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Chapter Thirty Four







AS soon as Dr Sujit had dropped Sharuna at school, he zoomed off



Sharuna quickly walked into the building and straight to her tutor’s office



“Good morning ma’am”, she greeted as soon as she entered



“Morning Sharuna, how are you?”, she smiled



“I’m fine ma’am. Please, I want to take permission to leave the premises, just for a few hours. I have something very urgent and important to attend to”, she pleaded, her two palms rubbing against each other



The woman looked at her



“No problem, you can go but make sure you get back as soon as possible ok?”



“Okay ma’am, thank you so much. I will be back before you know it”, and she hurriedly left the office



She was glad Priceley hadn’t come yet



She walked to the road and hailed down a cab, then she boarded



And straight to her mom’s boutique






Henrietta was dusting the clothes and placing them in their right places in the hangers and mannequins when a cab pulled up at the front of the boutique



She could see it clearly, because everywhere was enclosed with glass casing



Since Vida began working there, she had thought the best way to thank Henrietta for linking her to Dr Sujit, was to ask her to join in growing the boutique



And since then, they have been working and partnering together



Business was booming and flourishing



The glass door opened and Sharuna strode in



“Ohhhh! Look who we have here”, Henrietta shouted “Sharuna, how are you?”, she asked as they embraced



“I’m fine aunt Henrietta, and you?”, she asked smiling



“I’m okay, why you here this early?”, she probed further



Sharuna shook her head


“Nothing much, just came to see mom”



“That’s good of you”, she continued with her work



Sharuna looked round


“Where’s she?”, she asked




“She’s inside the dressing compartment”



“Thanks”, and she walked away



She walked smartly into the dressing compartment, and there her mother was, arranging customers orders ready for delivery



The dressing compartment was a closet for testing the dress bought by customers, it had mirrors all around.



“Mom?”, Sharuna called as she ran to embrace her



“Sweetie”, her mom smiled, wrapping her in an embrace


“How are you? And why you here this morning? You were supposed to be in school”, she said



“Yes Mom, but I needed to see you”, she said as she took out a stool and sat



“Hope you are okay?”, Vida asked looking her all over



“I’m fine, it’s just that…..”, she paused, scratching her head



“Yes?”, she looked at her closely, “you look worried dora, what’s wrong. Tell me”


She nudged her



Sharuna hesitated, her eyes on the floor



“Mum, I’m caught up in a love triangle”



Vida sighed


“Who’s the third? Priceley?”, she asked



Sharuna nodded


“Yes, he’s seriously coming after me and…….I’m, I’m vulnerable. I can’t help





“You can. Now, look at me dora”, she demanded



Sharuna raised her head to look at her, tears were already shimmering, threatening to roll



“Do you love him? I mean Priceley”



She stuttered, not knowing what to say


“I……I’m only developing feelings towards him, but Kesmanee is holding me


back, I still feel for him”, she sobbed



Vida exhaled


“Daughter, all you have to do is to follow your heart. It’s your heart, you know what it wants, you know what suits it. Follow it”



Sharuna nodded



“I tell you”, Vida continued, “if you and Kesmanee are destined to be, no matter what’s happening right now, it surely gonna be. Believe me”



She held her shoulders



“You love Kes, I know that. Then be strong for him, I have this….. feeling that


he gonna be back”



“But mom when? When will that be?”, she flared up, crying hysterically


Vida brought her close in an embrace, and consoled her



“Soon daughter, very soon. Just be strong okay?”



She nodded and sniffed



“Now clean those eyes and let me see those sparkling teeth”



Sharuna smiled


“Thanks Mom, I will be on my way soon”



“Okay. You know what I told you, don’t give up, take care”



“Bye”, and she drove back to the school








Break hour at school, she was sitted, trying her hands on some practical she was given that morning, when a girl walked up to her



“Good afternoon ma’am”, the girl greeted, she was holding a fancy lunch pack.



Sharuna looked at her


She recognized her instantly, it was the maid who had come to answer the door at Mr Bennett’s house



“Yeah, afternoon”



“I’m sure you know me?”, the girl asked




Sharuna nodded


“Yeah, anything?”



“Well, Mr Priceley sent me to give you this”, she placed the lunch pack on her desk



Sharuna looked at it


“Thanks. Um….. tell him I’m grateful”



The girl smiled


“My pleasure”, and she walked out of the class



Sharuna sighed


Not again!



She placed the lunch pack on her laps and looked into it





She salivated



The aroma was appetizing



Chicken and waffles, with a strawberry shortcake and chilled banana juice



Her stomach rumbled instantly, she couldn’t wait, she began doing justice


to the food










She saw Dr Sujit’s car halt at the entrance of her school




She got up



“Mother Hubbard”, she called the old lady running the store



“Yes daughter”, the old lady answered, placing her specks well on her eyes



“My dad is here for me now, I wanna get going”



“Okay daughter. Take care”, Sharuna hugged the old lady and left



The woman had begun to like her company and always looked forward to seeing her after the closing hour



Sharuna crossed the road and walked up to her dad’s car



“Hey Daddy”, she opened the car and entered


“Good afternoon”, she greeted relaxing comfortably on the seat



Dr Sujit turned to her and smiled


“How was today daughter?”



“Splendid”, she replied



Dr Sujit revved the car and they hit the road



“Daughter, I have something to tell you”, he said as they drove



Sharuna sat up


“Huh? What’s that that can’t wait till we get home”



Dr Sujit stiffened a laugh


She must say something


“Well, it can’t wait till I get home, I have to say it now”



“Okay, so shoot”



He took a deep breath and exhaled



“I will be away for two weeks, I will be traveling for a function”



She assimilated the information





“I won’t like you to stay home all alone, you would stay with Priceley, I’ve arranged it”






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To Be Continued





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