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That evening i sat with Joe, the head of the staff who also stays at the staff quarters,


he is one of my close friends there i told him about what was going on and he said i shouldn’t worry that Victor maybe difficult to please but he wasn’t stupid , he knows the kind of friends he has and won’t allow them to bother me, I believed Joe as i looked forward to waking up early and making jelof rice with garnished grilled chicken.






Today is the day, I don’t care what anybody has to say or think about me especially Kala, Victor or Kala’s friends, I escaped from him, and found a new life for myself, he’s only bitter because he couldn’t succeed in getting me to bed, that’s his own lost, because with God on my side i can scale a wall. I know he will want to get back at me any way he can but i wasn’t scared of him one bit,


I stood there like a waitress just as Victor has instructed me, the mini party turns out to be a large party, as friends who has being looking for a way to come to Victor’s house trip in like ants,



eating, drinking and even demanding for more food after the one i prepared with the help of Joe got finished, ladies were around too, some even came with their swimming wears, to swim at the pool,


I tried not to look at Kala who was surrounded by two ladies, he later beckoned on me, I pretend not to notice him, one of the staff tapped me and pointed at him, I sighed and went to answer him, he asked me to go and get food for one of the ladies who he claims hasn’t eaten, I told him politely that the food has finished but there’s drinks and meat, he asked me to get the meat, I left to do that.


I wish the madam of the house was around, she traveled since yesterday with her daughter Ujunwa, if she was around all this partying and noise everywhere, with almost naked ladies and guys at the pool doing rubbish wouldn’t have happened, Victor knows better and host his friends when his mom was away, I always feel safe and confident when she’s around, Victor also limit the way he treats everyone when she’s in the house,


now, I have no saviour, just Joe and others who kept helping me out when i need help.


As i left to get the things he requested, I noticed he stood up and followed me, I called Joe who was looking out for me to walk with me and he did, Kala hurried up to me as i entered inside, and ask Joe in an angry tone to step aside, Joe hesitated and moved away, he stood where i can always see him,


“you actually think you are smart… In your mind you were very smart by escaping from me right? Coming to work for my friend behind my back, without even a thank you for accommodating you.. And everything, You are an ungrateful fool, so you are working as a cook here…hmmm, who even thought you how to cook, which cattery school did you go or you lied to them that you are a caterer, look at you working for the wealthy and famous…a club girl like you…prostituting yourself at the club…you see…you are right here in the palm of my hand…i can go out there and tell Victor that you are my whore…and tell him all the lies i can think of and he will believe me, and you will be back to the street where you belong..scumbag like you…



I asked you politely to give me what i wanted…next time i won’t be polite i will take it by force…that will be your payment for the period i accommodated you and i will even lie that you stole my money… I called you severally and you were ignoring my calls, a whole Kala…


i knew i will see you soon, is just to initiate a friendly meeting here and i never stop disturbing Victor until he agrees and here we are… No hiding place for you…Tracy or whatever your name is, I heard you stole a huge amount from the club where you use to work and they sack you and your identity was revealed as a village mbeke feeling funki, your friend ejected you from the house and you ended at mine and wanted to outsmart me…i met your friends at the club and, the one they call Ada told me everything, your total history..


Is just for me to walk up to Victor and tell him all about you and you will be gone, is even better now that his mum and sister are not in the house so no one will save you… You will be gone by the time they return and you will end up in the street where i will do whatever i like with you…


“Kala, number one thing you need to know is that my name is Obianaujunwa and yes I’m a village girl feeling tush, very proud of it, number two thing, this one is very important, is that I’m not afraid of you…Your threats are empty to me…or it pained you that you didn’t succeed with me like you do with other girls…sorry oo…


I know how pained you are but if you can’t bear it anymore you can go and hug transformer…i don’t care, and take this message back to Ada and the rest, tell them to find any hard intertwined rope and hang their self and you can follow them and do the same…i don’t care…you are a loser Kala, and I’m not scared of you or anybody…idio…


Before i can complete my last insult he held me so tight with one hand, his nails was digging into my flesh, he raised the other hand to slap me but just as Joe who had being watching us from where he stood try to rushed to my aid, a strong voice came from the door and it was Victor,


Kala on hearing Victor’s voice lowered his hand to my face and pretended as if he was romantically picking pimples from my face still holding me so tight with the



other hand and pretending to be in a romantic conversation with me, he brought his face closer to mine and i pushed him off and try to take my wrist that was already on fire from his hard hands


“what’s going on….can some one explain what’s happening here…


“yes sir….i can explain…your friend is trying to hurt Uju….he was trying to attack




Joe said still looking at Kala who was smiling sheepishly….i shouted for him to let


go of my hand and he dogged even deeper and looked at me with those wicked eyes of his while still smiling…


“Kala, you heard her, let her go now… And you shouldn’t be here…you supposed to be outside Kala…


He quickly released me at Victor’s warning… And turn to face him, I tried to massage my hand he just released with my other hand as i rob it trying to suppress the pain,


“uuuhh….forgive my manners Victor, I have missed her so much and was just


asking her why she walk away without a goodbye after she proclaimed her love for me and promise never to leave me I was only heart broken that she could leave me shattered….nothing else….


What you saw was just a romantic gesture, just trying to hug her…it was only misinterpreted by the young man over there….sorry for crossing My




i will just leave now


“Kala, the show doesn’t look so romantic to me, whatever you want to settle with her should have waited until her off day, not now.”


I’m leaving now, I will probably see her on her off day…..please sweetie try and


call me during your off…..i have really missed you” Kisses”



He turned to me and said the last thing with a frown and blow me a kiss with his mouth, as he held to the door, i faced Victor who just stared at me for sometime, he tried to say something and quickly stopped, he looked at Joe before turning to leave, leaving me and Joe standing there,



I didn’t serve again as Joe decided to help me finish, I went straight to my room without a single scare of Kala the only person i worry about was Victor,


i still remember the way he looked at me I don’t know what that means for me but his looks makes me feel butterflies spark in my stomach,


I wish his mum and sister were around….i know he can’t do anything to me except


maybe scold me for not heeding to his warning…..


I’m just waiting as i tried to freshen up, I was seriously tired, biko let me rest, I will continue work tomorrow i know Joe will take care of things for me.
















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