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My first true love


Chapter 6


Sometimes the ones we love hurt us, sometimes they can stab us on our backs leaving a deep wound that sometimes is hard to seal back.


My love story stated when I was only 10-years-old with an unexpected little boy that came into my life unexpectedly. His name was Alexander, a vampire and my first true love.


“Jane…are you there?” I turned around and saw my mom standing by the door, wearing her usual Chanel dress and big diamond earrings. “Yeah?”


“I’ve been calling you for a few minutes now, are you okay?” she asked and to be honest, I didn’t know if I was really ok.


“Yeah mom, I was just working on my homework”


“OK, Marisa is here, she is downstairs in the kitchen, should I tell her to come up or do you want to come down?”


“No, tell her to come please” she nodded and left, not before giving me a second look.


I hate feeling this way; it makes me sad not knowing what my feelings really are.


“Hey” I turned around and saw Marisa carrying a big purple bag…


“Hi…what’s in there?” I asked pointing at her bag.


“Oh, this…well, I sort of have an outfit picked out for you already and make-up,






“For your date, what else? You do know you have a date tonight right?”


“Oh, right”


“Jane, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing, it’s just that I’m not feeling very well”


“Why? Are you sick?”


“No, I’m fine…I’m just….it’s nothing, so let’s see what you have in there” she gave


me a look, but nodded.


We’d spend hours looking at all kinds of dresses that she’d brought and shoes, at the end, I was exhausted.


“Ok, we have one hour to get you ready” she said sounding very excited to get me in the dress we’d both picked for my date with Jack. “Ok”


I decided to take a shower first, while Marisa went to the kitchen to grab a few snacks.


When I came out, she was sitting on my bed with a huge bowl of popcorn in front of her and the TV was on.


“Oh, hi…are you ready? We only have 40mins left”..


“Yeah, I’m ready” She clapped excitedly running back to get the outfit.


After I changed, she started applying make-up on me.


“Oh, I like this…you look AWESOME!”


I laughed at her expression. “Yeah, but I look like I’m going to a wedding, not a date”


“Please, this is awesome for a date. Jack is going to die when he sees you” she said. “I hope not, I actually want to have a good date” We laughed and I finished getting ready for my date.


By 6:58pm I was ready, waiting anxiously for Jack to arrive.


“Are you going to stand by the door all day?” Marisa asked holding an ice cream


bowl in her hand.


“He’s almost here”


“I know that’s why…sit” I nodded and sat right next to the door. Marisa shakes her


head and laughed.


Ding Dong


The doorbell.


“I’ll get it” she said opening the door.


“Hi…Marisa right? Is Jane around?” I heard a very nervous Jack said. It made me smiled when I heard his voice and it definitely made me feel better knowing that I wasn’t the only one that was nervous.


“Hi Jack, come in, Jane is right here” Jack enter the room and he blushed as soon as he saw me.


“Hi” he said holding a red camellia in his hand.



It reminded me on the book that I just finished reading not that long ago. “The Meaning of Flowers” and a camellia means “You’re a Flame in My Heart”. I blushed as soon as I remember the meaning of the flower. “Hi”


“Oh, this is for you” he said, handing me the flower.


“It’s beautiful, thank you” I turned to see Marisa holding a tissue below her eye, like if she was crying.


“We better go now” I said grabbing Jack’s hand and heading towards the door. “I’ll leave as soon as I get all my stuff packed up” Marisa said, she winked at me, in other words, I’ll be here so you can give me all the details later. I nodded and headed outside with Jack.


“So, ready to go now?” I asked.


“Yeah…oh and you look beautiful” he said smiling at me.


“Thanks” I smiled not letting go of his expression.


I looked at the other side of the street and there was a black car parked not so far from my house.


I immediately felt an impulse to go there; it was just a very strange feeling. There was also a man in black driving the car wearing black shades.. “Jane?”




“Oh, you spaced out for a minute, are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m fine, let’s go”


He nodded and opened the door for me to get inside his car.


There was something about the car, that I couldn’t quiet figure it out. “Jane, are you sure you’re okay?” Jack asked as soon as he inside the car. “Yeah, I’m fine, it was just this weird there was this car parked not so far away from my house…I just found it odd, but I’m sure it’s nothing” “Okay, then let’s go” He said, sounding not so sure.


He drove us to a near by theater, it was near the lake; where he first kissed me. It made me happy knowing that I could possibly be happy after all.


“Let’s go” he said, grabbing me hand and guiding me towards the entrance.


“So, what do you want to see?” I asked, looking at the list of movies that were on right now.


“I…I don’t know, what do you want to see?”


