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My boss wants me

( He’s a s£x freak )

By Authoress Simrah


Episode 1 (i)


Jeannie’s POV


I walk hastily to the last floor to get the file before that ass of a boss comes in to his office. I need to drop it as quick as possible to leave there, I don’t just wanna see him and neither do I want any of his troubles.


I searched for it and as if nemesis wanted catching up with me , I mean I couldn’t find the damn file on time and I’m very sure the boss will be in his office already




Ah! Finally!


I sigh as I saw the file , I took it and used the elevator to the second floor..


Good morning sir here is the file you asked me to bring it for you first thing this morning” I said while he raised his head staring at me lustfully.


I dropped the file quickly as I saw him stood up and I left for the door but he was quick enough and held my wrist ..


You think you can run away the forever ? Why are you being so hard for me to f**k and give you the pleasure in that’s in s£x ?” He asked and licked his lips while I struggled to get out of his grip ..


Can’t you just let me be sir , I’m not those girls you f**k like you said and I will never be one ” I spat.


Really? For the past three years, you have been able to work here and refused to follow my s£x others , who did you think you are ?” He said and held me by the waist while my boobs collapse with his hard chest .



I’m here to work as your assistant not a s£x slave ” I informed rolling my eyes


And that includes satisfying me in bed too ” he sad flirtatiously as I glared at him disgustingly..


Oh that! You will never , I mean never ever get to see my panties talk more of f**king me which will never happen. Not even in your dreams ” I said and pushed him to the floor . He might be my boss but I ain’t afraid of him , not while I still work here .


I’m Xavier Cooper , the only one that made it at a younger age . No one has ever rejected me and you think I will let you go? I will have you. It’s a promise Ms Jeannie I will f**k you sooner than you think ” he yelled and stood up from the floor while I left








My boss wants me



(He’s a s£x freak)


Episode 1 (ii)



By Authoress Simrah


Jeannie’s POV


Tired I closed the laptop and rested my head on the table, I can’t kill myself because of some office work at least my health first .

I need to sleep for some minutes before I continue editing this file .






I heard a loud bang on my desk and I jolted from my sleep.



What the hell ” I shouted and raised my head to see Mr Xavier smirking at me while I sighed


“Are you here to sleep or work ?” He asked


I’m sorry sir I slept off” I replied


Anyways I need the documents in my office immediately I don’t know how you are gonna do it , just 2minutes else remember there is always a consequence” he said and left my office .


I know the consequence is always creepy but how did he expect me to be through with the editing before even printing them out huh ?


. .


I was done after good ten minutes .


I headed to his office to drop the document.


This is not the exact time I asked you to bring the files Ms Jeannie ” he said while I mop at him


You don’t expect me to finish that in just two minutes you gave me ” I replied and dropped the file …


Well like I said earlier there will be a consequence” he said licking his lips as I told my arms staring at him ..


What consequence sir , I think I already gave you the document?” I said and rolled my eyes.


This man here is too problematic like he derives joy in frustrating me in this company


You don’t dare question my order Ms Jeannie I’m the boss here ” he said authoritatively.


I’m sorry sir ” I said through gritted teeth. He’s too bossy gosh!


Now your punishment is to give me a massage” he said while I glared at him..



I’m sorry sir I’m not some kind of call girl but I can get you one ” I replied


I don’t want any but you come now or you loose a year salary and trust me when I say that ” he said. Sighing, I went to him standing in his front ..


Are you going to stand there and look at me? Come sit in the desk here and massage my chest and abs ” he commanded.


I sat there and watched him take off his shirt . I must say he’s well built. His broad chest is really attractive but I won’t let him know that..


I brought my hand and began caressing his chest slowly while he closed his eyes in pleasure. I mean what kinda boss is he ?


He opened his eyes and stared at me while I looked away . I’m just doing this for my salary.


I was so lost in thought that I didn’t noticed he was rubbing my thigh …


What’s wrong with him ? I jerked off his hand and stood up on my feet..


What nonsense sir ” I said and arranged my skirt ..


He stood up and pinned me to his desk smacking my butts …


Why can’t you let me have you just once” he said and traced his hand into my shirt fondling my br**st as I tried very hard not to let a moan escape my lips but couldn’t help it …


Please let go off me ” I said faintly..


Not now pretty ” he replied kissing me neck down to my abdomen..


I can’t let this happen if I can survive it for three years now ..


I need to do something so he could let go off me ..


I will have you Ms Jeannie either willingly or not ” he said and left me .. while I ran outta the office breathing heavily.


Maybe I should just resign already. I don’t think I can continue this anymore. I think I’m falling for his charm which is not a good news to me .


I can’t let him have me and count among the numerous girls he have bedded . Not happening.. never .. I need to write my resignation letter as soon as possible.

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