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She became invisible and I laughed. How dare she think she can come here to insult us in such manner? Oh! The nerve of this little girl!



“How dare you come here?!” I thundered and she flinched.



“You will be defeated like the wizard was!” The first witch said and I laughed in a manic way.



“You guys have been talking. Can I talk now?” Beauty said and I rolled my eyes.



The First witch turned to me, waiting for me to signal her to deal with Beauty but I looked away.



Not so fast.




“Hey, shut up! What gave you the audacity and effrontery to talk to us in that manner?!” The second Witch yelled at her, and she crossed her arms.



“Wait, who told you guys that I came all the way down here to exchange words with you? Haha, I’m not that jobless, you know. Get me the Prince, I don’t want to stay here with fools like you.” Beauty said.



I couldn’t control my anger any more. Did she just say that to us? What?!



My eyes turned pure red and my fingers became longer that it was. My breath became hot and fire came out from my mouth.



I rolled a ball of fire and struck her with it, but she dodged it and smirked.



“Don’t be too excited baby!” Second witch said and sent a dagger her way.


Beauty caught the dagger, and controlled the sand.



Wind blew sand into our eyes and we staggered backwards with our hands before us, trying to see.



She laughed and snapped her fingers. Two long ropes appeared in her hands and she swung them about.



I laughed and used my eyes to control the sand. It went back to normal, and Beauty frowned. She rolled the ropes in her hands and flogged me with it.



My arm where it landed on, bled and I winced.


She continued dealing with us, and we got scared that she would finally win us.



But then, I remembered the Prince. I was very weak but I managed to go into the cave. He was lying on a mat, unconscious. The spell was yet to be broken.






I carried him outside and saw Second Witch fighting with Beauty. She opened her mouth wide and white powder covered everywhere.



When everything cleared, Beauty was nowhere to be found. I laid the Prince on the ground and groaned slightly, straightened my waist.



“Beauty, if you love this you guys man, come and save him now!” I said and laughed.



We walked round the Prince, and as we walked, the places we stepped on started burning. Soon, the Prince was surrounded with fire.



We laughed and moved away, eager to know the next thing that will happen.



“I’m sure she won’t come to save him. I mean, who would risk her life for someone who deprived her of the joy of living in luxury?” Second Witch said and I laughed.



“I will.” We heard a still voice say, and turned to see Beauty walking up to us.



Huh? She will?



“I know you guys are evil, but I never imagined it would get to something like this. You are trying to kill an innocent Prince for your selfish gain?!” She queried, with a disgusted look and I scoffed.



First Witch guffawed loudly, and I glared at her. I turned back to the Prince and say that the fire was very close to him, now.



“Rest in peace, oh, Prince.” I prayed and my two followers shut their eyes and joined me in praying.



We opened our eyes and saw Beauty trying to quench the fire.



“Quit trying, baby! I see you’ve not heard, but the circle of fire made by black witches are unquenchable.” First Witch said.



The horrified look on her face was priceless to me. It showed and proved that she acknowledged that we were more powerful.






It was so horrifying to see him lying helplessly in the middle of the fire. I tried quenching it with my powers but nothing worked.



I can’t believe I will loose him just like that. I took another glance at him, and suddenly, the urge to jump into the fire and save him surged through me.



And before I knew it, I saw myself on the air. I landed in the middle, and carried him, placing just head on my lap. I felt the hotness of the fire but I cared less.



“Williams..” I called and cupped his cheeks. His face was cold and I quickly took my hands away.



I tried standing but felt my legs were glued to the ground. I looked at the Witches. They were laughing hilariously.



I needed no seer to confirm if it was their doing. My powers became useless to me at this point. I tried waking Williams but it was all in vain.



Tears that i had held back fell freely and I felt my end was near. Look what love made me do.



Another quick glance at Williams and I screamed. The fire was near. I took off my jacket and started fanning him with it, to stop the fire from coming nearer.



But who was I kidding? It wasn’t an ordinary fire, so all that was in vain. I was lacking ideas. I tried using my powers again, but it did not work.



