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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 60


Never had a sword touched him before and now he was feeling his flesh being cut time after time. Never had he missed to hit right before but now he was failing miserable. Rage filled his chest. Pierre would never have been able to enter the castle without help from inside which meant some of his men betrayed him. They even dared to poison him and now the poison was starting to do it’s own magic.


His heart was slowing down painfully making it difficult to breathe. His limbs became weak and his vision blurry. He tried to use his powers, but none of it was working.


Another cut on his back and he fell to his knees. Two soldiers grabbed each of his arms and dragged him on the floor then threw him in front of a pair shoes. As his heart painfully squeezed inside his chest Lucian tried to get up.


“Look who his one their knees.”


Lucian knew this annoying voice, it was Pierre. “I thought you were already dead.” He spoke then he was speaking to someone else. “I thought you gave him the deadliest poison.”


“I did, Your Highness.”


This voice, the one who betrayed him. Lucian lift his head slowly to look the betrayer in the eyes. Luke looked away quickly afraid to meet his gaze.


“You are really something brother. Still alive after getting poisoned. Anyway I am glad you are still alive because now I can kill you with my own hands.” His brother mused.




Lucian heart squeezed harder inside his chest, the pain knocking all air out of his lungs. He began to cough and realized he was coughing blood. Something burned inside his skin, it was as if his blood vessels were filled with lava instead of blood. It was an excruciating pain.




Pierre laughed. “I see the poison is beginning to work.”


Lucian was in agony, he wanted this to end. He wanted to curl on the ground, to crawl, to scream but he didn’t want to give his brother that satisfaction.



“Oh look who is here.” Pierre continued then Lucian heard Hazel’s voice.


No no no. Lucian forced himself to look up and found a soldier holding a dagger at Hazels throat. An anger like no other filled his chest and suddenly he was on his feet lurching toward the soldier who held her when another cut landed on his back. This one was so deep he could feel the steel touching his bones. Hazel’s scream filled the air as he fell on his knees again. Two guards grabbed each of his arms to hold him in place.


“I see you are very protective about her.” His brother said crouching to his level. Lucian could feel how his hearts slowed down even more. He had losing too much blood.


His brother grabbed his face and leaned in. “Don’t worry I will take good care of her.” He whispered.


Lucian could barely hold himself up. The pain in his heart was unbearable. He wanted to rip his own heart out and end this pain. “And your men…” Pierre continued loudly “Don’t worry I won’t kill them. I will make them my loyal dogs and those who refuse I will enjoy torturing them forever.” He chuckled darkly.




Lucian lift his gaze to look at his men, the loyal ones. His gaze fell on Lincoln, he was on his knees, tied, beaten badly but he was looking back at him. Lucian understood the emotions in his eyes, he was apologizing for failing to protect him. His eyes searched for Hazel, she was crying and fighting to get to him.


His throat became suddenly tight, as if he was being choked, he knew he was going to die.This pain had to be death. He wanted to see Hazel one last time, hold her one last time.




I could hear my name. Lucian was calling me inside my head. I looked at him but he wasn’t looking back at me. His face was red, his clothes torn, blood seeped from everywhere, from several cuts, from his stomach where he got stabbed, from his nose and even from his mouth as he coughed. His head hung low down as if he couldn’t hold himself up. He was in extreme pain, I knew it.


“I think you have suffered enough…” Pierre said. “Lets make you suffer some more.”


Lucians head still hung down and his hair covered his face.


A soldier came with a water container. “Do you know what this is? It’s salted water, to help you heal. Am I not nice brother?”


“Stop it!!! Please! Stop it!!” I cried some more.I had been screaming and crying so much but to no avail. I knew it wouldn’t help but I couldn’t stop myself.



I fought some more with the soldier and he probably got tired of holding me so another soldier came to help.


Pierre Took the container from the soldier then threw the salted water on Lucian. I screamed but Lucian didn’t, he just shook voilenty.


Pierre chuckled almost nervously. “What are you?” He asked. “Still not dying after being poisoned, not making a sound even though you are in much pain. Really what are you?” He frowned but then shook his head, “Doesn’t matter. You are going to die anyway. Kill him!”


I don’t know where I got the sudden strength from but I freed myself from the soldiers and ran toward Lucian enveloping him in a hug before the guards tried to pull me away from him.


“Let her be.” Pierre ordered. “We should let the love birds say their goodbyes.”


The soldiers released both me and him. Lucian couldn’t hold himself up so he fell to the ground. I put my arm behind his neck and pulled him into lap.


“Lucian!” I called carefully removing some wet hair strands from his face.


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He opened his eyes slowly and looked into mine. “Lucian…” Don’t die and leave me alone I wanted to say but he seemed to be in so much pain I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I just kept crying.


“I am sorry…” He spoked inside my head. “I wasn’t able to keep my promise and protect you.”


“No I am sorry.” I cried. “I wasn’t able to do anything for you.”


He raised his trembling hand and I took it in mine. “That is not true. You did so much for me Hazel. I thought when I die that I was going to die alone, without ever being loved, without ever feeling happy. You loved me, and you brought so much happiness into my life.” He coughed more blood and I held him closer to me while my heart broke.


“Hazel. I don’t want you to remember today. Just remember the happy moments we had together.”


“You are not going to die and we are going to have more happy moments together.” I cried.


He brought his other hand up and wiped some tears from my cheek. “I love you and I have never deserved you.”


I shook my head. “It’s not true.”


“If …if there is a life after death… I …I wish you to be in it, as my wife again.”


I cried uncontrollably,


“I will be watching over you.” He said then I felt his body become lifeless in my arms. A loud cry escaped my lips before I fell into an ocean of darkness.


The Devil watched as some soldiers dragged the dead body of his son on the ground. Yes, his son. The son he was supposed to kill after birth if that witch hadn’t gotten involved. He wondered if he really would kill his son then? Even though he didn’t want to admit it, he knew deep down he wouldn’t be able to kill him. Nyx would never forgive him and he could never do anything that would upset her. He couldn’t bear to see a tear on her eye and now he would have to watch her while she cried tears of blood.


The soldiers stopped when they saw a well. “Hey, water. I am so thirsty.” One of them said and made his way to the well. He sighed, “it’s empty.”


The other soldiers sighed as well. “Do we really have to go far to get rid off his body?”


“I say we throw his body in here. Even if he lived he would never be able to get out of here.” One of them suggested. The other agreed.


The Devil decided not to watch anymore of it. Using his powers he teleported back home to Nyx. He cursed inwardly. Nyx already knew, he could sense her anger, feel her pain and sorrow. She was blaming herself, she was blaming him.


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He teleported himself to her room. She sat on the floor as tears rolled down her cheeks. She wasn’t looking at him but she knew he was there.


“He is dead. Isn’t he? Our son is dead.”




What happens NEXT now that Lucian who is rumored to be the devils son is dead? Do you think he will be offered a chance to come back or maybe he his not destined to the throne, and if he doesn’t come back what’s the fate of his beloved WIFE? hazel..


Well we will find out in part 2 … Brace your self for what unfolds next..




????????????  PART 2 : RETURN OF THE DEVILS SON ????????????








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