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chapter 10





So I was trapped in a room with five horny bitches.


How am I gonna excape em now.


“So you guy with the beast huh! ” a black hair girl said scanning me with her eyes.


I didn’t say a thing I was just looking at the goddesses in front of me.


“Let’s strip him naked”the blond hair girl from earlier said.


I gulp down nothing in particular.


My clothes were removed as I was being tied up in a chair.


Oh lord please save your son this mess” I said in my mind.


“We’re gonna tease you till you beg for mercy ” a red said coming towards where I was tied.


They started finger f***king each other and moaning like crazy women.


I groaned as I felt my d *k become hard…


“Lol we have not started yet and he is already hard, wait till we get to the fun part. After that finger section. They grouped their selves in front of me and eating on their cunt.


Gush this is more than torture.


Am tied up in a room with five horny bitches and I can’t do a thing.


The black hair girl knelt in between my legs face to face with my erection..


Before I could say duck, my d*k was already inside her warm mouth.


I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sweetness of what she was doing to me.


After deep throat sucking my d***k she step aside for another bitch which is the blondie,, she knelt down, and took my beast in between her b***bs and f****king my beast with it.


I groaned quietly in pleasure. They should untie me let me teach them a lesson. I hissed in wardly


She brought my beast to her mouth and started sucking and squeezing my balls, the feeling was good, they must the experts in rapping a guy


The red haired girl brought her nice looking b***bs to my mouth. Uhmm yummy,


I sucked each one of them since my hands are handcuffs.


They kept sucking my d**k turn by turn,.


The blondie whose name I got to know is rose, sat on my d**k and started rocking back and forth as she moaned out in ecstacy.


The dark haired girl who is Tilda by name crashed her lips on mine biting my bottom lip on several interval, the kiss was fierce and aggressive, won’t lie I enjoyed it.


My beast was hard as rock ready for action.


“Girls lets untie him that’s if he is gonna f*ck us all” the eldest of them all whose name is jenny said.




To cut the long story short I had to f**k em all. By time I was done I became very


weary had to leave without James.




Got to my apartment around 3:00am in the morning, I fell on the couch and dozed off,.





Why do I feel bad this much??


What davis was the absolute truth, I can’t keep pushing him away when I know I wanted him badly…


Lately have come to realize how much have loved him.. Yes am in love with him but sadly he doesn’t feel the same way.


Made up my mind to call and apologize for treating him like some trash…


Tried his number like forever but he wasn’t picking I became worried.


Should I just check up on him??


Ion want him to start having negative thoughts tho..


I took my car keys and my designer purse before walking towards my sport car


before zooming off two davis’s flat






In no time I was at his doorstep I knocked but got no response. I decided to help my self in, he wasnt in the living room I looked towards the stairs contemplating whether to go upstairs or not. But there is no harm in trying,


I got to his room and knocked, I had a faint voice inside telling me to come in,


I opened the room behold every where was messy, clothes every where, I glance towards the bed. There he was lying down looking pale and weary.





my crazy but erotic romance



Written by munay berry



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