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Season 2 Episode 13&14



On getting to Lagos, my lawyer pleadingly told me that he would be spending a week with his family.



‘’I will be back in a week, just get yourself ready for the task ahead. Expect my call from next Monday’’ he had said to me before we parted ways. I spent the night in a hotel and very early the next morning I headed down to Owerri.


My first port of call on getting to Owerri was Kelvin’s house. No matter our differences he was still the closest family member I had and yes I really had every reason to see him. You can’t imagine the surprise on his face when I walked into his sitting room. He just stared at me as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.


‘’Jude!’’ he exclaimed with great energy as he sprang up with happiness, hugging me.


‘’you never told me you were coming?’’ he asked happily.


‘’I wanted to surprise you’’ I answered with a smile. I couldn’t help but notice how slim he had grown. It was very obvious he wasn’t enjoying his marriage with Jessica.


‘’so how about your wife?. Where is she?’’ I asked.


‘’hmmm my wife?. My wedding ceremony with Jessica never held. It’s a long story bro. anyway she’s now living with me’’ he muttered with a slightly drawn face.


‘’so where is she?’’ I asked faintly.


‘’she is yet to return from where she went. We really have a long gist to share’’ he muttered, flashing a quick smile while I stared at him with surprise.


‘’well sit down and listen to my story’’ he added faintly.


Kelvin really had a long story to tell. I listened with rapt attention as he narrated all that happened since I left the country the previous year. The more I listened, the more sympathetic I grew towards him.



‘’I believe everything that happened on your wedding day was for good. Jessica isn’t a good woman and I still can’t believe how she tactfully roped you into her mess. But don’t worry, I came back with my dad’s lawyer and by the time we are through with her, you will definitely see her true colors.’’ I muttered while he shrugged with resignation.


‘’I know you won’t accept to spend the night here because of Jessica right?’’ he asked after few minutes of silence.


‘’hmmmm, I’m spending the night at my hostel and I have to get going’’ I smiled and got up.


‘’you won’t even eat anything here?’’ he asked anxiously.


‘’I’m fine bro, I can take care of myself’’ I answered calmly while he shrugged once again.




I headed to Crunchies for a quick meal before returning to my Hostel to rest, sleep and plan for the journey ahead which was of course paying a visit to my Tracy. I really was anxious and scared at the same time. I just didn’t know what to expect from her and with prayers on my lips I slept off that fateful night.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


[9:15pm, Kelvin’s bedroom]


‘’Jude is back, he was here this evening’’ I softly informed Jessica who simply scoffed and sat up.


‘’that’s good for him, hope he had a good time over there’’ she muttered softly.


‘’listen Jessica, I still don’t know the kind of relationship you had with that boy’s father or what really transpired between you two but in the name of God, if you are holding tight to anything belonging to him, kindly give it back. Believe me, I will



support him over you if he decides to come after you. If you really wish to be part of my family, then you have to act like one of us by doing the right thing’’ I begged her softly. She dropped her eyes, keeping quiet for some seconds.


‘’you won’t understand Kelvin but I have heard you’’ she breathed, leaving me curious as ever.


‘’understand what?’’ I asked eagerly.


‘’never mind my dear. I have heard you’’ she replied with a smile, leaving me in great suspense.




[The next day, Jude’s side of the story continues]


By 11am, I found myself in front of Tracy’s family house, waiting for her to come out and usher me inside. I really left my hostel as early as 6am, for the long heart skipping journey.


I just found it hard to breathe as I eagerly waited for Tracy to show up.


Finally, the big gate opened, revealing Tracy who looked so slim and pale. She just looked very dry in my eyes and I couldn’t help but feel that she was still suffering over my betrayal. I couldn’t even look her in the face for up to a minute.


‘’why are you here Jude?. If you are seeking forgiveness, then you shouldn’t bother, I already forgave you last year. We shouldn’t carry grudges to a new year, should we?’’ she muttered softly while I nodded, unable to say a word.


I just shook before her, trembling like a sick child and the January harmattan wasn’t helping either.


‘’as for our relationship, you should know that it ended last year. To me you are as good as a married man. You can leave me now’’ she added calmly while I managed to bring up my face to meet her gaze.



‘’you already passed judgment on me without hearing my side of the story’’ I asked breathlessly.


‘’yes I did, because I’m not a stupid girl’’ she answered and shut the gate on my face without caring how cold the weather was that fateful morning.. :

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