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#Chapter 13✓



Zeemah writes







Yeah,the only people that do hide their necessary informations are criminals. Darrel! She’s a criminal!!





I sighed… Katy,she’s not a criminal.



Do you know her? You just met her and you’re saying she’s not a criminal. Katy she’s not!


Then what explain the hidden information about her? You know well that some people loves to be private. Ohh

I sniffed in some burning smell and my eyes widened immediately.



Katy,I have to go. The meal is burning!” I said and disconnected the call before running to the kitchen.


Next day





“He’s headed to the direction of D&A hotel” Robbie said to boss.


“Ohh..” Boss said.


“Could he be going to the hotel” I said.


“Of course…he already started his investigation”


“Is there anything to be afraid of?” Anne asked.


“Nah,he won’t find out anything” Boss said.


“Mia, you’ll be leaving tomorrow right?”


“Yes boss” I said.


“I hope you’re strongly prepared?”


“Trust me ßoss” I smiled.


“Good” He said and stood up.


“I believe Joel has taught you how to make delicacies?”


“Anne will.” I said and glanced at Joel who look like he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.


“Okay. I’ll be going to take a nap” Boss said and walked away.


“Can i come visit you in that house?” Carla asked.


“Of course not! Robbie said.


“Just shut up! ” Carla snapped and turned back to me.


“Well…I’m not in the position to answer that. You can ask boss” I said. “But you know boss won’t allow me come!”


“Then you can’t come” I said and took Anne’s hand, ignoring Carla’s deep glare.


“Let’s go to the kitchen” I said to Anne.


“Oh yes! I’ll be the boss for once and you’ll be the apprentice” She said and i smiled.


“I’m gonna miss you” She said sadly.


“Me too” I said..


“Mia,can we talk?” I heard Joel asked.


I turned to him.



“Anne needs to show me how to make some dishes now. I’ll come to you when we’re done” I said and walked away with Anne without waiting for his response.


“That was a bit mean” Anne smirked.


“He has been acting coldly to me for some days now and he just popped up suddenly telling me we need to talk. About what?”


“Ohh…i think I’ve realised why Carla is always calling him lover boy” Anne said and i shrugged.


“You’re the lover girl” She pointed at me.


“Stop it” I said.


“OMG…are you blushing?” Anne teased.


“Com’on! I’m not” I said.




“I’m not happy you’ll be going to live in that guy’s house” Joel said.


We were both seated outside after dinner.


“I’m not very excited either but i have to follow boss order” I said.


“You look like you’re excited about it” He said.


“Is that why you’ve been giving me cold shoulders?” I asked.


“No..I’m sorry about that” He said.


“No need to be sorry,it’s fine” I said.


“Can’t you just kill him before three months and come back?” He asked and i laughed.


“I can’t…i have to follow boss order and even without boss order,i would love to know the type of person that guy is. He looks like someone with lots of secret” I said.


“Is that the reason you were so excited about going to live with him for three months?”


“At first; i wasn’t so happy about it but now I’m very happy,i can’t place the reason though”


“Ohh…” He gave a smile that didn’t reach his cheeks.



“I know you aren’t happy that I’ll be living with agent Darrel but can i know why?” I asked.


“I..i…i i just don’t want you getting hurt” He said.


“Really? Is that all?” I asked.




“Thanks for caring about me, I’ll make sure i don’t get hurt okay?”


He nodded.


“Okay that all you have to say? I need to go to bed,you know I’ll be leaving


tomorrow morning” I said.


“Oh..fine, goodnight” He said.


I stood up…”Won’t you go in too?” I asked.


“Nah! I wanna stay out longer” He said.


“Okay… goodnight” I said and walked into the house.






I alighted from a cab in front of Darrel Holden building.


I dragged my luggage beside me and opened my purse to bring out some dollar bills for the cabman.


He drove off after collecting his pay while i stood in front of the gate,ready to ring the bell.


Surprisingly,the gate opened and revealed the beaming gatekeeper.


“Hi” I said.


“Hey” He grinned and helped me with my luggage.


“Thanks” I said.


“Come in” He paved way for me and i walked in.


He locked the gate.


“Did you know I’ll be resuming today?” I asked.


“Of course. I opened the gate immediately i heard a cab drove off” He said and i smiled.


“I’m Mia,I’ll be working as a housekeeper here,nice to meet you” I said and stretched out my hand which he gladly collected.


“I’m Nathaniel,I’m a gatekeeper here. Nice to meet you too. I hope we become


friends” He shook my hand happily.


“Of course” I smiled.


“Come with me” He said and we both started walking to the door.


He rang the bell and we stood for some minutes before the door opened and for some unknown reason,my heart skipped a beat when i saw him standing by the door.


