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Return Of The Devil’s Son


Chapter 42


“My Lady, You are pregnant.” The midwife told her, excitement clear in her voice.


Nyx should have been dancing with joy but she wasn’t. She loved children and she wanted so badly to have her own, so why wasn’t she happy? At least her husband would be happy she thought but she was dead wrong.



The king barged into the room, his face red with anger. “Leave!” He told everyone and once everyone left he grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the bed. His grip was tight, cutting all air away.


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“What …are doing?” She managed to ask while in pain.




“What have you done?” He growled bringing his face close to hers. “Whose child is this?”


Nyx grabbed his wrist and tried to remove his grip but he held her in place. Her eyes teared up.




“Don’t lie to me!” He yelled letting go of her neck. She took in a sharp breath and then began to cough while holding her neck. “Tell me whos child it is while I am asking?”


With a sore throat, “Why would you think it’s someone else’s?” She asked.


He grabbed her arm and yanked her out of bed. “I have birds who whisper into my ears and I have been hearing a lot about you but I have been ignoring them. Now you have crossed the line.”


Birds? Her mother had once told her that many powerful kings either had help from demons or witches. Why hadn’t she listened and which one did whisper things into her husbands ears?


“Tell me you are not bearing a demon’s child?” He said utterly disgusted.




Nyx froze in place. This couldn’t be possible. She could not be pregnant with the devil’s child. She hadn’t met Lucifer for a month, she could not be pregnant with his child.





“No! This is not his child.” She shook her head. “No!”


“Who is he?” Her husband asked.


Nyx kept shaking her head in denial. “No! It’s not.” She kept repeating. What would she do now? What would happen to her child?


“I don’t need you, or this demon child. Guards!”


Nyx panicked as some guards entered the room.


“Lock her up!” He ordered. “Tomorrow you’ll be beheaded infront of everyone.”


Beheaded? What was he talking about? What about her child?


The guards grabbed her arms and began to drag her out of the room. “Wait! What are you doing? Let go! This is absurd.”


“Let her go!”


It had been so long since she had heard this voice.




The guards dropped their hands and left the room as if nothing happened.


Nyx turned around still in shock and shaking in fear. “Mother.” She squeaked relieved someone came to her rescue.


Her mother looked very angry as she stared at her husband. “I gave my daughter to you, not so that you could abuse her.” She told him.


“You gave her to me yet there is a demon in her w.o.m.b.” He said with revolt.


“I’ll take care of it, but you won’t lay a hand on her.”



“You don’t give me orders.” He spat.


With a twist of her hand, the king fell on his knees, his face twisting with pain. “Don’t forget who gave you the power to order people around.” Her mother reminded.


Everything fell into place. The witches supported her husband. That’s why he was one of the most powerful kings.




“Nyx! Leave us alone.” Her mother ordered giving her a stern look.




Nyx hesitated for a while but then left the room with shaky breath. What was going to happen now? Whatever happened she would never let anyone hurt her child.


After what seemed like forever her mother called her inside again. Her husband walked passed her without giving her a look.


“Come here, dear.” Her mother said opening her arms.


Nyx was surprised. She had thought that her mother would be furious but she wasn’t. Relieved she ran into her mothers embrace and began to cry hysterically.


“I am sorry mother. I was just so alone. I’ll never meet him again. I promise.”


“It’s alright. It’s not your fault. He is the devil, tricking people and ruining families is what he had done since the beginning of time.”


“Please don’t let them hurt my child. I’ll do whatever you want.” Nyx begged.


Her mother grabbed her face. “No one is going to hurt you. I’ll look after you.” Her mother promised and just as she had promised she looked after her during her pregnancy.



She had stayed with her all the time, saying that she wouldn’t let the devil manipulate her again. At this moment Nyx didn’t care about anything than her childs safety but sometimes she wondered what her mother told her husband to make him keep quiet.


“He hates me mother. How do you expect me to live with him? Take me home with you.”


