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“Have you seen it? He doesn’t even love me one bit! How can he risk his life for that stupid girl’s safety, when I’m still alive, praying everyday for his recovery?” I said, in tears, and crossed my arms.


“Calm down, Laurel..” Witch Sukie said, and I scoffed.


“Calm down? I should calm down? Oh tell me you’re joking. How can I be calm when a worthless girl has taken him away?


“Am I not supposed to be the one to take care of him? Ok, let’s forget about that. What about what happened earlier? Did you guys not see when he pushed me?


“I’m tired! I’ve had enough of this! You can go and get the cursed necklace and destroy her, but I’m not a part of this plan, anymore!” I said, and wiped my face.


“Laurel, Laurel, calm down. Look, we can all fight against her together. We will get him back. But we need you. We need your help. You’re very strong..” Collins said, and I glared at him.


“Now I get it. So all these while, all what you wanted was to use me to achieve your goals? Ah! You guys want my powers, and after that, I will become useless to you?” I queried, shocked and they were all speechless.


“Laurel, you’ve said enough. If you want to go, do that fast. Or are you trying to make them promise you that Williams will marry you, or no one else?


“I see you’re interested in being the next Queen, but fighting Beauty is gonna be really hard.” Cutie said, and Best smirked.



“Oh shut up!” I yelled and struck her with two fingers. She dodged it, and opened her mouth.


White powder filled the hall, and everyone started coughing. She walked up to Paula and placed a hand on her chest, breaking the curse placed on her. Paula fell and passed out.


“We will come back for you. It’s not a threat, but a promise.” She said before leaving with Best.


Everything went back to normal, but the others were on the floor, gasping for air, except the witches.


“We have a lot of problems to solve, and surprisingly, it was all created by one, just one little girl.


“First, we need to get the crown Prince back. Then, we kill Beauty, heal him, and destroy the necklace.” Sukie said and I laughed.


“And you think they are easy? You are joking..” I said with an eye roll and she glared at me.


I choked, and couldn’t help it. I fell to the ground, and felt my airways being blocked. Jeez! I became scared. Was I going to die?


“You are still useful, girl. After getting the prince and killing Beauty, we will use you, and kill you too. You might betray us if we don’t do so.” One of the witches said, and Sukie looked away.


I coughed and felt relieved. But what she said replayed in my head and I gasped.


“Y-you guys are going to kill me?” I stuttered, and she smirked.


All of a sudden, I felt my legs and hands become chained. One of the Witches came to me and held me. We disappeared and appeared in a dark room.



“From now on, you’ll be staying here, till you’re needed.” She said, and locked the door. Jeez! So they are this evil? I’m In big trouble now.








He was severely wounded and it was all my fault. I shouldn’t have acted like I hated him that much. I should have fought for him and supported him instead.


We got to the only secret place I knew and I laid him on the grass. There was a green fabric and a blanket inside the brick house which Cutie and I had built sometime ago.


I took the green fabric, arranged it, and laid him on it, before covering him with the blanket.


“Williams, you saved me today. I don’t know what to do, but I will repay your kindness. I’m not sure I still love you, but I will try to repay you. Thank you.” I said, and a tear rolled down my cheek.


“B-beauty..Is that you?” He asked weakly and I smiled. Tears flowed freely down my cheek, and I took his hands. Thank goodness he is still awake.


“It’s me, Williams. I’m the one..Now, get up. Enough of this drama.” I said, and he chuckled, although it came out painfully.


“Beauty, don’t leave me. Stay with me. Don’t harm me, I’m not wicked. I’m just..


I’m sorry for trying to hurt you.


“I-it wasn’t my fault. I just couldn’t help it, seeing father in that condition. I’m so sorry..” He cried and I cried even more.


“I have a thousand reasons to hate you. Yeah. You’ve hurt me a lot, Will. To the extent that I even swore to kill you, but look at me, now. See what fate is doing to me.



“I always tried to see us as worlds apart, but i don’t know why I kept coming closer. It’s like our worlds are being merged. You can feel it too, right?” I asked and he nodded.


“Don’t leave me, now. I will do all I can to help you recover. Just, stay strong, ok?” I said and he nodded.


“Sing for me, B..” He said and my eyes lit with surprise.


“It has been a long while since I last sang, dear.” I said and he smiled.


He held his chest, and I felt his pain. It was a sharp throbbing pain.


“Are you feeling it?” He asked and I nodded, shocked tho.


“How did you do that?” I asked, and he smiled again.


“I’m not the one that did it. It is love, dear.” He said and held his chest again.


He tried not to scream, but I knew that it was getting worse.


“What do I do? You better don’t leave me, Will..” I said as more tears flowed.


“Beauty..Don’t forget that you..” He said, and closed his eyes.


“Are you alright? I will never forget. Just stay with me. Williams, I will go and check, maybe I will find something inside..” I said and went into the brick house.


I looked around. It was empty and I found nothing except a bench, another blanket, and a water can.


I went back outside and sat beside him. I touched his bleeding chest and closed my eyes. I felt a strong force cover the wounds and I smiled.


“Willams..” I called and opened my palm. Water dropped into it, and I sprinkled some on his face.


He did not move, and my heart beat rose.





__________ …………




Aw, why?


I feel like crying too





( War )




By: Authoress Divy



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