He looked so relaxed and cute…


“Good morning” I said.


“Ohh… you’re here..good morning to you too” He said and glanced at the smiling Nathaniel.


He shook his head.


“Come in” He said, leaving the door opened.


I walked in with Nathaniel who was carrying my luggage.




Beautiful interior,the setting is heavenly.


“Have your seat,I’ll be right back” Darrel said to me before walking away.


I sat down on the soft couch,still looking around.


“I’ll leave now Mia” Nathaniel said and dropped my luggage beside me.


“Okay Nath, thanks so much” I said.


“It’s fine” He smiled and started walking to the door.


“And i really loved what you just called me now” He said, turning back to me. “You mean; Nath?”


“Yeah!” He grinned and i smiled.


He finally walked out of the door.


Nice dude.


“Do you care for some coffee?” I heard Darrel asked loudly and i wondered if there’s anyone else living in the house with him.


He repeated his question and that was when i knew he was referring to me.


“No, thanks” I said.




He asked me for coffee?


Don’t feel special Mia,he would have asked anyone. He looks like a nice person.


So sad,I’ll be taking his life soon and i can’t wait.


Bidding my team bye was the hardest thing to do and for the first time in years,i nearly cried.


I’m gonna miss them so much..


Just three months…


i can’t wait to get back to them already.


“Good thing you kept to time” Darrel jolted me out of my thoughts.


I sat up tight.


He sat opposite me with a cup of steaming coffee in hand.


How could a guy look so handsome even in a simple wear.


“That shows how serious you are about the job” He said and shifted the cup of coffee closer to his thin lips before sipping it.


He kept talking about this housekeeper job like it’s some sort of a high class job.


“I did a background check on you” He said and my heart beat increased. “You have lots of things hidden. May i ask why?”


“Uhh…I’m a very private person,i don’t reveal much about myself” I said, hoping he’ll believe me.


“Okay,i thought so too” He said.


“So… do you live with your family?” He asked.




“Have you forgotten? Our interview continues…” He said.


“Ohh” I said.



“So,do you live with your family?” He asked again.


“Nah. My parents lives in California” I lied.


“Yas!” He suddenly exclaimed.


“I kept saying your face looks familiar, you’ve been to California?”


“Yeah…to check on my parents” I said.


“Good, you gat any sibling?”


“Yes, an older brother” I said.


“He stays with your parents?” He asked and i nodded.


“You already told me your age,may i ask the reason you wanna do this job. You look way better than the job” He said.


“I need to have more experience and also need to earn more money” I said.


“Fine,let’s talk about your pay. How much would you like to have?” He asked.


“It’s up to you…you decide and then we can negotiate” I said.


“I won’t be the one paying you though…the people who made me stay in this building will. Once they are here,you negotiate with them” “Okay” I said..




He picked a napkin and wiped his mouth.


“I think i should tell you about myself” He said.


“The interview is over?” I asked.


“Nah! I might still pop up some questions along the way” He said and i sighed.


What sort of human is this?


“I’m Darrel Holden, a CIA agent” He said with so much pride that might make one want to be a CIA agent.


“Ohh…the famous Darrel Holden” I said.


“I thought you said you don’t know me” I said.


“I do hear your name but I’ve never seen your picture”


“This is supposed to be a secret but i guess it’ll be fine if i tell you” He said. “Okay”


“I was transferred from California to this city to help capture the assassin that has been killing people cruelly” He said.




“Yeah and I’ll make sure i capture her” He said.


“Ohh…” I smiled.


“She seems more dangerous than you think” I said.


“Of course i know, I’m very ready for her. I’ll give all it takes to make her face the law” He said and i felt like grabbing his neck immediately.


“It’s meant to be a private investigation, don’t go about telling people okay?” He said.


“I won’t and it’s a pleasure to start working in this building” I said.


“Of course it is. I need to ask one more question..”




“Go ahead” I said.


“Where do you stay? I have to go there and find out your reputation” He said.




“Ohh…my home address is a bit hidden and it’ll be difficult for you to find it since you just got to New York. I’ll take you there when I’m relaxed” I said. “Ohh.. really? You’ll take me there yourself?”


“Yeah” I rubbed my sweaty palms together.


“That shows you have a good reputation,i don’t have to go anymore” He said and i almost sighed in relief.




“You’re employed already,you can go into your room,relax for today and start


work tomorrow” he said and i smiled.


“Thank you” I said.


“Your room will be upstairs, the fourth on the right” He said.


“Okay” I said and stood up,i grabbed my luggage.


“Hold on…i can’t believe i forgot to do this” He said.


“What?” I asked.


“Please drop your luggage,i need to search it”











The beautiful killer


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