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Return Of The Devil’s Son


Chapter 49



Klara lay on the grass under the starry night sky. Something she thought she would never do. The stars and the moon brought back memories of her mother. Klara could still clearly remember how her mother used to sing to her lullabies while they watched the stars. But it was also under those stars that her mother got killed. Just as clearly as she remembered the sound of her mother’s singing she remembered her screams as well.


Her mother, a brave woman with a big heart had hidden Klara, Astrid, and Rasmus under the ground when they got attacked.


“Stay here and don’t come out no matter what happens.” Her mother had warned them. “Rasmus, take care of your sisters.”




Then with muffled cried Klara and her sibling watched their mother fight big scary-looking men through a narrow slit between the wooden planks of the floor.




If it wasn’t for Rasmus who covered their eyes with his hands Klara and Astrid would have witnessed when their mother got stabbed to death. Seeing her lifeless body laying in a pool of blood was already a memory painful enough.


Klara remembered dragging her mother’s lifeless body and burying it together with her siblings while tears fell down her cheeks. She was a child and couldn’t understand why they had to put her mother under the ground but her brother told her that she would find peace that way, and be able to move on to next life.


“Will she not stay with us anymore?” Klara had asked.


“Maybe if she comes back as a bird she will sing for us and if she becomes a star she will watch over us. Maybe she is already one of the stars up there.” Rasmus pointed at the sky.


This was the reason Klara could never hate her brother despite his outrageous behavior. She could understand why he behaved the way he did. He had witnessed not only one but both their parent’s death and despite all the pain, he managed to



take care of them well. In their darkest times, he was the one who comforted her and Astrid. Klara could never pay him back for all he did.


She looked at the stars again. If her mother was one of them then she wished the sun would never rise again.




Startled she turned her head and looked at Roshan who lay next to her. She had almost forgotten about him.


Oh lord, he probably heard her thoughts. Klara hated to speak of those things so she hoped he wouldn’t ask.


Roshan had been kind and taken her out. They rode through beautiful landscaped, visited the city and now they lay on the grass next to a river. The sound of the water combined with the soft night breeze was calming. She wanted to stay a bit longer so why did she suggest to leave?


Roshan rested his head on his hands and watched the sky. “Or maybe we could stay a little while longer.” He spoke.


Klara lay back again in silence. At least he wasn’t asking.


“I spoke to Hazel yesterday. She asked how you were doing. I told her you were fine.”


“You were in Decresh? Why?”


“I am helping Lucian with a few things.” He explained.


Klara nodded. “How is he doing?” Becoming a King after all the war could not be easy.


“He is doing well so far.”


“How is Hazel?” For some reason, that woman made her worry.



“She is pregnant.”






“What?! Really? When?” Klara sat up again and looked back at Roshan.


Roshan chuckled. “You seem more excited than her.”


She was. Wait! Why would she be?!


“No, I was just surprised.” She said trying to calm herself down and lay back again.


Hazel was pregnant! Just a few months ago she would have died of jealousy but now for some odd reason, she felt excited like Roshan said. Klara loved children. She already longed to become a mother, but that would probably not happen anytime soon. Her brother would never allow her to be with Roshan so why was she staying with a man she could not be with?


Did she want to get heartbroken once again?


Klara stood up quickly “I should go back home.” She said.


Roshan took her back home without any questions. Once they arrived she was still in his arms and he didn’t let go of her.




“I won’t let you get heartbroken.” He promised. “I’ll speak to your brother.”


Klara shook her head. “No! Don’t! You don’t know my brother.”


Her brother would only marry her off to either a man with a powerful position or a very wealthy man. Rasmus believed that money and power meant protection and he wanted to protect her more than anything.



Roshan grabbed her face between his hand. “Klara. Do you want to be with me? Forever.”


She nodded.


“Then trust me and don’t worry about anything anymore. Now that you are mine, I’ll take care of the rest. I’ll take care of you.”


Klara nodded again lost in his eyes and her heart melting at his words. Normally she would’ve hated if someone calling her “mine” but this man, she wanted to belong to him. She felt strangely safe in his arms.


“Goodnight then. ” He said grabbing her chin and kissing her forehead.


“Won’t you stay here?” She asked.


“I am a demon Klara. We are not very good at controlling ourselves. You will be safer without me tonight.”


Klara shook her head. “I feel safer with you.”


If she only knew. Roshan’s blood was on fire. He had been controlling himself for too long especially after a night of torture in her bed. All he wanted to do now was push her on the bed behind and fulfill all of his fantasies.


“Klara…” He wanted to protest but she put a finger on his lips.


“You said you would take care of me.” She whispered.


He knew she didn’t mean what he was thinking because the way he was thinking of taking care of her was sinister.


“I don’t want to be alone tonight.” She admitted looking down.


She was recalling the memories of her mother from earlier. Roshan never thought that a starry night sky could make someone so sad. But everyone had scars, no matter how perfect their life seemed.



“Why don’t you go and change. I’ll wait for you in bed.” He suggested.


Klara nodded and hurried away relieved.


Roshan lay comfortably in Klara’s bed and waited while she changed. Again, he could feel how his demon was crawling to the surface and urging him to let go of his control and satisfy his needs.


Roshan shut his eyes tightly fighting back his urges but it wasn’t helping that he was in her room, laying in her bed where her sweet scent lingered. It wasn’t helping that the lights were dimmed either and that she just walked into the room wearing a light pink nightgown that complimented her fair skin. This woman was driving him mad.


With a smile, Klara went to the dresser picked up a hairband and tied her hair revealing her long slender neck. Roshan’s felt his gums itch badly and tried to focus on something else to calm himself down.


“Did you wait too long? I did my best to change quickly.” She smiled while climbing up on the bed.


Roshan stretched out his arm for her to lay one. She rested her head on his arm and he pulled her closer.


“No. You changed quickly.”


“Good.” She mumbled snuggling against him.


Roshan could feel her hot breath on his neck and then slowly she inhaled his scent. She thought he smelled good and she liked his body next to hers. Her train of thoughts tempted him even more than his own.


“Do I really snore?” She suddenly asked.

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“Is it loud?”


“No. It’s endearing.” He said


She went quiet for a moment. “Roshan?”




“I am…scared. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore.” Her voice trembled.


Roshan was surprised by her confession. He knew she was someone who never admitted or showed anyone her doubts and fears. He was glad she was opening up to him.


“I won’t let you lose anyone. I’ll convince your brother. You won’t have to lose any of us.” He promised.


Normally he would have just manipulated her brother but Roshan knew how much Klara cared for him so he would try his best to convince him without any tricks.


Klara pushed herself up on an elbow, leaned over him and pressed her lips to his. Roshan stiffened not expecting what happened. The self-control he had been holding onto so tightly snapped at that moment.


Klara pulled away quickly, her eyes darted around. She, herself seemed surprised by her own behavior. She had begged him to stay, snuggled against him and now she kissed him. What if he thought that she was trying to seduce him?


“I…” She didn’t know what to say.


Roshan grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down placing her under his body.


“You shouldn’t have done that.” He said.




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