Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Written By authress SIMRAH

My boss wants me

(He’s a s£x freak )


Jeannie’s POV


Let go off me pervert” I said as he pushed me to the bed fanning my face with his breath


I want you Jay and I must have you today ” he said and smack my butts and began kissing me and using his hand to fondle my br**st .. it’s gonna be hard as I can’t push him off me .


He grabbed hold of my panties and shifted it a little before putting his two fingers into me while I gasped …


Nooo! This is not happening.


Meet Jeannette Ford a working class single lady at Rivers Industries and her boss happened to be a s£x maniac who sleeps with every lady in the company except her who is playing hard to get .


She vowed never to be bedded by her boss till when she wishes to resign. Will she be able to stay till her will?


Will she give in and let her boss f**k her at the end ?

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