Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 7


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


I returned to my hostel to cry out my heart. I couldn’t believe all I just discovered were real. Kelvin was the only family I had left and discovering his deceit really left a great hollow in my heart. I was beginning to grow fond of him. I was beginning to feel at peace with him only to discover that he wasn’t clean after all. I felt all alone. I felt empty. I felt so sad. My heart yearned for vengeance but I was too scared and weak to confront him like a man.


‘’dear lord, you are all I got now’’ I prayed earnestly.


Tracy walked into my room an hour later with a frown on her face. It was very obvious she wasn’t pleased with the way I left school earlier in the day and the last thing I wanted that afternoon was a scolding from her. I quickly closed my eyes to avoid her gaze. She sat beside me on the bed, hesitated for some seconds before shaking me violently.


‘’so you left school just to come here and sleep?. That’s a very silly attitude. I’m far from happy with you’’ she breathed fiercely. I opened my eyes, stared at her for a while before sitting up.


‘’I went to my cousin’s house to relax , only to find my dad’s documents on his bed’’ I slowly said to her, pointing to the suitcase which was under my reading table. She gasped with surprise, reached forward and grabbed the suitcase.



‘’I couldn’t believe it. I felt he killed my dad for the contents of that suitcase and then tried to befriend me for a reason best known only to him. The painful thing is that I can’t do anything to him. I can’t report him to the police because I lack strong evidence. But I still believe he will come here with a story to convince me on letting go of the suitcase.’’ I slowly opened up to her.


‘’this is serious. I can’t believe this’’ she breathed.


‘’take the bag to your room. Hide it for me. I will figure out something soon’’ I breathed. She nodded, stood up and disappeared to her room with the suitcase. I fell back on my bed with tears in my eyes.





Kelvin’s side of the story continues


‘’I know you won’t tell me what the scene I just witnessed was all about?’’ Cynthia asked, sitting on my laps. I shook my head and closed my eyes. My head just was filled up. I wasn’t myself after the incredible scene with Jude. ‘’sometimes you treat me as if I’m nothing but a call girl to you. I can tolerate anything but not being ignored. Very well, I’m leaving and don’t ever come looking for me again’’ she threatened, jumped off my body , grabbed her bag and headed to the door.


‘’I’m sorry my love. Don’t go away please’’ I forced myself to apologize, standing to meet her. She stopped, stared at me and smiled. ‘’the boy found his late father’s documents in my room and just over-reacted’ I explained. She nodded. ‘’I was investigating the man’s death and had to take some of his things without the boy’s knowledge which he found in my room. I guess he’s mind is running wild right now’’ I explained, while she came forward and threw her hands around my neck.


‘’you have to let him cool down first before explaining to him. By tomorrow, you can find a way to talk to him’’ she advised and kissed me. I licked my lips and unbuttoned her shirt.



‘’how about we play the match right here, right now. No holds barred’’ I suggested with a short laugh, taking off my shirt. She laughed and rolled her eyes.


‘’naughty boy, you want no holds by this time of the day?. I have my business to run jare. Let’s just do a quickie and that’s it’’ she muttered, taking off the rest of her clothes while I positioned myself for a quick d—-e quickie.




Jude’s side of the story continues


By 9pm, Tracy and I were all alone in her room. We lay beside each other like happy lovers and it just looked as if we just had a great s£x even though we never kissed for once.


‘’you know you are the only person I now have. The only person I trust. I used to have my suspicions about Kelvin but I had to push everything aside and hope for the best. I really feel bad’’ I muttered with all my heart while she smiled and embraced me with great care, warming my heart with such wonderful gesture. I felt like making love to her there and then. I felt like caressing her hair and licking her dry but something stronger than passion held me back. Perhaps it was respect, perhaps it was the fear of hurting her. I simply swallowed the s£xual hunger in me and closed my eyes.


‘’you just have to forget about Kelvin and sleep. We have lectures tomorrow’’ she added softly.




Early the next morning, Tracy woke me up to inform me that a man was waiting for me outside her room. ‘’he said his name is Kelvin. I guess someone directed him to my room when he checked yours’’ she explained softly, leaving me indecisive on whether to ignore him or confront him. ‘’I think the best thing is to hear what he has to say. You can still leave the suitcase with me’’ she suggested like a caring wife and I had no choice than to follow her suggestion, even though deep down I had a little strange fear in me.



‘’I hope involving Tracy in my mess won’t harm her in future’’ I said to myself as I went out to confront Kelvin over again.


To be continued.






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