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Married To The Devil’s Son


Chapter 9: Chapter 9



A shiver went down my spine. The way he said it and the look in his eyes told me he was serious.


“Why are you shocked? If I can beat you and kill you then why not burn you?”


My throat went dry and I couldn’t bring myself to say something. Sighing, he stood up and left without a word.


I didn’t see him for the rest of the day. He didn’t come for breakfast or lunch and when it was time for dinner I asked one of the guards where he was.


“His Highness went on a business journey, he won’t return until tomorrow,” He explained.


Even if he was angry, he should have told me. Yet another night I slept alone, but instead of feeling relieved, I felt lonely.


When I woke up in the morning the first thing that came to my mind was Lucian. Was he still on his journey or had he already arrived?


“Has his highness come yet?” I asked the maid while she combed my hair.


“No your highness” I sighed in disappointment. What if he was still angry and decided not to come?


A knock on the door made me jump out of my chair. Lucian!! Maybe a maid has come to inform his arrival but no one opened the door. Strange. “Come in,” I said and the door opened.


“Who are you?” I heard the maid ask. I turned my head and gasped.


“Lydia!! Ylva!!” I yelled running and hugging them like a little girl


“My lady please you shouldn’t hug us” Ylva pleaded but I Ignored her.


“What are you doing here? How did you get here?”


“His highness brought us here,” Lydia said. Lucian did? “He seems to really care for you” Suddenly I felt bad for fighting with him.


“But it’s not allowed. How did father allow that?” I asked confused.


“We really don’t know my lady.” I wondered what Lucian did to make father let him take his maids. It’s something that is never allowed. Anyways I was very happy that I wasn’t alone anymore. Dismissing my maid I sat with Lydia and Ylva and told them everything that happened since I came here.


“So you are still a virgin?” Ylva asked shocked. “He must be a nice man if he agreed to wait.” He is, sometimes. I didn’t tell them about the part where he said he would burn me. I was still confused about what he meant by that.


When it was time for lunch I went to the dining room expecting Lucian to be waiting there but he wasn’t. Was he avoiding me? I just lost my appetite. “Where is his highness?” I asked a guard feeling like a desperate wife asking for her husband all the time.


“His highness is in his study and don’t want to be disturbed.” Ignoring him I went to the study. I opened the door and walked in without knocking. Nobody was inside as I walked in and looked around. My eyes landed on a letter on his desk. Out of curiosity, I opened it but there were only a few words written on it.


‘Watch your back. Death is coming.’





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