My legs were stuck to the ground, and I was loosing hope. But something in me kept taking me back to my former self.



I became to suffocate due to much smile, and fell to the ground.



Suddenly, the fire got to where Williams laid and I pushed him with my last strength and the fire burnt me instead. It’s love.



I passed out immediately.





My eyelids flickered open, and I found myself in the middle of a blazing fire.


I turned and saw Beauty lying beside me, burnt beyond recognition.



I got scared and rushed to her side.



“How come he’s awake?! Who broke the spell?!” I heard the witches asked in shock and I shook my head in disappointment.



They’re really evil.



“She broke the spell. She risked her life to save me. And I will make sure I deal with you all.” I said with gritted teeth and they laughed.



“Williams!” I heard someone call and turned to see Collins waving at me. How come he’s here?



“During the war, Beauty used me against them, and I dealt with them. She ordered me to come here to search for you. Thank goodness I’ve found you.” He said like he read my mind, and started walking to where I was.



But the fire had already created a barrier. And my legs got stuck whenever I tried to move them.



“Wait, who’s that?” He queried and I turned to Beauty and sighed.



“That’s your f**king Beauty.” Sukie yelled and her crew burst into laughter.



Collins gasped and started running to where we were. He flew up in the air and crossed the fire before I could stop him.



“What happened to her?” He asked, and I stared quizzically at him. Since when did he become caring?



“I think she got burnt while trying to save me.” I replied and he gasped.



“Jeez! What do we do?” He said and dropped to a crouch beside me.



I looked at Beauty again, and a tear rolled down my cheek. The witches started laughing and I couldn’t bear it anymore.



“Beauty, you better wake up.” I cried, shaking her, but it was all in vain.



Even my powers were not working. Collins tried to stop the fire from coming near us, but it came with full force and I felt the intensity. My skin got burnt.



“I will die with you, love.” I said and closed my eyes.



The laughter from the witches was all I heard before I passed out.









I opened my eyes and saw those charming pair of eyes peering at me.



She jumped on and fell on me, and I laughed. So I didn’t die? Who rescued us?



I looked around and saw the Witches at a corner, staring at us with crumpled looks.



“W-what happened?” I stuttered and Beauty smiled. She was looking as pretty as ever, and I was also looking healthy.



All the scars had disappeared. Collins was standing behind me with his hands on his waist, smiling.



“She saved us. Bro, this girl is a super wifey.” Collins said and Beauty blushed, face palming.



I laughed and got up.



“We won’t spare them!” The First witch said and they charged at us.



At first, it was a bit tough, but not until Beauty invoked the Spirits of the beyond and the powers of the mountains. We defeated them, and destroyed them.



“Wohoo! Victory!” Collins screamed and started dancing.



“Beauty, I’m sorry for everything. We don’t need the throne anymore. We need to do the right thing. Just break the Spell and spare my father.” I told her, and she smiled.



“Let’s go home, first, lovers.” Collins said and I laughed and tweaked his ear.






She was yet to return, and we were getting worried.



“Did you say you didn’t find her?” Best asked and I glared at him.



“No, I found her. Look at her; she’s standing here with me.”I said in a sarcastic manner and Laurel laughed.




“It’s not a time for this. Let’s go and look for her.” She said and I sighed.




“Look for who?” We heard someone say, and turned to see Beauty, Williams, and Collins walking in.



“Beauty!” We called and ran to her, giving g her a hug. She laughed and wiggled free.



“You again..” I said and glared at Collins.


“Hey, chill, alright? I’m a changed man already.” He said and Beauty laughed.



“We will hear from the elders tomorrow. Everyone, go and get some rest.” Beauty said, and went upstairs with Williams.






Will and I went upstairs and he took me to his father. The old man was lying on the bed, looking pale and lifeless.



“See, B. Please..” He said but I placed my index finger on his lips, and cut him off.



“Shh. Don’t worry about him. I will take care of everything.” I said and he drew me closer and embraced me.