“This is your home from now on.” Her mother said with finality. “You better get used to it. I never said it would be easy.”


Nyx didn’t know what plans her mother had for her but as her stomach grew and she was near to giving birth she got a bad feeling. She even had nightmares where her mother took her child away from her. Somehow she knew they weren’t just nightmares, they were signs.


And then the day came. After much pain and agony, she heard the cry of her baby.


The most beautiful sound in the world.


“It’s a boy.” The midwife smiled holding the baby.


Nyx her held arms out. She wanted to hold her baby. The midwife placed him in her arms and at that moment all the pain and suffering she went through were gone. She looked at her son. He was the most beautiful sight she had seen. His face so angelic that her heart melted and tears filled her eyes.


She held him close for a while but then she noticed something. His eyes. They were just like the ones in her nightmares, sometimes burning like wild flames and sometimes glowing like molten gold. They were beautiful but her mother would not think the same. She was going to take her child away from her.


Nyx stood up despite all the pain. She was going to run away with her child before her mother came, but just then the door opened and her mother stepped inside.


Nyx tightened her hold around her son while taking a few steps back.


“Nyx my dear…” Her mother began walking toward her slowly.



“No! I won’t let you take him.”


Her mother sighed. “You are only bringing more evil into the world. You don’t need him. You are still young and you can give birth to many more.”


“He is a child. How can a child be evil?” Nyx said in his defense.




“He won’t be a child forever. Now give him to me.” She said reaching her arms out. “I won’t let him suffer. It will be quick.”


Nyx couldn’t hold her tears. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her mother had let her go through childbirth just so that she could kill her child. What could be more evil than that?


“You…” Her throat tightened. “You are evil.”


Her mothers face hardened and then she nodded toward the maids.


“No, no, no!” They held her in place while taking her child forcefully away from her arms before giving him to her mother.


Nyx fought, cried and yelled hysterically. “Please mother! Don’t hurt him. He is just a child. I’ll never forgive you if you do.”


But her mother was not listening and that’s when Nyx did something she never thought she would. She called Lucifer.


“Lucifer! Lucifer, please help!”


Her mothers eyes widened. “You dare!” She said fuming with anger but there was also fear in her eyes.





And just like that, he appeared to her surprise. Everyone fell to the ground except for Nyx and her mother. Whatever Lucifer did Nyx didn’t care. She just wanted him to save their child.


“Shyla.” He looked at her mother.


They knew each other?


“Lucifer.” Her mother looked surprised but collected herself quickly. “My stupid daughter here thinks that you will save this child. Have you told her that your kind are not supposed to reproduce?”


“No. Have you told her that your kind should not get involved with mine?”


Shyla’s face turned into one of distaste and anger. “You both have done something forbidden and you shall be punished for it.”


“Mother please.” Nyx felt suddenly giddy and her legs couldn’t hold her up anymore so she sat down carefully. “Lucifer plea…”


As she sat down she realized there was a pool of blood underneath her feet. She was bleeding. “Mother.”


Shyla turned and looked at her daughter and then slowly a frown settled on her forehead. But before she would hurry to her daughter Lucifer was already by her side. “What’s wrong? Why are you bleeding so much?” He asked.


With a snap of his fingers he woke the midwife. Nyx couldn’t hold her eyes open anymore and her heart slowed down to a painful rate. What was happening to her?


“She is bleeding.”


“Then stop the bleeding.” Lucifer ordered.


“I’ll try but she has already lost a lot of blood.”


“What does that mean?” Lucifer asked anger evident in his voice.



It became dead silent. By the way Lucifer tightened his hold around her and by her mother’s silence, Nyx could tell it was bad news. She could feel how the life drained out of her still she shot her eyes open. She had to save her child.


As she opened her eyes she found Lucifer holding her with a frown on his face. Was he sad? She couldn’t tell but her mother was crying silently next to her while holding her baby.


“Mother…” Nyx forced herself to sit up and Lucifer helped her. She reached her arms out, wanting to hold her child. Shyla placed him in her arms and Nyx held him tightly.


