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#Chapter 31βœ“



Zeemah writes






He fell flat on the floor, and my mouth went agape.


Why do i think she fights exactly like that assassin?


Steve groaned in pain ,his face soaked with sweat.


Mia was about pouncing on him again when i quickly stopped her.


“Mia, please it’s okay” I said and she glanced at me breathing heavily.


I stood up from the floor and walked to her..


My back hurts terribly.


“Please just let him go” I said.


“He tried to kill you Darrel” She said.


“I know, just let him go.” I said and she sighed before unfolding her fist.


“Darrel,call the police” She said.


“No w …” I was saying.


“Now!” She said,threatening to continue hitting Steve.


“Okay.. okay” I said and rushed to the landline on the table.


I punched in some numbers and dialed it..i kept glancing back at Mia as it rang.


She might kill Steve if she continues hitting him.


I have a lot of questions for her…



Hello” A voice bursted into my thought.



Well… someone bursted into my apartment and tried to kill me.



Your home address?



JUST Estate….



Do all you can to be safe till we get there. We’ll be there in some minutes.


The call disconnected and i stood up and turned to walk back to Mia.


I stared at Steve on the floor and noticed Mia had tied his hands behind his back.


I shook my head and stared at her non-smiling face.


“Mia you’re kinda scaring me” I said.


She isn’t looking like the Mia i know,her face had turn cold and she’s looking like


she can beat up thousands of people.


She’s looking dangerous.


She laughed,her face softening a little.


“I’m sorry for scaring you D. I’m just pissed at what this dirtbag tried to do” She said.


“Is that what you look like when pissed?” I asked.


I saw another different thing on her face not anger.


That dangerous look.


“Did i looked terrible?” She asked.


“Not terrible but kinda dangerous” I said.


“Ohh… Just so you know,i can be dangerous when angry” she said.


“Noted” I said and she smiled.


“Loosen this damn thing” Steve groaned.


“You came here to kill but you weren’t even prepared. What sort of cop are you?” Mia asked with disgust.


“If he had been prepared, then i might have died” I said.


“Not when I’m here” She said boldly that i smiled.


“What’s happening?” We heard Nath gasped.


We both turned to look at him.


“You allowed a killer in” Mia said.


“A killer? You mean Steve?” Nath asked with huge eyes.


“Steve tried to shoot Darrel ” she said.


“! I wouldn’t have allowed him in if i knew that was what he came here for.” Nath said.


“Have you called the cops?” He asked and i nodded.


“I’m still surprised Steve can try to kill me. I never knew it had gotten to this.” “He’s a bitter soul who would do anything to get what he want” Mia said.


“I trusted him even though I’m not close to him in any way” I said, sitting down on the couch and raking my hair with my hand.


“Don’t trust anyone, not even your closest pal,cause you can never tell what’s goes on in their mind. Anyone is capable of doing anything. I believe trusting oneself is the best.” Nath said and everyone fell silent for a while.



I realize i trust so many people…


My Dad,my best friends in California, Mia, Nath…


Is there anyone i should distrust?


What if they end up hurting me?


No,they can’t.


I breathed in and glanced at Steve.


I should have just let him go without involving the police.


But he might come back if i don’t.


The bangs on the gate cleared the absurd silence.


“The cops are here” Mia muttered.


“I’ll be back” Nath said rushing out of the door.




“Do you wanna press charges?” One of the cops asked me after handcuffing Steve


and throwing him in their car.


“Yes” Mia said.


“You’re the one he tried to kill right?” The cop asked and i nodded.


“Then speak up” He said.


“Is it a must i press charges?” I asked.


“Even if you don’t, he’ll be punished according to the law” he said.


“Then do that” I said and he nodded before joining the rest in the car.


“Weakling” Steve spat.


“You’re the weakling punk!” Nath said and Mia laughed.


He opened the gate and the police car drove out.


I sighed, feeling a bit sorry for Steve.


I’m getting weaker, i know.


I don’t even know myself anymore.


Am i still Darrel Holden,the competent CIA agent in California?


Nah! I’m not.


I’m becoming someone else..


My body has been switched.


I’ve gone weak! to the extent of someone trying to kill me because of how


obviously weak i am.


How did i get this weak!






“He should go face the wrath of the law” Nath said.


“Of course” Mia responded.


I slowly walked back into the house, not concerned about what they were saying.


I sat on the couch immediately i got into the house cause my legs suddenly felt weak.


I’m not sure of how capable i am anymore for this mission given to me.


They should just summon another person cause a weakling can’t handle the job of this assassin.


I’m a weakling as Steve said.


I feel empty and i know i don’t belong here anymore..


My eyes felt heavy and i smiled sadly.


The last time i cried was when i lost my mum.


I can’t give in to tears now.


I raised up my head and widened my eyes a bit,to make the threatening tears stop.


“Darrel” Mia called and i dropped my head, my tears fell at the same time.


She was standing in front of me looking shocked.


“Darrel?” She said and quickly used the hem of her blouse to wipe my tears. The only person that did that when i’m crying is my mum!


My tears stopped abruptly and i stared at the lady who’s unknowingly acting as my mum .



She was looking worried and a bit sad.


She sat beside me and made me place my head on her shoulder.


She’s trying to comfort me but the foolish me is feeling another thing entirely.


Will i continue to deny my feelings for her?


Will i continue to cover my feelings for her as lust?


It’s lust…it should be lust.


We remained like that for some minutes before she spoke up.


“Darrel” She called.


“ were you crying, why?” She asked and i was forced to raise my head from her shoulder.


I stared into her eyes and tried to read what she’s thinking at the moment but i couldn’t.


I’m reading something else instead.