I laughed. “I’m not too sure; we can see The Social Network or Saw 3D?” “No, let’s go see Saw 3D” he said heading to the ticket counter. “Ok” After we got out tickets, Jack went to get us some snacks.



The movie started and the lights went off. Everything was dark, except for the screen. In about 30mins into the movie, I was hugging Jack with all my might, it was just so scary. I thought that it wasn’t going to be that scary, since I like scary movies, but I wasn’t expecting this.


I heard Jack giggled, but every time I tried to pull back, he would hug me more, making the embrace stronger.


After the movie ended, I was shaking. “Was that really scary?” Jack asked, as soon as we were out the theater.


“Not really” He laughed and shakes his head.


“Ok, maybe a little” I said giving him a smile.


“Right. Ok, do you want to go out to dinner?” he asked not quite meeting my eyes.


“Sure” he looked up and smiled.


We were about to get in the car, when I saw the same exact car parked on the other side of the street.


I grasped the door firmly as soon as I saw the car. I felt the exact same feeling that


I felt when I saw it in front of my house.


Something was wrong.


“Hey, what’s wrong?” I turned around and saw Jack staring at my face and suddenly averted my gaze towards the car.


“That’s the car that was parked in front of my house”


“What car?” he questioned. I turned to see him and he had a questioning look on his face.


“The car, the one that was in front of my house, see right there” I turned around


and saw nothing.


No car.


Where could it possibly had gone, I just saw it.


“Jane, do you just want to go home. I’m not sure you’re feeling better, maybe we can go out next time?”


I turned around and saw him staring at me, giving me a concerned look. I didn’t want to go, but there was something in me that was keeping my attention away from Jack.


“I’m just not feeling well, I’m sorry”


“It’s okay, don’t worry about” he said, giving me a reassurance look. “Ok, thank you”


He nodded and took me home. When we got to my house, the lights were still on in my room. Marisa must be watching TV or reading her favorite fashion magazines. “I had a nice time” I heard Jack said.


“Me too, thank you”


“Jane, I know that things have been going pretty quickly, but I really want us to be


together, like…”


“Like what?”


“You know…hold hands when we’re in school, or call eachother…go out” his face was bright red when he was done talking.


“Yeah, me too, I mean we can start tomorrow…how about that?”


“Sure” he said smiling. But as soon as I was getting ready to open the door, he kissed me, like really kissed me.


It was amazing, it made me feel safe, but I felt that I was doing something wrong. “I’ll see you tomorrow”


“Yeah, bye” I said, opening the door to my house.


I closed it and I immediately bumped into Marisa.


“Tell me everything, don’t leave one single thing out” she said, grabbing my hand


rushing us to my room.




After I got ready to go to bed, I told Marisa what had happened, except the whole incident with the car.


“That was nice, are you guys going to go to out again?”


“Yeah, we’re actually going to start doing the whole “boyfriend and girlfriend thing” tomorrow.”


“Oh, the whole holding hand thing”




“Cool, I’m going to stay here for tonight, I already called my mom”




I turned the lights off and she immediately went to sleep…






“Jane is that you?” I turned around and saw a shadow running in towards the woods.


I followed the voice, but I couldn’t quite recognize it, it made me feel like home.


I looked at my surroundings and saw more trees, dark trees.


“Where am I?” I whispered.


“Jane” I heard the voice again, this time, it was soft and gentle.


“Who are you?”


“Don’t you remember me?”




“I used to play with you in the lake, remember me now?”


The lake, this couldn’t be possible, the only one that I had played with at the lake


aside from Marisa was…






“That’s right, I knew you’d remember”


“Where are you?”


“Not far Jane, I’m nearer than you think”


I kept turning around, but I couldn’t see anything, there were just trees all around, I looked up and saw the moon, the bright moon, and my only light. “Jane”


“Where are you? What can’t I see you?”


“You are not ready to see me, at least not yet”


My mind was going around and around. There was something about his voice that


told me that he was here with me.


“Why did you leave me like that?”


“I couldn’t tell you more about me, I left for a reason, but I can’t leave without you anymore”


“Alexander please, come back to me…I…lo” I was cut off by a horrible noise. It looked like it was right next to me.


I turned around and saw mist, lots of mist.


“Jane, you have to run, be careful on what you see…I’ll be near… I promise” That’s when I ran. I ran for my life, I was loosing conscious, I was loosing air. There was nothing after that only darkness.




I woke up breathing hard; there was sweat all over my face and hands. I looked around and I was back in my room.


I couldn’t control myself, I started crying to myself.




He was back, I can feel it.


My knight, my love was back, but how?


If Alexander was back then what about Jack? And the mist?


I went back to sleep with only one thought left.


What’s going to happen next?..


So guys u know jack isn’t Alex…

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