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Friends(Episode 18)


Written By :Tumelo


[ 14 February]


Everybody around the school was loking awesome inside red&white outfit :p . Most of the niggars they just put on simple outfits like Converse All Stars, talking about Nicholas & his buddies. After break the was no time for attending class sessions , the Dj was playing with the volume. pupil entered the dance floor “ayoyo ayoyo” as they screem to the jam playing. Castro held both Dacia & Betty with hands walking around the school :p . Some of the guys those who learnt about the situation were whistling praises to Castro as he pass them. What you could notice was dog smile from Castro. Later on it broke Billy’s heart when he saw Castro shooting pics with both girls kissing him on the cheeks :* . Billy never hesitated to go home with teary eyes , nobody recognised that unlike myself the writer. Around 15th hour of the day Castro walked out of the school together with Dacia, They had some fun outside school yard. At that time Betty wa studying their movement. Upon Dacia walking home , there comes Pretty juicy Betty :p .


Betty: Ahh darling come here :* #kiss


Castro: :p Sweetheart


Betty: please, I said please.


Castro: 😮 oh oh!!


Betty: never forget to fetch me around 9pm to your place.


Castro: yhoo :p my Di*k experience more of blood flow now.


Betty: worry not doctor Lady B is there to eradicate the temporary illness :p (As he touches it)


Castro kept Betty waiting that night , & decided not to fetch her. Tomorrow at school Betty was angry at Castro >_< .


Castro: :/ Sorry im not feeling well.


Betty: what’s wrong?


Castro: I developed itchy Rush under my arm.


Betty: Sorry love, I can see you’re struggling.


Castro never enjoy himself being at school that day. Tomoro morning he just put on his school uniform head to Polokwane to visit Dematologist (Skin Doctor). The Doctor described Castro some medication that costs more than Castro could pay. So he called his dad to pay , so he did. It was around 12H15pm (Break time at the school) at that time ” fine see you home” as he send goodbyes to his Dad. Before Castro could get a lift home, he decided to call Nicholas.


Nicholas: helo


Castro: Puyol


Nicholas: Boss Where’re you?


Castro: PLK boss why? You sound somehow.


Nicholas: Billy is walking around with Dacia today. I doubt he told her about the




Castro: 😮 what?


Nicholas: Dacia came to me asking me you communicated whether you not coming to school or not.


Castro: damn boss im coming to school now now.


Upon entering the school yard , the 1st person to saw him was Dacia.


Dacia: Hello Castro.


Castro: hey.


Dacia: need to talk to you afterschool.


Castro: I won’t make it sorry.


Dacia: >_< don’t tell me nonsense. I’ll come to fetch you.


Castro: oh you sound strange why?


Dacia: Just be ready to walk me home after studyschool.


[ Afterschool]


Angry Dacia came and entered Castro’s classroom,


Betty: let’s go.


Castro: 😮 why?


Betty: what? Lets go , get you books lets leave.


Castro: I didn’t come with books.


Dacia: so we better get going.


Castro’s Classmate were making funny sounds some saying “Castro Castro Castro” 😀


[ On the way from school home ]


to be continued



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