Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 28



’but you know what?, once my friend is freed and safe, we will dig around to know how your dad actually died. For now just avoid your cousin Kelvin. I believe the guy’s hand is somehow involved. Many things are just pointing to him and I just can’t ignore it’’ my lawyer said strongly.


I breathed deeply, saying nothing.


Deep down I was scared over the whole thing without frankly knowing the reason. I just felt like asking him to forget about digging out the past because I felt it could end up burning everyone and I really wasn’t ready to have blood in my hands. Of course I was scared of his safety as well because he probably wasn’t much aware of how things were run here in Nigeria.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues from the last episode]


I really had a very terrible night in the cell. The stench of the room, and the mosquitoes which fed fat from all of us were enough to make me lose my sanity. I couldn’t sleep neither was I able to even focus on my thoughts. I just prayed for Jessica to be able to get me out the next day just like she promised.


I equally waited for the police inspector to show up again to finish our pending discussion but he never showed up, leaving me wondering what exactly he wanted from me. It really was a very long and painful night for me.


Luckily around 10am the next day, I was dragged out of the cell to meet Jessica who was waiting for me with a new trouser and shirt.


‘’my love, we are going home, just change with these’’ she muttered happily, leaving me stunned as she offered the clothes to me.


‘’how did you do it?. How come?’’ I stammered excitedly. She blushed like an innocent school girl who just took the first position in her class.


‘’they found no evidence to link you with kidnapping, so they demanded for two hundred thousand naira in order to drop the gun possession charges. I paid it and you were freed’’ she announced sweetly. I heaved a sigh of relief.



I just couldn’t describe how I felt that moment. Jessica really had a way of always appearing like an angel.


‘’so simply keep a straight face, let’s walk out of here. I prepared something good at home’’ she smiled sweetly as she led me to an office (to complete the paper work of my bail).




Ten minutes later, we were on our way back to my house. She drove my car while I sat at the passenger’s corner, too tired to even bring up a topic.


‘’You left your phone at home yesterday and it never stopped ringing. You had lots of missed calls’’ she softly informed me as she handed me my phone with her right hand.


‘’oh yea’’ I breathed as I collected the phone, freezing as the first number I saw on my missed calls list was no other person’s number than Emmanuella’s. My hands shook as I quickly gave Jessica a quick, guilty look, hoping she would say something about it but she never did. She just behaved as if she never went through my phone, something I was very sure she did. But since she failed to bring it up, I kept quiet as well.


On getting home, I took a long shower, freshened up and joined her at the dining table where a big plate of garri and ogbono soup were waiting for me to devour. I salivated as I quickly got ready to feed myself.


‘’I’m really glad you are back my love. I was very scared for you. The police can never be trusted’’ Jessica breathed solemnly as she poured out drinking water for me in a cup. I simply shook my head as I slowly recounted all I passed through in the cell.


‘’thanks for getting me out’’ I muttered with a smile.


‘’my love, how about we relocate to another town after our wedding?. This town is just too hot for us. The police are on your neck, Cynthia is back probably for



revenge, and I believe things could only get worse. Our children can’t grow up here. I can easily set up my business in any town. Let’s just leave this town, all these drama. I beg of you’’ she softly begged with great energy, reaching out for my left hand. I slowly met her gaze, swallowing hard as I weighed all she just said in my head. Of course the town was really getting hot for us but relocating with her also wasn’t something I wanted even though we shared lots of common secrets.


‘’here is my pregnancy text result, from a very reputable hospital’’ she added, dropping a paper before me.


‘’let’s just leave this town. I beg of you’’ she begged once again.


I couldn’t help but wonder if she was desperate to leave town over something else or if it was all about me?.


To be Continued


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