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#Chapter 16βœ“



Zeemah writes






I connected the rope to the gate and was about sliding down.


“Mia” Darrel knocked heavily.!!


I blew out a furious breathe.


“Yes, what do you want?” I answered.


“Can you open the door please?” He asked.




“I’m not dressed..i mean i’m not fully dressed. Please say whatever you wanna say” I said.


“Okay,fine. I’m about to go to bed and i needed to be sure if you were okay” He said and i sighed.


“I’m fine thanks” I said.


“Okay, goodnight” He said.


“Goodnight” I said and sighed in complete relief.


He kept disrupting and delaying my moves.


I made sure the rope was well connected.


I switched off the light and started sliding down with the aid of the thick rope.


I landed on my feet outside the gate and retrieved the rope.


It was folded neatly in my hand as i hurried to my car.


I checked the plate number and confirmed it was mine before opening the car door.


It was unlocked and the key is in the ignition.



I sat on the driver’s seat and closed the car door.


I twitched the key in the ignition and the car jerked into life.


I started driving slowly at first but the speed later on.




I parked my car outside the building I’m to assassinate a business woman named; Genevieve Ross.


She doesn’t live alone,she gat a gatekeeper and a house help.


I might just kill the gatekeeper if he proves stubborn.


I got down from the car and walked to the gate.


I knocked on it gently.


The gate opened and the gatekeeper appeared.


He gasped and quickly made to lock the gate but he wasn’t so fast.


I pushed the gate and entered quickly.


The gatekeeper rushed at me, trying to get me down with his weak punch.


I sent a flying kick to his stomach which made him collapse on the cold floor.


I shot his leg and hurried into the main house, ignoring his groan.


I walked into the living room and saw the house help holding a tray of glass cups,she was about exiting the living room when she sighted me.


She screamed in fear and the content she was holding fell, breaking into several pieces.


I got to her and made her unconscious by hitting her head with the butt of my pistol.


She fell to the floor,the broken glass tearing her exposed arm.


I glanced around and saw the stairs.


I quickly climbed it and pushed open the first door i saw.



Genevieve Ross was relaxed on the bed,busy with her phone and sipping her wine slowly.


Glancing at her room alone,i knew how wealthy she is.


She hasn’t noticed my presence..


“Genevieve Ross” I called and she glanced up.


“OMG” She screamed, holding tightly to her phone.


Sweat started trickling down her face…


“Hi” I said.


“You can have the whole money in my wardrobe” She said,in shivering voice. “Why do people keep thinking i need money. I don’t need money. I’m an assassin!” I said.


“Ahh!” She screamed and started weeping.


I don’t have much time left..


I pointed my pistol at her and pulled the trigger.


Two bullets hit her forehead and that was the end of Genevieve Ross.


“Rest in peace” I smiled before hurrying out.


I got to the living room,the house help was still unconscious,she looks so young and looking at her brought back memories…sad memories..


I walked out of the house slowly.


I met the gatekeeper writhing in pain on the floor.


“You shouldn’t have tried to stand up to me” I said to him and walked out of the gate.


I got to my car and quickly got behind the wheels.


Mission accomplished.



I parked my car at a far distance from Darrel’s house.


I left the key in the ignition,grabbed my pistol and stepped out of the car.


I closed the car door and started walking to the house.


I tucked my pistol in my outfit and started climbing the building.


I’ve climbed this building severally but I’ve always headed to Darrel’s room,now to my room.


Things sure changes..


I got to my room and glanced around carefully before jumping into my opened window.


I sighed softly and closed the window,i drew the curtain closed too.


I switched on the light and sat on the bed.


I pulled off my mask and wig and then smiled.


I picked my phone up and quickly texted boss.



Mission accomplished..


The car should be taken away soon.




I pulled off my boots and then got back on my feet.


I walked to the wardrobe,pulled it open and grabbed my pajamas.


Time to sleep.



Next morning


I already got up early to do my chores.


I was fixing breakfast in the kitchen when i heard Darrel’s footsteps.


He’s awake.


“I met you in the kitchen again this morning” He said.


I turned..




He looks more cute in the morning with his disheveled hair and the white robe that’s always tightened round his huge body.


“Good morning” I said.


“Good morning. Do you wake up in the midnight to do chores cause i met everywhere looking so clean again” He said.


I smiled..”I don’t wake up in the middle of the night,i do wake up at dawn”






“Please try to be getting more sleep okay? You can wake up at anytime to do chores” He said.


“Thanks but I’m used to it already,I’ve been a housekeeper for a long time” I said almost pinching myself.


“Wow! ,the guys will be here tomorrow. Make sure you demand for a huge salary okay? If they can’t afford it,I’ll pay it” He said. “Thanks so much” I smiled.


“Its fine…So,what are you making for breakfast?” He asked.


“Bread and jam with coffee,do you want anything different?” I asked.


“No,I’m fine with that” He said.


“It’ll be ready soon. Kindly go take your bath” i said and he laughed.


“Okay ma’am” He said and walked away.


I smiled and turned back to what i was making.






We were seated in the living room, Nath joined us this time,he was keeping me busy with his talks while Darrel watched the TV.


“You shouldn’t have done that” I said to Nath, laughing hard.


“She would have spanked me on the butt” He said and i laughed more.


“!” Darrel suddenly banged the table in anger, startling Nath and i in the process.


“What’s wrong?” Nath asked.


He was looking so furious as he pointed to the TV.





“How can she go about killing people like flies! That’s so cruel of her” Nath said and i smirked.


“Of course it is. I swear down,I’m gonna make sure i capture her. How can someone take pleasure in taking people’s lives” Darrel said, fuming.


I shifted and sat properly on the couch.


I didn’t utter a word as i watched Nath and Darrel display their contempt over what i did.


“Mia, don’t you think this is getting worst?” Nath asked.


“Uh..yes it is” I said.


“I’m gonna put in more effort in capturing her and it starts from now” Darrel said determinedly,stood up and walked away.


I sighed.







Well…I’m glad they are not dead.


“What’s wrong Mia?” Nath asked.


“I’m fine…I’m perfectly fine” I forced a smile.






I smiled.


I just got Darrel Holden mail from Robbie’s laptop.


Mia can’t just be having fun in his house!


I will make sure she goes through difficulties.


I’ll be sending him the location of anywhere Mia wants to go assassinate.


I want to see how long she’ll keep defeating him.


Im damn sure he’s gonna capture her someday soon and throw her ass in the cell.


I laughed and bounced happily on my bed.








The beautiful killer



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