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Episode 6



‘’I can’t believe you have the guts to stop at my house’’ Cynthia breathed, scanning me with her eyes. I shivered as I stood before her. All I planned saying



quickly disappeared from my head. I simply stood and exchanged glances with her, fighting hard to get back my confidence.


‘’what do you want?. Or did she send you to finish off the job? Are you here to get rid of me again?’’ she asked. I looked down with great pain. I just was so helpless before her. She breathed deeply, taking a step towards me.


‘’I took a trip to death-valley and survived. I returned a new woman. I’m no longer the Cynthia you used to know. So you better start preparing yourself for the worst. I’m not alone in this fight. I now have real friends that are willing to stick with me to the very end. Idiot’’ she muttered, turned and made to head towards her house but I quickly held her hand, stopping her. My action of course surprised her.


‘’I’m really sorry Cynthia. I deserve every punishment and I’m willing to take it but just find a way to forgive me before punishing me’’ I stammered. She quickly withdrew her hand from my grasp.


‘’I can’t believe my ears. Where should I start forgiving you huh?. You cheated on me. You lied to me. You rejected your child. You connived with another lady to kill me. You dumped me in a very miserable place where vultures would have dealt with my body. You never checked up on my family for once. No Kelvin, no matter how I loved you in the past, I can’t forgive you’’ she answered, her eyes quickly melting with tears. I swallowed hard with great pain, unable to say anything. Deep down I really felt like going down on my knees before her but my pride wouldn’t let me because we were in an open street.


‘’it’s just a matter of time before you end up in prison. If I don’t get you for trying to kill me, I have other areas to get you. Remember I do know most of your secrets’’ she added, turned and walked into her apartment while I stood and watched her with great fear and pain. I was so confused on what to do next and the only option left for me was to go back to Jessica and enjoy her protection.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]



As I left my sitting room, on my way to Uncle Tony’s house, I ran into Pamela in front of the house (at the veranda). She was sitting on the floor, like someone who had given up on life.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course I thought she already left, (though I never checked to confirm when she walked out on me earlier).


After staring at her for some seconds, I breathed deeply and sat beside her.


‘’I’m sorry for everything but you see the truth is that I’m not yet ready to be a father and you can’t force it on me’’ I softly breathed, trying to make peace with her. She quickly gave me an askance look.


‘’that’s not the truth Jude. The truth is that you don’t want me. Assuming you asked me to give you some years to get your act together, I would have understood but you want me to go back to my husband and keep deceiving him while you marry your Tracy. That’s not fair’’ she sulked.


‘’but I never asked for all these. I never wanted a child with you. You took the decision yourself. Just look at me, this isn’t what I planned for myself.’’ I pushed.


‘’you are hundred percent sure of Tracy’s love right?’’ she asked while I nodded instantly.


‘’fine, I have already told her everything and equally sent her pictures to back up my claim, let’s just wait for her reaction. That will decide everything’’ she muttered, leaving me totally enraged.


‘’what did you do?’’ I shouted.


To be continued






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