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My first true love


Chapter 25


Joy exploded through my body, excitement washed all over me. I saw Alexander’s eyes and saw honesty and love.


How could I ever refuse him?


The ring itself was magnificent, and I’m glad he remembered that purple is my favorite color.


I’ve been waiting for a moment like this for a long time now and now that he is here at my side with such a beautiful ring, I know now that we’re going to be together forever.


“Of course Alexander, I’d love to” his face light up and smiled, placing the ring on my ring finger.


He stood up and gave me a kiss. For a moment I was able to feel what he was feeling, the passion that he has was greater than anything else.


I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him closer as he wrapped his arms around my waist.


This was such a romantic moment, I felt my legs give up their strength; thankfully Alexander was here to hold me tight.


“I love you” he whispered over my lips.


“As I love you” he smiled and pulled away slightly.


“Now…what is it that you want to know about me” he looked serious, but there was still happiness in showing in his eyes.


“I want to know everything about you…you just told me half, but I want to know more” I said with determination.


“Very well, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know” he said walking us back to the bed.


I stopped. “What you doing?” I asked confused.


He chuckled. “I’m afraid it’s going to take us the whole night, maybe we should at least get comfortable” he said smirking.


I blushed. “Ok” I walked up to the bed and we both got in.


I turned around to face him and took a deep breath.


“Ok…I do have a lot of questions…are you happen to be related to the royal family or what?”


He laughed. “You could say so, the King and Queen of the vampires are very close to my family; they live in Romania and the Prince as well. He and I are very good friends and because of the clan that I belong to, it is necessary for us to mingle with the Royal family”


Now that I think about it, it would be nice to be like him and be able to meet royalty.


Butterflies started roaming my stomach, I felt nervous and happy at the same time. “That would be nice, I bet you see a lot more pretty girls in Romania” I blushed and looked away.


“Yeah…they are pretty” he teased laughing. “But I prefer to be with you, than any of those girls” I looked at him and smiled as he took my hand in his.


“What about your parents, where are they?” he mood changed from happy to sad.


“What is it Alexander?” I touched his shoulder. He pulled me into a hug. “When we arrived to here, they left to hunt…I stayed, but the last message I received from them was to let me know that they went back to the Netherlands…they wanted to go back home so they went back. I tried to persuade them to stay here a bit longer to keep them safe, but they wouldn’t listen…I don’t know if they’re okay or not”


“Oh Alexander, don’t worry about it. Everything is going to be fine” I gave him a squeeze and leaned on his chest.


“What about the mist?”


He stiffened. “What about it?”


“Were the hunters doing this?”


“Yes…I’m afraid they are using other vampire’s powers to their advantage. You see we have powers, all sorts of powers. Some of us can turn into animals, or turn into any element; water, fire, earth and air. I’m guessing one of the hunters has capture a vampire and using his or her powers”


A sudden chill went all over my body. I wonder what kind of power he has.


“What are your powers?” I asked moving my face so that I can see him.


He smiled. “I can do a lot of things, I can make things appear, teleport to different places and I can also turn into an eagle”


An eagle was certainly much better than a bat, that’s for sure.



“Wow…what kinds of things can you make appear?” He shifted a little, trying not to break his embrace, he turned to see me.


A different light appeared on his face, at that moment I saw happiness and so much


devotion in his




It was as if he was finally letting me be part of his world, the world that he has kept from me all this years.


“Think of something you like” he argued a little bit overexcited.


I laughed.


Let me think…what do I like?






Chocolates? Oh, I know!


“I want chocolate cake” He started to laugh so hard, I rolled my eyes and pushed him away playfully.


He composed himself and tried so hard not to laugh again. He nodded and within seconds a small chocolate cake in a shape of a heart appeared right before my eyes with the words “ I love you” on it.


I was out of words, Alexander was such a romantic guy, and he just left me speechless.


“Do you like it?” he asked.


I didn’t answer for a second; tears were streaming from my eyes..


“Oh, Jane…I can change it if you want, but please don’t cry” he said sounding paranoid.


“Oh no, please. It’s just beautiful Alexander…I love you, you know that right?” he looked relieved and nodded.


I placed the cake on the night stand gently and turned to face him.


I lean forward and brought my mouth to his lips kissing him tenderly and passionately. I brought my arms up and wrapped them around his neck tangling my hands into his hair trying to get him closer to me.


He made a small moaning sound in the back of his throat that made my body start to tingle. He pulled away, only to kiss alone my jaw line and down my neck making me moan this time, then he made his way back to my mouth again, I kissed him hungrily as if I could somehow devour his soul.


He leaned me back supporting his body so that he wouldn’t crush me. As I lay there kissing him, millions of things went through my mind, not only was I madly



in love with a vampire, but I was also started to forget everything that could possibly remain me of my human life.


I did miss my friends, but I felt sorry for Jack.


I just hope he is fine and finds someone perfect for him.


But tonight there was no way in the world that I was going ruin this perfect


moment with Alexander.


My first true love.


I felt his hand snake up my leg to rest on my hip before gently slipping under my top to trace his fingers across my stomach and sides. My whole body was tingling with desire from him.


The mood in the room changed, it got hotter as we kissed. He kept kissing my neck while I gently trace his back with my finger tips, I felt his shrugged and his kisses got hotter.


I wanted him, but there was something on the back of my mind telling me that it wasn’t such a good idea right now.


I mean Derek could be down the hall, probably listening to us.


Oh God, what if he listening!


I tensed up and felt Alexander stopped kissing me. “Is something wrong?” he asked.


I blushed and hid my face with my hands. He chuckled. “What is it Jane?” “Derek” I whispered to him. “What about him?”


“He might be listening to us” I said quietly. He shocked his head and places his forehead on top of mine.


“He is not here, he left to give us some privacy” That made me blush even more, I bet my face was bright red now.


I then realized what we were about to do.


This is embarrassing.


“Jane, we don’t have to do anything tonight. I want this to be special for both of us” he said and pulled away from me.


He leaned back on the bed and stare at the ceiling.




God! Why can’t I talk straight!


I’m probably blushing so much….my head is going to explode.


“Don’t worry about it okay? I love you and we’ll do this when we’re both ready” I turned and buried my face in his chest and nodded.



I then realized how lucky I was to have him with me now; it didn’t matter if we did this right now or later.


I was happy with him and no matter what happens later I know that we are going to be together forever.


“Would you ever consider turning me into a vampire?” I whispered to him…








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