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Return Of The Devils Son.



Chapter 27


After messing around with Pierre for a while Lucian went back to his chamber. He had hoped to find Hazel even though they had agreed that she would leave while he was gone.


Lucian sighed disappointed. He knew it wasn’t safe for her to stay, yet a part of him still hoped that he would find her here, because he already missed her. What had she done to him?


The air still carried her scent and he could vividly remember the warmth and softness of her body. The taste of her lips still lingered on his tongue and her sweet m.o.a.ns echoed in his ears. If she had still been here he would have pinned her to his bed again and this time he would have completed his task, but where was she right now?

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Was she safe?Maybe he shouldn’t have let her go. While pondering he noticed something on his pillow. It looked like a letter. He grabbed it and opened it.


It was from Hazel.


[ Dear husband.


I haven’t left for good, I’ll come back for you. Until then be safe and don’t worry about me. I am somewhere safe.


I’ll miss you.


Your wife. ]


Wife? The word echoed in his mind.


This is for slapping me wife. Are you planning on seducing me wife? Are you taunting me wife? No need to shy away wife. I’ll be back wife.



He remembered saying those words. Those random memories, he tried to connect them together but he didn’t succeed. One thing was sure, he had a wife and he loved her very much. If Hazel was his wife, he wasn’t very sure, or maybe he didn’t want to believe it.




Lucian burned the letter so that no one would find it then went to continue with his torture. He had nothing better to do anyway. Making himself invisible he teleported to Pierres room.




Pierre was getting ready for sleep and Lucian liked this part of the torture the most. He loved to see how his brother turned back and forth in his bed, with sweat running down his face and his heart thumping inside his chest. Tonight he wanted to scare him a little bit more so he walked near his bed making sounds with his footsteps.


Pierre’s heart jumped inside his chest and he sat up quickly and looked around the room with wide eyes. “Who is there?” He whispered with a trembling voice.


When no one replied he looked around one last time and then slowly lay down again. He shut his eyes tightly and mumbled a few prayers.


Lucian waited till he calmed down before he could scare him again. He was enjoying this more than he should. He was so bent on scaring his brother and having his revenge that he even got Levi involved which he regretted already. Lucian wanted to keep Levi out of this fight.


When Pierre calmed down a bit Lucian went on with his mission. This time he moved a chair slightly so that it would make a creaking sound. Pierre shot his eyes open once again and his heart escalated but he didn’t look around this time. He was too terrified. Lucian went ahead and touched him lightly on the back, so lightly that he would only think that someone was behind him.


Pierre stiffened then held onto his sheets tightly. He was fighting the urge to call for help. Lucian listened to his thoughts. His brother was trying to convince himself that it was all in his imagination and that he shouldn’t be scared because



Lucian was dead. He made sure of it. Maybe his men were trying to mess with him? But how? They got locked somewhere, or did someone escape?




Lucian froze for a moment. His men were alive? He never thought his brother would keep them alive for this long. He needed to find them, Pierre was already planning on killing them all tomorrow.




Lucian hurried to the dungeon where he thought that he might find them. He tried to listen or recognize their scent but it was dead quite and the stench was too much to bear, especially for his sensitive sense of smell. Now there was only one way to find them, to look through every cell.


He had to get them out tonight.


Lucian started to search every cell until he found Oliver. Oliver lay on the ground looking scrawny and lifeless but Lucian knew he was alive because he could hear his breathing.


He walked closer and was horrified to see his condition. He had almost no clothes and no meat on his bones.


“Oliver.” He shook him slightly.


Oliver slowly opened his eyes but it was too dark so he could probably not see him.


“It’s me, Lucian. I’ll get you out of here.”


It took him a moment to put the pieces together.


“Your Highness?” He breathed.


“Yes it’s me.”



Oliver stretched his hand and tried to follow where the sound came from. Lucian took his hand “I am here.” He said.


Oliver eyes widened and searched in the darkness. “Your Highness. Is that really you?”




“Is it…how..?” He was in disbelief.


“Where are the others?” Lucian asked. He didn’t have much time.


“The others?” Oliver was confused and shocked. Lucian could understand why, so he gave him a moment to gather his thoughts. “I really don’t know. They seperated us.” He finally spoke.




“Alright. I will look for them and come back to you.” Lucian said and stood up to leave but Oliver held his arm.




“Your highness. This time I really hope this is not a dream. I…I really hope that you have survived and… and if you haven’t and came to see me in my dream then I hope you are in a good place.”


Oliver had always been caring and soft spoken but this time his words effected Lucian deeply. His need for revenge increased and he couldn’t wait to bring hell on earth for his brother.


“It’s not a dream and I am not in a good place right now, neither are you. Wait for me and I’ll take you out of here. ”


Oliver nodded and Lucian hurried to find the rest of his men. He found several of them including Lincoln who surprised him with a hug.



Lucian held his breath because of the stench then cleared his throat uncomfortable by Lincoln’s sudden reaction. Lincoln never acted on his feelings and he would think that Oliver would be the one to hug him rather than Lincoln.


Lincoln drew back immediately surprised by his own reaction as well. “I thought I would never see you again. How did you…?”


“I’ll explain everything later. Follow me.”


Lucian broke the lock on the cell with his hands and was thankful that it was dark so that no one could see then he took Lincoln to where he gathered the other and told him to wait.


“I’ll find the rest.” He said.


“I’ll help.” Lincoln spoke.


“It’s too dark, you can’t see. Just stay here.”


Another person who surprised Lucian was Callum. In contrast to the others he didn’t seem very surprised, in fact it seemed as though he was waiting for him.


“Your highness, I am glad you are safe.” He said sounding as his usual self. His condition seemed better than the other but then again he was known for his stamina.


Lucian was glad to see that most of his men survived and they seemed glad to see him even though they were very confused and shocked at the same time. He could see that they had a lot of question but didn’t dare to ask him anything.


Many of them were wounded and starved and could probably not walk without help but still he had to get them out.


“Your Highness, there are guards everywhere and as you can see we can barely walk let alone fight. We will get caught.” A young soldier said.



“I took care of the guards. You only need to worry about getting out so help each other and I’ll help you till the gate.”


“What about you?” Oliver asked.


“I have to stay.”


“But it’s not safe here. We can’t leave you alone.” Lincoln protested.


“There is nothing you can do for me now in your condition. So I want you to leave and regain your strength. That’s how you can help me.”


“We will come back for you Your Highness.”


“You better.”







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