Mia, what are you doing to me!




I walked to the door after having a little chit chat with Nath.


Is that how i will also be pushed into the police van when im caught?




I can’t be caught!




I opened the door and walked into the house.


I got to the living room and met Darrel seated with his head up.




I walked to him worriedly.



“Darrel” I called and he dropped his head to look at me, i was shocked to find tears dropping from his eyes.


My heart nearly stopped, with different questions filling my head.


He’s crying?


“Darrel?” I asked and couldn’t help but use the hem of blouse to wipe off his tears.


I resisted the urge to cry at that moment.


Why did they have to push him into this?


He’s feeling like he has gone weak but i,the assassin is capable of making anyone go weak.


If it was another person in his position,i bet the person would have been long gone.


But Darrel is strong!


So strong!


“ were you crying, why?” I asked and felt disappointed when he raised his head from my shoulder.


I wish he can remain that way,i love the feeling.


“Do you know why Steve attacked me?” He asked.


“Cause he hates you” I said and he shook his head.


“No, he did that cause of how weak i am” He said and quickly stopped me when i tried to talk.


“Don’t try to defend me Mia,i don’t need that at all” He said and i bit my lower lip before tucking my hair behind my ears.


“Do you know why that assassin keeps appearing in this house like she own it?” He asked and it took a while before i answered. “No” I said slowly.




“Cause she already figured out how weak i am” I said.


“You’re not weak Darrel! Even if you are stronger,trust me that assassin is capable of appearing in your house like she own it. The damn assignment they gave to you is freaking hard for a person. That’s what made you think you’re weak. This freaking assignment is hard enough to make anyone weak. They pushed just you



into it when you should have a team where you share ideas . That might be an easier way of capturing her” I said.


He sighed.


Even with a team!


I remain uncaptured!


He swallowed hard and whisked his hand through his hair.


You almost made me cry D.


“But, why should someone be this cruel to kill people like they’re nothing” He said and i shrugged.


“It hurt me deeply whenever i hear of the innocent people dieing by her hand. What if her any of her relative is being murdered that way? Or what if she is murdered that way” He said and i almost felt bad but no! I can’t feel bad for taking lives!


I love killing!


“She always slip off my hands anytime i try to capture her. She kills people,then why should she be afraid of getting killed.” He said.


That got to me!


“No one wishes to die but she keeps murdering them in cold blood without considering the pain of their family. Loosing a close one can be so painful”


I stared on without uttering a word.


Why’s he making me feel guilty!


Why’s he making me almost regret what i enjoy doing most…


Why’s he making me feel bad!


“I sometimes wonder if she’s doing it for money or cruelty… If it’s for cruelty,then she’s the most cruel person I’ve ever known. She has been killing for years without


looking back, does she knows the condition she left the families of the victims.


Does she know the pain of loosing loved ones” He sighed angrily.


I held on the couch tightly with tears almost building up in my eyes.


I feel completely bad for all I’ve done.


I feel guilty.


I feel sorry.


I feel like the most terrible person on earth.


But i can’t stop.


Can i?


“I can’t bear the thought of her murdering more people and that’s why I’m gonna put in more effort in capturing her.” He said.


“Are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.


His phone started ringing and he picked it up on the table.


“Dad” he muttered and glanced at me.


“Excuse me” He said and stood up. He walked away speaking into his phone.


My mind went wild with the thought of everything he had said.


I’m trying not to feel bad but that feeling keep coming.


I’ve never for once felt bad about what i do but now….


Well,no matter how i feel bad.


I can never quit.


I sighed,thinking of the day I’m gonna murder Darrel.


Surprisingly,that brought a huge pain to my heart.


It’s what I’m sent here for and no matter how he’s been nice to me.


I have to kill him eventually.



My phone buzzed in my pocket and i glanced round the living room before pulling it out.


I unlocked it and stared at the screen.



You have a new mission,check your email.






‘It hurt me deeply whenever i hear of the innocent people dieing by her hand. What if her any of her relative is being murdered that way? Or what if she is murdered that way’ Darrel’s word echoed in my ears .


Oh no!


Mia, remember this is what you love doing most and you’re gonna do it!


I’ve never had a second thought over any mission assigned to me.


So,why now!


I dropped my phone and blocked my ears as his words kept echoing.




“Mia,what’s wrong?” I heard Darrel asked behind me.


I sighed.


“I’m fine” I said, trying to control my breathing.


“But you were just covering your ears” He said.


“Uh…The TV is loud” I lied.


“It’s not” He said and i also glanced at the TV which volume is stupidly low.


I quickly searched for what to say but i couldn’t come up with anything.


I used a huge smile to cover my nervousness.


He was about talking when his phone rang again.


I sighed in relief as he walked away.


“How dare you disappoint me huh!” I nearly yelled at the TV.



Hours later



I returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner after changing into a more comfortable outfit…




Darrel strolled in after i was done.


“Hey beauty” He said cheerfully


“You’ve been locked up in your office for hours” I said, closing the fridge.


I walked back to the cabinet.


He came to stand beside me.


“I’m working hard on capturing the city’s nightmare ” He said.


“Good luck on that” I said.


“Thanks” He smiled but i noticed his smile suddenly stopped.


And he wasn’t looking at my face anymore,i traced his gaze and noticed he was staring at my arm.




The bullet scar!


I swallowed hard,lost at what to say.


“Wh..what happened to you?” He asked pointing to my arm.


“Huh?” I asked.


Your arm?” He said with a puzzled look. “A home accident” I lied.


“This is a bullet scar mia! What have you been hiding from me.” He yelled so loud that i stepped back in fear.





the beautiful killer


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