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Chapter 6


“Who’s there” I asked since the leaveshid his face, I took a step back ready to run, cause if he is a rapist or murderer he can easily do that to me and nobody will hear my scream since here is far.


“Just an idle observer” he said, I recognised the voice, my eyes widened, perhaps his here to kill me cause of the incident.


Eric, how come you’re here” I said and took a step back, he then jumped down still wearing his hoodie sweater.


“By nature I grave serenity, so imagine how easy it was to find here” he said looking around, he have his hand in his pocket, I looked at him, he seem fine, maybe the punishment was a lie.


“Its impossible, you never leave the class, and I discovered it by wandering around” I said, I still feel he followed me


“Look over there” he pointed behind me, it took me a while to look, I guess I don’t trust him, he might jump me as I look “that window you see at the third floor is our class” he said then it made sense. No wonder he always look outside, so he was monitoring here.


“I kept monitoring here” he said looking around “student never come here, only one student, I don’t know who, since I can’t make it her face from that distance” he said, he’s really observant. “But I know she only come during break or free period”



he said then looked at me and once again I saw his pitch black eyes and I felt drunk, I stepped back.


“I noticed just like me she wants to be alone, so in other not to crash, I decided to use here in the morning while she takes the afternoon” how considerate.


“But, once again my perfect day was ruin by you” he said. Not again, how can I save the situation.


“Am the girl” I said, probably to make my claim or just


“Figured” he said and I don’t know his emotion cause of the mask.


“Sorry I disturbed your day” I apologized looking down “I was just frustrated” I said


“Believe me Barbie, you have no idea what’s frustration is” he said and walked away.


“Barbie?!” I said and he stopped, I walked towards him and stood in front of him, just a feet away “name is Barbara” I said, I never liked people calling me barbie, I made sure to warn anybody that tries to.


“Don’t sweat it Barbie, lesson is about to start” he said and walked away, he left me in awe, I watched him as he walked, he is gentle in feet, like he can’t hurt an ant, he is tall.


“I forgot to ask about the punishment” I said and walked back to class, when I got in lesson have already started, I looked and saw him sitting down still looking out the window, I then moved my eyes to Kevin and saw the worry on his face, I felt bad for making him worry.


I apologized to the teacher and went to my sit, I kept thinking about this morning, not what Amina told me, but my conversations with Eric. I felt a rush while we talk like I don’t want it to end.


I willed myself not to look back to see him, when the bell for lunch ranged. I stood up and sluggishly arranged my book, I made sure everybody have left the class, I slowly walked to the door, making my every footstep loud, I don’t know why but I was disappointed when I went out the door and he didn’t call me.


I sadly went to the canteen, I saw Amina sitting beside Richie who is now back to his jovia self, Amanda is with Collins today with other delinquents.


“I thought you love being with Amanda” I heard Amina asked Richie as I got there “Yea she’s pack of fun, but enjoy being with you more, and she always remind me she’s older than me” Richie said


“Wait you date older women” Amina asked in one breath.


“Nop, Amanda is my cousin, wait are you jealous” Richie asked as his face lit up “How, why should I be” she said gathering her composure.


“Wow, it feels like pay day” Richie said and I smiled.


“Why did you ran off when you saw me” I heard Kevin asked, I swallowed and turned to him


“Emergency, had an upset stomach” I said, he then relaxed “How are you now” he asked


“Better” I said taking a sip from my juice.


“Good, I have something to tell you after dismissal” he said with his cute smile, it made me swoon


“Sure” I said like a lovestruck girl, he smiled and left. “Kevin is really lucky” Richie said, I turned to him “Why” Amina asked before me


“He punched Eric, the monster and he walks free” he took a deep breath “I still don’t know why” he finished


“Why call him monster, have you seen his face” I asked.


“Nop, he came to the camp before all of us, actually a 2years before us, he had his schooling there. They just decided last minute that he attend school with us” he said


“So even when he’s with you guys he never wear it off” I asked


“Yes, he’s hardly with us, he have his own side like he really committed something worst. Some of us believe he might really go to prison once he reach 18” he said with a shrug


“Are you guys not bothered” I asked


“Not really, at first we did, but with time we got use to it, besides when Gabriel tried to take it off, he beat both him and Michael, with Collins” he smiled like he remembered it “that’s the day we came to respect him and took him as the boss. And the mask made him a puzzle” he said.


I wanted to ask more, like his surname, is he always quiet, do people visit them, have he received any, but the bell ranged. I bolted to the class, I looked at him the moment I came in, he raised his head and looked at me. I felt happy, its as if he sees me, it lasted for a second, he just looked away like I was nothing, just a breeze that blew pass. I don’t know what to expect, but this reaction pained me, its more frustrating that I don’t know why.





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