to stop my heart from swaying by her beauty.


“I wasn’t pissed at you for making me fall, i was pissed at you for not… believing what i said”


“Ohh…it was hard to believe Mia, that scar,i don’t think I’ve ever seen it on your arm and also you said its from childhood,it doesn’t look like one from childhood but i believe whatever you say cause i don’t see a reason you should lie to me” I said and she smiled..


“Thank you” She said.


“For?” I asked.


“For believing me even though you shouldn’t” She said and i wanted to ask her about that last remark but i decided to let it go.


“I saw a doc when i was about coming in” I said.


“Three more came before him” She said and my eyes widened.




“Yeah” She laughed.


“They were all hitting on you?” I asked and she nodded.


“Obviously” She said.


Can one just come in now, let me teach him the lesson of his life.


“So,do you like any of them?” I asked.


“Really? You’re asking me that?” She asked.


“Yeah,i need to know” I said.


“Well… I don’t like any of them a bit,none of them made my heart race” She said.


“Really? Have someone ever made your heart race?” I asked and she nodded.


I tightened my fist and bit my upper lip.


Who the hell is it!


“He must be a lucky man then” I said.


“Sure he is” She smiled.


“Do you mind telling me who?” I asked.


“I’m sorry i can’t tell you that” She said.


“It’s fine. Totally fine” I said trying to hide what I’m feeling presently.


“Your IV fluid is almost finished,let me go get doctor Mart cause you’ll need to eat and get dressed” I said and started walking to the door.


Doc Mart walked in before i even got to the door.


I sighed,i actually wanted to go free up my head.


That was an excuse for me to leave here.


“Hi, how’re you feeling now?” He asked.


“Better” She said.


“You’ll get to have your breakfast after the fluid is finished and of course you need to freshen up too” He said.


“I’ll send a nurse to come help you with that” “I can do it myself. I don’t need help” She said.


“Are you sure?” Doc Mart asked.




“Fine then, I’ll leave you both. I need to go check on other patients, you can press that button beside the bed once the fluid is finished” He said.


“Thanks doc” I said.


He nodded and walked out of the door.


My phone started ringing and i brought it out of my pocket.





Hey Luke.



Hi Darrel, come to the police department now.






For Steve’s case.



Ohh…okay, can’t i be there tomorrow?



No, you need to come now.



Okay, I’ll be there soon.





I disconnected the call and glanced at Mia.


“What happened?” Mia asked.


“I’m asked to report to the police department for Steve’s case” I said.


“Ohh,you should leave now” She said.


“Nah! I need to see you have your breakfast” I said.


“Com’on i will” She said.


“I promise” She added.


“Okay,eat well okay. I’ll be right back” I said and kissed her forehead before walking out of the ward.




I watch him walked out of the ward after kissing my forehead tenderly.


Darrel trust me so much that he believes everything i say.


He shouldn’t trust me. I don’t want him to, cause I’ll end up hurting him.


I’ll end up killing him.


Tears blinded my eyes at that thought.


Can i actually bring myself to kill him?


Someone who treats me like a family.


He took just coffee yesternight just to watch over me.


He apologized even though he was not at fault.


He cares about me like I’m his life.


That look in his eyes when i tumbled from the stairs can never be compared.


That look was priceless and undefinable.


I like Darrel,no matter how much i keep denying it.


He’s the only man that has ever made my heart race.


I thought i was attracted to his looks but now…


I don’t need emotion right now,i should just brace up and clear any sort of feelings I’m having for Darrel so it won’t get difficult to kill him.


The door opened and i glanced towards it.


I was expecting Nath or the doctor but i was surprised to see;






I walked into the hospital after i alighted from my car.


I left the station hurriedly,I’ll go back to sort Steve’s case, he’s still kept behind the bars for now.


I need to be with Mia.


My heart has been restless and i couldn’t concentrate on a thing they were telling me.


I cornered into the passage and started walking to the direction of her ward.


I fondled the fresh rose flower i plucked for her.


I want to make her heart race too.


I stopped walking when i saw a guy stepped out of Mia’s ward.


He’s putting on a face cap.


Is he one of the doctors?


I quickly walked towards him.


“Hey” I said and he raised up his head to look into my eyes.


His blue eyes look familiar and i can sense this bad aura laced heavily around him.


“What were you doing in there?” I asked.


“I went to check on my girlfriend” He said giving me a bad look.


“Ohh…i guess you missed her ward then” I said.


“No,i didn’t . My girlfriend is in there and she’s the one i went to check” He said and scoffed at the rose flower I’m holding.


“I guess you’re mistaken” I said.


“I’m not!” He said harshly.


“This ward is Mia’s ward!” I said.


“Yeah,she’s my girlfriend. Mia Cunnane ” He said, shocking me to the bone.


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