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My first true love


Chapter 4


What did I really feel for Alexander? I mean, he left me without saying anything. Love is just complicated. Now that Jack is around, I feel that my life has turned upside down; I don’t really know what my feelings are anymore. Did I really like Jack or I’m using him to full fill the whole in my heart?


Jack’s lips felt soft against mines, the feeling that he give me was magical, I feel protected when I’m near him, sounds weird since I just met him, but it’s like love at first sight, but in this case its not love what I feel, but I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll fall for him on the long run.


He pulled away slightly, trying not to ruin the moment. “Jane” he whispered. “Yes?”


“Would you be my girlfriend?” he asked. I was a little shocked, since I just met him, but then again, I kissed him and I just met him.


To be honest, I didn’t know what to say, should I or not be his girlfriend?


We stood there in completely silence, the only thing I could hear was our breathing and my heart pounding faster and faster by the minute.


“Jane…it’s ok if you want to wait, I’ll understand” he said holding my face gently. Would he really wait?


“No….I mean, yes I want to be your girlfriend” I said, not sure whether to take that


back or not, but seeing Jack’s face, made me change my decision, maybe I could give myself a second chance.


He smiled and kissed me again, this time, with such a passion that was leaving me breathless.


I giggled when he pulled away blushing. “What’s so funny?” he asked looking away.


I laughed. “Nothing, you just look cute when you blush”


He turned around and I saw a smirk on his face. Great.


“Oh, really?” he said in a playful way, he got closer and started tickling me.


“Hey…..that…..tickles” I said not being able to stop laughing.


He stopped and we both stood there, just looking at eachother, I knew that once I saw his face, my heart was going to break since I had to tell him about Alexander. But I didn’t want to, at least not now anyway. “Jack?”




“I….I have to tell you something”


“What is it?” he asked, looking concerned.


“I….I’ve never had a boyfriend before, so I don’t know how things work” I said


blushing. I could feel my face starting to burn.


“Jane, its okay….we can go on more dates so we can get to know more about


eachother” he said, giving me a warm smile.


I nodded. “But I also need to tell my friends” I said, just imagening what Marisa and Wendy are going to say.


They’ll probably not talk to me anymore.


“Yeah, don’t worry about it everything is going to be fine”


We chat for a while, just talking about what we liked and whatnot, that was until I asked him to drive me back home, since Marisa was going to spend the night at my house today.


“Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow” I said, not really sure what else to do, I opened the door, when I felt his hand pulling my arm towards him. “I’ll miss you” he said before giving me a kiss.


“Me too” I told him once we pulled away.


I got out of the car and started to walk towards my house.


“Jane is that you?” my mom called from the kitchen.


“Yeah, I’m gonna go change since Marisa is coming over tonight”




I walked to my room to get ready, I didn’t realle felt like doing my homework, so I just changed and got ready.


At exactly seven o’clock Marisa showed up in my room carrying two bag of popcorn, two large sodas and lots of candy.


I laughed when I saw her trying to put everything on the table.


“A little help here would be nice” she said, struggling to keep her balance.


I got up form the bed and helped her put everything on the table.


“So, what movie do you want to watch?” she asked.


“I don’t know…..Stay Alive?”




“Yeah, you know that’s my favorite movie”


“Yeah..yeah, fine but we’ll watch my favorite movie next time” I nodded and we started watching the movie.


After the movie finished, we started to get ready to go to bed.


“Marisa…there is something I need to tell you”


“Yeah, wha is it?”


“I…..I saw Jack today….we talked and he invited me to lunch. I accepted and we


went to her family’s restaurant…..then we went to the lake and he…..he”


“He, what Jane?”


“He….asked me to be his girlfriend”


I looked at her and her face was burning red.


“And what did you say?”




“YOU WHAT?!?”…


Marisa sef ehn








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