“I’m really tired. Shall we?” I said, pointing at the door and he nodded with a smile.



We went to his room and I slept off immediately my back touched the bed.





The rays on light from the window hit my eyes, and I stretched and sat up.



“Hey, my Princess is awake.” I heard Williams say and I smiled.



“Aw, you naughty boy.” I said and got off the bed. I went to him and wrapped my hands around his waist.



“You slept like a baby. Men! You slept for a long time, that I started having negative feelings.” He said and I laughed.



“Hey! Everyone is ready!! What are you two still doing in there?!” We heard someone yell and I laughed.



I dashed into the bathroom and did my thing, before coming out. Williams had already gone downstairs.



I got dressed in a pink ball gown and packed my hair after combing it, before going downstairs.



All eyes were on me, as I descended the stairs. Williams was gawking and I caught him. He quickly looked away, but it was late.



He came to me, and took my hands, kissing it. I blushed and looked at the others. Cutie and Collins were standing together, talking. Laurel were quarreling with Best – weird.



Nice, Rosa, Jenny and Carly were also dressed. Everyone was in the hall.



“Let’s go!” I said and we marched out.










“..And we have decided to hand the throne over to the rightful owners.” The eldest man said and everyone cheered.



I brought out the necklace of Doom and destroyed it in the presence of everyone and they all applauded.



“Tomorrow, Best will be crowned the new King. But he needs a Queen to stand beside him, and support him.” The eldest man said and Best smiled.



“I’ve found my Queen.” He said and everyone gasped.



Who is she?


Oh, she must be very pretty.


Gosh! I wish I was the one


Hey, I wonder who this lucky lady is.



“She’s no other than my pretty..” He paused and scanned the crowd, noticing their reactions.



“Laurel.” He said and everyone gasped. Laurel held her chest and smiled.



Tears of joy rolled down her cheek and he walked up to her and took her hands. He knelt on one knee and brought out a ring.



“Will you marry me?” He asked and she nodded.


“I will! I will!” She screamed and he slipped the ring into her finger.



“Hey, everyone. I will also love to choose my wonderful bride.” Williams and Collins said simultaneously and everyone laughed.



They walked up to Cutie and I and Cutie fainted. When she finally woke up, she saw everyone staring keenly at her.



“Wilk you marry me?” Williams and Collins asked, kneeling before us and I nodded in tears and he wore the beautiful ring on my finger.



Cutie also said yes. Everyone jubilated. I saw the Queen smiling. She walked up to me and apologized. So did all the other members of the former Royal household.









The palace was decorated beautifully. No one was sad. It was indeed a splendid day because three couples were becoming legally and officially married.



Everyone was busy. Soon, they all left for the weddings and enthronement ceremony.



The three brides were dressed together and were in the room when Beauty gasped and turned to them.



The necklace she wore was glittering.


“The wizard!” Cutie exclaimed and helped her take it off.



They placed it on the ground and it turned to the wizard.



“Aw, I missed a lot of things, didn’t I?” He said and they rushed to him and embraced him, except Laurel.



“Guess what..The goddess her self gave me new powers.” He said and they squealed and jumped up in excitement.







It was a garden wedding, but everyone was in attendance. The elderly judge was the priest of the wedding.



The three grooms were anxiously waiting to see their brides. After everyone had sat down, the instrumentalist played a slow and emotional song, and the three brides parted the flowers which decorated the place.



The wizard walked them down the isle and handed them over to their grooms.









“I now declare you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.” The priest said and the grooms unveiled their brides and kissed them passionately.



The main party began. Best was crowned King and Laurel became the Queen. The land was divided and Beauty and Williams were made King and Queen of the second land.



The wizard made a research and found out that Cutie was really their sister. It was awesome for everyone. Could it be any better?



The former kind recovered and Best gave him and his family a new home and life.



Paula met a young Prince from another land, and fell in love with him. It was awesome. Everyone lived happily.



It was a happy ever after.


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