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My first true love


Chapter 16


Over the past two days, I’ve been lost in thought; there was something in me that wasn’t sure what step to take next. It’s now Monday, the trip to California has finally arrived.


“Jane, are you okay?” Marisa asked while packing her last things into her luggage. I nodded and started to put on my shoes. “I’m fine, I’m just thinking” “Alexander again?”


“Yeah, he still haunting my thoughts…I wish things could be much easier, I wonder what other people would do in my situation”


“Jane, you need to forget Alexander and have fun and live your life to the


fullest…Jack will make a good boyfriend, and you never know…he might propose you one day and you guys will live happily ever after…all you need to do is forget about Alexander and move on”


She was right, I needed to move on and do things that I wouldn’t otherwise do. Maybe this was the time to do something drastic, something that will make me feel alive.


My thoughts started to drift off again, this time I started thinking on the things that I could possibly do.


“Marisa, how would you like to go to the mall today?” I looked up at her and saw a very confused look on her face.


“What for?” she asked coming to sit next to me.


“I need a change, I need a whole new makeover” I said with determination.


“Of course” she said with a grin on her face. This is definitely going to be a whole new experience.





When we got to the mall, we immediately headed towards the beauty salon. I told Marisa on the way here that I was going to change everything, my hair style and color, wardrobe and get some make-up kits.


I know this is a drastic change, but if I’m going to move on, I would have to change the old me into something much more exiting and beautiful.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Marisa asked, the hair dresser was about to dye my hair strawberry red, which scared me a bit, but I knew I was going to look much better…


“Yeah, I’m sure” I replied.


The hairstylist nodded and started to dye my hair, I looked to my right to see Marisa watching everything single thing that was done to my hair.


After what seemed like an eternity, the hairstylist was done. I looked back at Marisa and heard her gasped as soon as she saw me.


“Do I look bad?” I hesitantly asked. I asked for a mirror and what I saw in front of me, did look like me,


the face that I was looking at was different and beautiful. My features stood out now, I looked different.


“You look amazing Jane, this is definitely going to shock everyone, wait until Jack sees you…he is going to flipped” she said smiling.


I blushed at the thought, what would Jack think of me once he sees me and my


dramatic change?


Would he still like me?


I started getting nervous, Marisa must have seen me, because she rushed to my side immediately. “Hey, you look amazing, and Jack is going to like your new look” she reassure me.


I nodded and we both decided to go shopping now, we only had two more hours to spear before everyone start to arrive to my house.


We first went to Burberry, one of my favorite stores then Juicy Couture, just to add a little sparkle to my new look.


“So, should we go to MAC, I think we still have time” Marisa asked, with a poppy look on her face; you see MAC is her favorite store, she always shops there, 24/7 I might add.


“Ok” I said laughing at her as soon as she rushed to the store like a little kid going to a candy store.


She turned her head and glared at me for a moment, but then she smiled and went inside.



We spent an hour in the store, looking at different color pallets and brushes…etc. It was a lot to take in, but I managed to keep up and got myself a make-up kit and few other things.


At five o’clock, we exit the mall carrying tons of bags with us, Marisa didn’t seem to care, and she gave me a disapproval stare as soon as I told her that we needed to leave.


Once we got home, I went upstairs to my room to take a bath, while Marisa took hers in another room.


As soon as I finished taking a shower, I got out and got dressed into a purple dress and black flats. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a new Jane starting back at me, her looks were different from the old Jane. I didn’t even recognize myself at first, but then I figured that maybe it was part of the change, it was going to take me a few days to get used to my new look.


I heard Marisa cough, I turned around and she smiled at me. “You look great, see I told you how good you would look in a dress, but you never believed me” she said. “I know, but I was different before, now I’m a new person, maybe not from the inside, but I’m definitely different from the outside” she got ready as fast as she could, while I applied make-up on my face.


“Jane, your friends just arrived” my mom said, but stopped as soon as she saw me.


“Jane, what happened to you?” she asked, surprised to see me….well, different.


“I got a new make over?”


“I can see that” she looked at me and a smile from on her lips. “You look beautiful Jane”


“Thanks mom” I said giving her a hug.


“Ok, I’ll let you two finish, your friends are going to be in the living room” she said before exiting the room.


“I’m going down to see them” Marisa said. “You can finish getting ready, and then come down”


I nodded and started to comb my hair.


After a few minutes, I was ready to go, I grabbed my jacket and walked down to the living room.


As I descended the stair I saw Jack in the foyer starting at my childhood pictures that were hang on the wall.


He turned around and gasped, his eyes never left my face, he looked shocked and amazed.


“Jane” was all he said coming more as whispered.



“Jack” he walked towards me and I immediately started blushing, my body started to heat up, like it always did whenever he was around.


As soon as we were close, he come into a stop, his face was so close to mine, I could feel his sweet breath on my lips. I found my thoughts drifting back to Alexander, but I immediately let it all go and focused on Jack. I looked down at my hands, feeling shy. I felt his fingertips lightly tilt my face upward sending chills up my spine, his face was so close to mine.


“You look so beautiful when you blush” he whispered before placing a gentle kiss on my lips. His kissed sent wave after wave of sensation through my entire body. I smiled and kissed him again. He gladly responded, but was rudely interrupted by Marisa who had to ruined the moment.


“Are you lovely birds done, we have a plane to catch” she said with a smirk on her face.


I pulled away from Jack, just to see my other friends gasped as soon as they saw me in full view.


“Jane, is that really you?” Joe asked.


I guess this new look is going to get some getting used to…






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