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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 13


Who are you?


That was the question Roshan asked himself as he stared at his reflection. He didn’t recognize himself anymore. He was thinking way too much, caring way too much that he began to worry. Worrying was not his thing either. What was wrong with him these days? Since he met the scandinavian princess he had been unable to think of anything else but her.


Every day since she left Roshan had watched her, spending her days alone in her room where her brother had locked her up. He had found a suitable husband for her and would keep her locked up until she got married. For some reason the Idea of her getting married and belonging to someone else made him uneasy. He didn’t even know the woman so why did he care? He had more important things to do right now, like finding Irene’s mother.




Irene had collapsed since the day she found out about her son’s death and she didn’t wake up since then. Lucifer tried everything but nothing seemed to work and now her mother was her only hope. But the witch was impossible to find and Roshan didn’t look forward to meeting her.




Droshts were no joke when it came to power. They could draw energy from nature, such as the sun and the moon, and even other witches and that makes their power limitless. On top of that they despised demons, so he was basically going on a suicide mission. But Irene had saved his life once so he owed that to her.


“Where are you going?”



As usual his friend looked very neat as he walked into the room. He wore a white shirt and black trousers, and his blonde hair was still wet from the shower but combed back elegantly. His angelic looks could make any woman lose her breath.


Roshan remembered the old days when he and his friend used to party a lot, get into fights and trouble, get themselves surrounded by beautiful women and spend each day in a different place. Those were the days Enoch used to enjoy life, smile and laugh, but since the tragic event in his life Roshan hadn’t seen his friend smile even once.


“I am going on a witch hunt.” Roshan replied.


“I thought you were going to save the ice princess.” Enoch said as he settled down on the couch.


“And why would you think that?”


“Because you like her.”


“I don’t.” Roshan denied.


Enoch narrowed his gaze. “You are a fool. You have a chance to be with the woman you like…., some of us never got a chance.”


Roshan left Enoch alone in the room. He knew there was nothing he could do to lighten his friends mood anyway. Walking down way the hall he turned into mist and teleported himself to the underworld where lower rank of demons liked to dwell.




“My Lord!” Uzil was already waiting upon his arrival.


“Any information?”


“No, but… Lucifer was here. I think he wants to find the witch himself.” Uzil whispered.



No wonder it was very quiet today. Lucifer must have terrified them with his presence.


“Do you want me to continue looking?”


“Never mind.” Roshan said. If Lucifer couldn’t find her then nobody could, and if he found her it would be one hell of a battle. Lucifer would be in disadvantage though, since she is the mother of his mate.


Roshan dismissed Uzil and continued to search on his own. By now he knew he wouldn’t be able to find the witch, but he just wanted to keep himself occupied so that he wouldn’t think about Klara. Not that it worked. The more he fought the urge to think about her the more he thought about her and the more frustrated he became. Before he knew he found himself in her room watching her from a corner. As usual she was reading a book while laying on her stomach with elbows resting on a pillow and her feet swinging in the air.


He shouldn’t be doing this. He was invading her privacy, but then again when did he care about such things? Anyway, this was the last time he was coming here, he would not come here again he promised himself. A promise he’d made many times before including the last time he came and yet today he was here.


Just as he was about to leave he heard footsteps outside her room and soon after her brother barged inside. Klara ignored her brother and kept reading without looking up, even once.


“Get ready. You are getting married tomorrow.” He said.


Klara continued to ignore him.


Rasmus sighed then turned to the servants. “Make sure to get her ready.” He said calmly before leaving. As soon as the door closed behind him Klaras head fell into the pillow and her shoulders began to tremble.


She was crying. Roshan was surprised, she never cried before, not when her brother had yelled at her, not when he had locked her up and ignored her for



several days, not even when he denied her to meet her sister and here now she was crying. She must have endured a lot and reached her limit.


Roshan felt the sudden urge to scoop her into his arms and comfort her, but before doing something he would regret he teleported back home. He needed to stop this madness. She was getting married and he was not the type to commit. He liked to be with a different woman every time but now thinking about it, he hadn’t been with a woman for a while. Maybe that was the reason he was acting strange he thought. Yes, he should go and satisfy his needs. He was a demon after all and demons are known to be warmblooded.




“My lady, please. You should get ready now. It’s your wedding tomorrow.” The maids begged looking anxious. They would be in trouble if they didn’t prepare her.


Klara didn’t want her maids to suffer but she was suffering herself. She had been locked for days without seeing anyone but her maids. Her brother wouldn’t even let her meet Astrid. How cruel.


At first Klara had been patient thinking her brother would soon give in and forgive her, but no. He was really marrying her off without her consent. She knew he would punish her severely for betraying him but she never thought he would go this far.


No! She would not get married against her will. She had always imagined herself getting married to someone she loved and have a fairytale wedding just like the ones she reads in the books, but after getting her heart broken she had given up those dreams. That didn’t mean though she would get married to just anyone.


“I want to be alone.” Klara said.


The maids looked at her pleading but they didn’t dare to defy her so they left. Klara looked around the room. She needed to do something but what? She couldn’t escape as her brother had the place heavily guarded, especially around her room.



Klara never felt as helpless as she did now. Thinking got her nowhere as she was still clueless as what to do. If there was a chance to escape it would be on her wedding day but that would be too much of a risk.


Klara stomped her feet on the ground like a little child frustrated that she could not come up with a plan.


“What should I do?” She buried her face in her hands.


“Come with me.”


Startled Klara jumped out of the chair as a scream erupted from her throat but the sound got soon muffled by a hand grabbing the back of her head and another covering her mouth.


“Shh…I am here to help.”


Klara was just about to use her fighting skills when she found herself looking into a pair of mesmerizing Hazel eyes that held her captive with just a glance. She knew all too well who they belonged to but that didn’t stop her kneeing him in the stomach and then punching him in the face.


How did he get into her room? She should scream for help now but she didn’t.


Roshan stumbled backward then rubbed his jaw.


“Ouch… you really know how to greet someone. I am fine thank you.” He said sarcastically as he stood straight and looked at her with amus.e.m.e.nt.


She had punched him really hard but only she seemed to be in pain.


“How did you get in?” she whispered then guessed that it had to do something with the witch.


“Do you want to escape or not?” he asked ignoring her question.


He came here to help her escape. Why?



“Did Irene ask you to help me?”


“No princess. I am here of my own will.”


“Why?” she asked. What did he want from her? He had to want something, why would he help her otherwise.


“I’ll just leave if you don’t want my help.” he said turning around.


Klara panicked. “Wait!”


Even though she didn’t trust him she didn’t want to be left here. Once he left she knew she would not get another chance to escape. She would just let him help her out of here and once she was outside she would escape from him as well.


Great idea she thought proud of herself.


“I am coming with you.”



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