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Chapter 6


ander’s POV


“Where is Mia.” I snapped at the woman


in front of me. The woman I recognized as


Carmen Vega.


“She’s in the car.”


I looked at the picture of Mia in the New Zealand passport and the name written in bold letters. MIA STEWART. Then I closed it and put it back in the envelope – never letting go of it.


I strode to the door but Carmen Vega stopped me. “Please. There’s something very important that you need know before you confront her.”


I stopped and turned to her.


“She can’t remember you.”


“What do you mean she can’t remember




“She lost her memory. She can’t recall


everything that happened to her in the




A sudden chill ran down inside my body.


NO. I refused to acknowledge what she


said. This was just another of Mia’s lies,


their lies.


“Do I look stupid to you?” I chuckled. “Mia fooled me already, insisted that she is Lily. What the… She’s becoming a good actress! Both of you can’t fool me again. What you’re saying is impossible.” “It’s true, Mr. Valiente. She has an




“Oh really?” I smirked. “Because she has


amnesia, she changed her name from Mia


Stewart to Lily Rojas?”


“Yes. Because she thought her name is


Lily Rojas.”


“That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,


Miss Vega. That thing happens only in


telenovela stories.”


“I know you won’t believe me. I’m not forcing you though.” She heaved a sigh. “A year ago, Mia was rescued in the woods. She was unconscious and her head was bleeding. She was confined in California Medical Center for a week. For three days, she was always sleeping, and refused to wake up.”


What? I felt my heart sank. Mia was in the woods… unconscious and bleeding? I didn’t want to believe what Carmen Vega said, but she seemed like telling the truth. “The doctor said she was fine. All her medical examinations resulted negative. But she experienced severe depression to the point that her brain blocked everything. She can’t remember her


brother… everyone including you. She


can’t even remember her real name.”


I shook my head in confusion. Finally I found my voice and asked her. “How come she arrived here in Colombia. Of all places… Who brought her here?”


“Her brother, Tristan Latsis.” Tears suddenly pooled in her eyes. “When she woke up, she wanted to go home to Colombia. She said she is a Colombian and even insisted that her name is Lily Rojas.” Oh Mia…. what happened to you…


“The doctor advised to let her do what


she wants. She’s the only one who can


help herself to recover and remember




I couldn’t understand what I felt at that


moment. I felt so miserable not knowing


what she went through. She suffered being


alone and forgetting everything. I should


have been by her side… those times she


was in distress.




What was I thinking at that time? I was so stubborn and full of pride. I thought she ran away from me because she believed her brother’s false accusations that I was


devil-may-care guy, partygoer and a player.


“I have to talk to Mia.”


“NO!” She almost shouted, then she cleared her throat. “I’m sorry. But we have a plane to catch.”


“Going where?” “To New Zealand.”


I inhaled deeply. “She lied. She said she’s moving to the telenovela actor’s house.”



“I know.” She shrugged her shoulders. “You can’t blame her. She’s scared of you. If you don’t mind me saying this, I have a feeling that you’re part of her past that she wanted to forget.”


I didn’t want to contradict her with that. I had the same feeling too. I remembered Mia always restless a week before she left. “I’m taking Mia back to L.A.”


“No. You can’t do that. Her brother will be furious.”


“To hell with Tristan Latsis! I’m not leaving without her. Now that I found her, I won’t let her out of my sight. I’ll do anything, everything to bring her memories back.” “No… please. She won’t understand. She’s afraid of you.”


“I don’t think so.”


Lily’s POV


I wondered what happened to Carmen.


She was so quiet since she came back in


the car.


“Did you get my passport?” I asked her.


“Yes. Sure. I… I have it in my bag.”


I smiled at her then turned my face at the


window, watching the beaches we passed




“You’re so quiet? Something’s wrong?” I


asked Carmen.


“No. Everything’s fine. I’m just thinking


about um… something.”


I knew Carmen was hesitant to come with me in New Zealand. There was something going on between her and Eduardo. They were secretly in love with each other but too stubborn to admit it.


We were in the airport, walking towards a



private jet when Carmen said. “I don’t think I can come with you, Lily. I can’t leave Colombia. My heart belongs here.” I stopped walking and hugged her. Then we looked at Eduardo who was loading the boxes together with a crew going inside the plane. “I know.”


Carmen smiled with tears falling down on her cheeks. “I’m going to miss you. You’re like a daughter to me.”


“Awee, Carmen. You’re making me cry also.” Tears immediately fell on my cheeks. “I love you. I’m going to miss you more. I’m used having you with me every day.”


She wiped her tears but it kept on falling.


“You have to be strong, Lily.”


“Yes. I have to.”


“You’re going home.”


I nodded and hugged her again.


“Just remember this Lily. There’s someone in the plane from your past. I trust him to take care of you. He will help you regain your memory.”


“Who?” My heart skipped a beat.


“You will find out. But don’t be mad at


me. Okay? I’m just doing the right thing


for you. I love you and I want the best for




“But Carmen…”


“Just trust me, Lily. And don’t be scared of him. He’s a good guy.”


I nodded. “I trust you, Carmen.” I hugged


her for the last time then walked towards


the plane… alone.








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