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Chapter 8


Mia’s POV


“Te amo Dylan. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I called Dylan the moment the plane landed at Los Angeles, California. “Of course, I’ll take care of myself. Yeah… I know… te extraño mi amor.” ( I miss you, my love).


“Don’t skip your meals, okay?”


“I won’t. Promise.”


“Beware of Xander Valiente. Don’t fall in


love with the guy.”


“Of course I won’t.”


I was in the car with Xander and still continued talking to Dylan. He was driving too fast and looked very upset. I didn’t understand him. His mood easily shifted from being so gentle to an asshole. “Sueño contigo anoche. Nos casamos. Sí…


estábamos tan contentos.” (I dream of you last night. We got married. Yes… we were so happy).


“That is a nice dream.” Dylan answered.


“Soon, your dream will come true, mi




Xander suddenly stopped the car. My


phone fell off my hand and landed on the


car floor.


“What happened?” I asked Xander.


He just looked at me and didn’t say




Hmp! What a stubborn man.


I picked my phone. Dylan was still there


and we continued talking until we arrived


at the gate of the house.


“This is a very big house. Is this my


family’s house?” It was a beautiful


mansion. The architectural design was a


combination of classic and modern. I


instantly fell in love on it.


“No.” He said firmly, then steered the car


to the driveway.


“Who’s house is this?” I asked.


He didn’t answer.


“Why are we here?” I asked again.


He still didn’t answer.


“I thought we’re going to my family’s




“Your dad is in Thailand with her girlfriend. Your brother is in New Zealand. No one will take care of you there.” Finally, he answered.


“So, who’s house is this? Yours?” He stared at me, then said. “Ours.” “Huh? We have a house? The two of us?” “Yes. You lived here with me for almost a year. You don’t remember?”


“No! Perdí la memoria . ¿Cómo puedo recordar ?” (I lost my memory. How can I remember?)


He exhaled heavily. “Will you stop that


Colombian accent? Speak English.”


“Why not? I’m a…”


“You’re not. You’re from New Zealand and English is your first language. Okay?” He looked irritated.


What is wrong with him? Why brought me here and offered to help me get well, when it seems like I’m upsetting him? The car stopped in front of the house and


Xander went out immediately. I followed


him and went out of the car abruptly. His


face went sour when he saw me already




Oh-oh. Did he want to do the gentleman’s


act to open the door for me?


We walked inside the mansion.


Oh my… the house was beautiful inside


and out. My eyes roamed in every corner


inside the house. It was decorated nicely


and the designs were fabulous. Just like


the way I wanted a house to be.


“This is a nice house.” I said to break the


silence. I looked at the furniture, curtains,


the frames, paintings, figurines and other


ornaments. Beautiful. “I like everything


inside the house… i love the design.”


“Of course. You designed it.” Xander


finally smiled.


“Really?” I was surprised.


He nodded.


“Um… do we really lived together? As a…




“Of course. Here, take a look.” He showed me to a table at the corner with about four picture frames on top. It was our pictures together. In a formal event. In a


garden. In the house. In the Park.


He showed me the kitchen and told me how I loved cooking. I spent all afternoon in the kitchen cooking and baking. I cooked his favourite food all the time. Butter Chicken. Pasta Al Forno. Rib Eye Steak and Pork Adobo.


“How come? I don’t know how to cook?


Are you sure I’m Mia?”


He heaved heavily. “You are Mia. Don’t


doubt about that. You lost your memory,


naturally you forgot all about it.”


I rubbed my temple, feeling agitated.


“Don’t worry, very soon you will


remember everything. Come, let’s go up.


I’ll show you to our bedroom.”


My feet suddenly went cold. “We slept




“Of course. We lived, ate and sleep


together. We were in a serious


relationship, Mia.”


“Oh.” I felt a blush creeping up my


cheeks. “How serious was it?”


“Very serious.” His face turned so sad. “I


proposed to you and you accepted


happily. We were planning to get married


sooner. But…”


“But what?”


“You left a week before our wedding.” His expression turned from sad to angry. “Why did I do that?”


He shook his head. “I don’t know Mia.


You’re the only one who can answer that




“How? I can’t even remember you.” I was so confused. “Maybe we quarreled.” “No. We did not.”


“Maybe I realized I was not in love with




He shook his head again. “You loved me so much Mia. You were always so happy, especially when we were together.” “Then why?”


“I guess it was pre-wedding jitters.”


“I don’t think so. I guess there’s more


than that.”


“Whatever it is, it’s all in the past. What is important is now. I will help you remember everything.”


He guided me up the stairs then we


entered a bedroom. “Our bedroom.”


My heart raced and my pulses became




Our bedroom?


I looked at the bed. The sheets were in white and gray. The color of the room was black and white. It was more of a man’s bedroom.


“Your clothes, shoes and other things are


still here.” He said, opening a closet. I


moved closer at him and inspected what


was inside.


“No. These are not mine.” My eyes widened looking at the clothes hung neatly inside.


“These are all yours, Mia.”


“No, it’s not mine… I don’t wear clothes


like that.”


“It’s yours, believe me. You loved to wear


black only.”




“It’s your favourite colour. You grew up


wearing simple, conservative black




“But the style… It’s so old fashion. Out of


this world! I don’t want to wear that




He chuckled. “Well… what do you want to do about it?”


“I just want to get rid of it. We can


donate it somewhere.”


“Okay. I’ll have the clothes put in a box.” I nodded. “Thanks.” I looked at the bed again. I felt tired instantly by looking at it. I wanted to crawl and sleep on it. I was so tired after the long travel. “Am I going to sleep here in this room?”


“Sure. This is our bedroom. You sleep




“Okay, thanks.” I removed my black boots. Xander was just looking at me. Following my actions. I removed my sweater and my black jeggings in a hurry. Oh… I felt so comfortable getting rid of my clothes. I left my white lace bra with matching s£xy lace thong on. “Aren’t you going to sleep?”


“A… no… yes… ah…” He stammered. I


could see the desire in his eyes. His pupil




I crawled to bed and stretched my body like a cat. “Hmm…. I’m so tired. I’m going to sleep for hours.”


“Um… sure. Do that.”


I was so tired… and I fell asleep










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