Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 12


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


’Come give me another hug’’ Pamela suddenly demanded when I was about leaving her room. It was obvious she was finding it had to let me go. I smiled, drew back and gave her a long hug.


‘’I really can’t wait for next Saturday to come up’’ she whispered into my ear. I kissed her lips, turned and walked away without another word. Of course I was a little bit proud of my accomplishment.




My bus trip back to Owerri was at first uneventful, until we got to Onitsha when the unexpected happened. I was about drifting into sleep when a big bang which sounded like a gunshot shook me up. Screams of ‘’Jesus! , Jesus!, Jesus!’’ filled the bus which quickly swerved out of the road in full speed, and before I could



figure out what was actually happening, the fast moving bus somersaulted and crashed into a small shop, leaving everyone completely dazed.


Luckily no one was killed, but the driver and two passengers sitting beside him were badly hurt. I couldn’t believe it just happened. It was my first time of experiencing such life threatening event which was caused by nothing else but the bus front tyre which blew up without warning. I couldn’t speak for five minutes. I just sat in a quiet corner and looked at myself.


‘’I could have died or gotten seriously injured?. D–n’’ I gasped with great fear as reality slowly dawned on me. I couldn’t help but realize how lucky I was to escape without any form of injury. I instantly regretted ever going to Asaba. But then all I regretted was the risk I took to meet Pamela and not what I did with her. Of course I very much knew what I did with her was very bad but I just couldn’t keep her out of my head especially after the great s£x we had.


‘’I wonder how it will all end’’ I couldn’t help but mutter to myself.




Kelvin’s side of the story continues


I spent all Friday evening going through the documents in the suitcase. It really was a tedious job and unfortunately i couldn’t get much out of the papers I went through. However what really got my great interest was the cheque and a receipt I later discovered equally meant for the same lady


“miss Jessica Simon’’.


The receipt had her phone number and address which really was more than I needed to find her. I quickly logged into Facebook, entered her phone number on the search area and prayed for it to work. Whoa her profile instantly appeared, bringing a smile on my face. I quickly sent her a friendship request before going through most of her pictures which told me a lot about her personality.



The damsel was very pretty, robust, light skinned and appeared to be in her early thirties which really got me more curious. I couldn’t help but wonder why such a beautiful lady was still single.


Moreover she very much looked like a career lady, unless of course her pictures weren’t real. The only hindrance I had on getting her questioned by the police was lack of evidence. Yes I already had the evidence to establish that she knew who Jude’s father was but then I had nothing to link her to the man’s death and the only way to get what I needed was by perhaps getting close to her, which really was something difficult.


I spent all night thinking about it and early the next day, I drove over to her house with the help of the address I saw on the receipt. I had no much trouble in finding her house which curiously was a newly built bungalow in new Owerri axis.


I stayed put in my car as I observed the environment and thought of the best way to follow up with my plans. I couldn’t just walk into her house and start talking rubbish. I had to be patient and stalk her for a while before making my next move with the right opportunity.


I was busy with my thoughts when a small Toyota car pulled out of the house and headed towards the main town. I had a clear view of the driver who was no other person than the lady I was searching for.


I quickly followed her without thinking twice. I slowly followed her car, keeping a little distance for her not to notice that she was being followed. She soon pulled up in front of a hair salon while I stopped a little bit far from her car and waited calmly. It really was my first time of stalking someone. It clearly wasn’t my thing but I was doing a good job out of it.


After two hours of waiting, I saw her walking out of the salon and heading towards her car, I quickly jumped out of mine and approached her with a smile.


‘’hello, excuse me’’ I greeted politely, stopping her with my words. She turned and stared at me, quickly sizing me up. I couldn’t help but notice that she was really prettier than her pictures I saw the previous day.


To be continued.






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