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Episode 44


**Jude’s side of the story continues**


‘’you already know how much I feel about my Tracy, so your question is kind of irrelevant’’ I slowly muttered. Pamela smiled and shook her head.



‘’ninety percent of campus relationships doesn’t end up well. There are always many factors that lead to breakup. I guess I should just focus on my happiness for now. Sooner or later you guys will eventually break up and you won’t have any reason to feel bad again’’ she summarized with a smile while I kept quiet, saying nothing to her words. Of course there wasn’t any need arguing with her on such topic.




minutes later @the bedroom


‘’are you leaving tomorrow?’’ she asked as I settled down for sleep. I nodded quietly.


‘’I never planned coming here in the first place and yes I will be leaving very early tomorrow because of my industrial training program’’ I softly replied. She smiled, pulled off her night wear and stood before me like a na.ked model, observing my reaction. I hungrily stared at her as I quickly tried my best to control my feelings.


‘’how good is Tracy in bed?’’ she softly asked, joining me on the bed. I closed my eyes like a terrified child, saying nothing to her question.


I soon felt her hands on my shirt as she slowly unbuttoned it before caressing my chest.


‘’please stop it’’ I breathed weakly.


Deep down my body was on fire. I badly wanted to satisfy the s£xual hunger in me but my conscience kind of brought Tracy’s image to my head. I didn’t want to cheat on her again but my body was too weak to resist Pamela’s feminine touch.


‘’hope she su.cks you real good?’’ I soon heard her ask as she pulled down my shorts, burying my joystick in her mouth. Oh I felt like exploding. I just had to grab her roughly and make love to her with great energy.


Only if Tracy wasn’t a virgin, perhaps I wouldn’t have cheated on her, but it never really was her fault because she offered me her body which I declined to taste till marriage. I had no excuse cheating on her but Pamela was just should I say a tempest.



‘’my love please I really will want you to be very much around when I put to bed. You have to rush up with whatever is keeping you here in Nigeria and join me by December or January. Your future isn’t in this country’’ Pamela breathed when we were done making love.


I really had no reply for her request; instead I pulled away from her and headed to the bathroom.




Very early the next day, I headed back to my school feeling very guilty and lightheaded. Saying goodbye to Pamela was really more difficult than I thought it would be and the s£x we had the previous night was nothing but a goodbye s£x.


(A week later she wired five million naira into my account, calling me the next day to say she was already in the states waiting for me. I never got to see her again till the following year.)


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues**


After getting the lawyer’s number from Jessica’s phone, I tried contacting him two days later with a big lie that I wanted him to defend me on a case but unfortunately he told me that he wasn’t in town.


‘’I will get back to you in few days or call me by Saturday if i fail to call you’’ he had replied but to my surprise he never did call back and when I tried contacting him again, I got an automated voice response that his number was switched off. But after the second week of unsuccessfully trying to reach him, I realized that perhaps he deliberately changed his line for a reason known to him.




The month leading to December was extremely uneventful. Cynthia never appeared mysteriously nor did anyone question me about her disappearance. Her shop equally remained closed, leaving her issue as one of the greatest puzzles I have ever faced. My conscience never allowed me to rest and I found myself losing weight a great deal.



Jessica on her part tried her best in making me believe she was a clean and innocent entrepreneur. She slowly worked her way into every aspect of my life and would have dragged me down to the altar if she had the power.


All through the remaining months leading to December, she never let a day pass without talking about marriage. It was as if she was under pressure to get married and finally on November I promised to make her my wife if first she would agree to declare her assets without hiding anything from me.


‘’no man will marry a lady he knows little about her financial status. I can’t just marry a lady I can’t defend in public. You know all my assets but you find it difficult to reveal yours to me. For us to get married you will need to hide nothing from me. You will need to declare your assets’’ I softly demanded as she brought up the marriage topic again.


She just couldn’t believe her ears when I made the demand and never failed to hide her anger while I smiled to push down my demand.


I was very confident that she was going to open up.


To be continued…



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