Nyx looked at her son’s face and a tear ran down her cheeks. Would this really be the last time she would hold him? She didn’t want to die.


She turned to her mother. “Mother, please promise me you’ll protect him. Please.”


Her mother cried shaking her head. “If I do others will hurt him in a worse way.”


“That’s why I am telling you to protect him.” Nyx almost yelled.


“If that’s what you truly want.” Her mother wiped her tears away and then determination showed in her green eyes. Reaching out she took her grandchild away from her daughter.


“Wait. What are you doing?” Nyx asked confused.


Shyla looked at Lucifer and then back at Nyx. “You told me to protect him. That’s what I’ll do. From now on no witched or demons will ever be able to come near your son.”


“What do you mean?” Nyx asked confused.


“It means I won’t be able to raise your son nor his father. He will grow up among humans.”



“No! You can’t do that. Lucifer say something.” Nyx was terrified. Who would raise her son if not his family? He could not grow up among humans. He needed someone who could understand his abilities and help him hide them. The humans would kill him if they found out what he was.


“Don’t worry. Your husband knows of witches. He will take care of him.” Shyla assured.


Nyx wanted to laugh. Her husband would not raise his wife’s child from another man.


“He will,” Lucifer said. “I’ll make sure of it so don’t worry about it.”


Nyx couldn’t believe her ears. Even lucifer agreed with her mother. “Do you know what this means?” Nyx asked. “This means you will never be able to see your son.”


“I know. But that’s for his safety.”


Nyx shook her head. “No!” She pushed Lucifer away and tried to get up but as soon as she stood up her head began to spin and her legs wobbled. Still, she tried to get to her son but she could barely see where she was going and stumbled on her own feet.


Lucifer caught her before she fell and wrapped his arms around her tightly while she saw a foggy image of her mother walking away with her child.


“Mother! Come back now!” She yelled struggling to free herself from Lucifers hold. “Let go of me. Give my son back!” She cried.


“Nyx, please. He is safer with humans. The demons and witches will never spare his life.”


After fighting a bit more Nyx gave up and leaned into Lucifers arms. Lucifer sat her back down onto the ground and then loosened his hold. He slowly stroke her back in a comforting way but it didn’t comfort her at all.



She knew that he was right. Her son was not safe among their kind and the thought of her bringing such child into this world weighed her with guilt. On top of that she was leaving him, alone in this world.


“I don’t want to die.” She whispered and then felt a teardrop land on her cheek. She looked up and saw another tear fall down Lucifers cheek.


Nyx was surprised. She thought the devil had no feelings, how come he was crying?


“I think this is my punishment.” He whispered. “I am sorry I got you involved.”


He even apologized.


Why? Did this mean he cared? Did this mean that his feelings had truly been sincere? That he didn’t manipulate her as her mother made her believe.






“Am I really the one?”


“Yes. The one and only.”


“Then why didn’t you show up all this time?” Nyx was confused.


“I am the devil. Living with me will not take you good places and you are a good person. You deserve good things.”


But in the end, she was dying and leaving her child alone. What was so good about that? Or maybe this was her punishment for betraying her husband and sinning with the devil. She wondered where she would end up after her death? Would she end up in hell?


“Lucifer. I don’t want to die.”



She knew she was dying. Her heart had slowed down even more and her chest felt heavy making it difficult to breathe. Her skin turned cold and her throat and lips felt dry.


Lucifer hugged her closely but that didn’t make her less scared or sad.


A cold shiver went through her body and then she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore.


“Nyx!” She heard her mothers footsteps before she felt her hand grab hers.


“Lucian.” Nyx whispered. “I want to name my son Lucian.”


“He shall be called Lucian.” Her mother sobbed kissing her hand.


“Tell him I…” Her voice cracked and a cold shiver went through her. Her body felt numb and there was no pain anymore. except the one in her chest. “Tell.. him.. I am sorry.”


And then everything became dark.








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