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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 58



Lucian stared up at the ceiling. Just what the hell happened last night? He was still confused. He had bitten Hazel, bitten her, and his teeth. He felt his teeth with his fingers, they were back to normal. Was it a dream maybe?


He turned to Hazel. She was sleeping peacefully. His gaze traveled to her neck, he did indeed bite her. He could see the wound which strangely already healed and was now only a faint mark. What he found more strange was that he had wanted to bite her, it had felt so right to do it, as if it was normal to bite a human being. But again he was never normal.


He traced a finger over the scar. The mark felt hot under his finger. Hazel stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes slowly. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and blinked a few times before she could look at him. He found her very adorable when she did that.


“Good morning.” she smiled.


“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”


“I slept very well and you?”


“Never slept better.” He said as he caressed her cheek.


She smiled happily at him. Last night when he bit her she didn’t run away as she should. She had stayed with him, told him to not stop making love to her and he took the chance to take her in every possible way, to love her till she had enough. Could he love this woman more? He was already feeling as if his heart was going to burst.



Suddenly she frowned and brought her hand up to her neck. “Lucian? You bit me last night?”


Well, he did. He nodded.


She seemed to think for a while. “You are not…a …a vampire?” She shook her head as if refusing to believe it. “You can walk in the sun.”


And he had never bitten anyone before. Why her and why now? He wondered.


“If I am…would that change your feelings for me?”


It didn’t matter to him anymore what he was as long as Hazel loved him.


Her eyes softened and she shook her head. “Nothing will change my feelings for you.”


Yes, he could love this woman more. He would love her more for every day that went by and when he gets old and dies his heart would still beat because of the love he had for her.



He leaned down and gave her a long lingering kiss. “Do you want to have a bath together?”


She nodded and blushed.


Lucian carried me to the bathroom and put me down gently. I was wrapped in the bedsheets with nothing underneath and I held onto it tightly. I was still not comfortable being completely n.a.k.e.d.


I could see that Lucian found it all amusing. “It will be difficult to bath with all that.” He smirked.




“I know.” I said and forced myself to let go of the sheets. They fell to the ground and I stood there completely n.a.k.e.d. Turning around I slid into the hot water to get some coverage.



Lucian crouched next to the tub. “Are you not coming inside?” I asked.


“Not yet.” he said. “First let me take care of you.”


He grabbed the soap that lay next to the tub and poured it on his hands instead of a washcloth. “Wet your hair then lean your head back.”


I dipped my hair in the water and rested my head against the rim of the tub, then he began to rub the soap into my hair. He massaged my skull while washing my hair and it felt so relaxing. After rubbing for a while his hand slowly moved lower to my neck, he slowly massaged my neck with his thumbs then moved further down to my shoulders and massaged them as well.


“Bend slightly,” he ordered and I did as he said, He poured more soap into his hand and rubbed it into my back, then around my stomach and up my b.r.e.a.s.ts. His touch was light, almost like a caress making heat blaze between my thighs.


“Does it feel good?”


“Yes.” I breathed.


He slid his hands into the water and grabbed one of my legs. He began to wash my feet and for a moment I panicked. This was something my maids did, not something a prince should be doing. I pulled my leg away. “You shouldn’t be doing this.”


He grabbed my ankle in a strong grip and looked into my eyes. “Everything you have belongs to me wife, even your body. Now… let me take care of what’s mine.”


He continued washing my feet carefully as if they were glass that could break then he moved down my legs and further down to my thighs. I leaned my head back again and closed my eyes as his hands slowly



slid up and down my inner thighs turning the heat between my legs to fire. I clasped my legs together, with his hand still there.


“I am not done yet, wife. Open your legs for me”


With a silent prayer, I slowly opened my legs.


“Good.” He whispered next to my ear and his hands slid further down until he was touching me where I was aching and a gasp escaped my lips.


His fingers slowly began to move in circles and I shut my eyes tightly and grabbed on to the tub knowing what was coming soon.


“Lucian…” I began but didn’t know what I wanted.


Lucian on the other hand knew and his stroking became faster. My pulse quickened with it and every nerve in my body prickled. Before I could start begging his fingers slid inside me and my body quivered at the intrusion. His fingers sliding in and out felt like waves in my body, slowly increasing until they washed over me and my body was left trembling with bliss.


“One more time?” Lucian asked.


I shook my head. The thought was very tempting but I needed a moment to recover.


“Why don’t you come inside now?” I suggested.


He stood up and stripped then slid into the water.


“My turn.” I said grabbing the soap and pouring it onto my hand. I leaned closer to him and began to rub the soap into his shoulders. His body was drool-worthy and I enjoyed the feel of it especially his strong and broad shoulders. And his neck of course, how could I forget it. My hands slid up to his neck and he tilted his head back to give me better access. He looked at me while I smeared the soap onto his skin. I didn’t know which one of us was enjoying this more. It felt somehow sensual to bath together and caress each other’s skin. My fingers moved further up and I traced his jawline with my thumbs then my gaze fell on his lips.


“Go on!” He urged with a husky voice.

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Without hesitating I leaned down and kissed him. His hands slid around my waist and he pulled me into his embrace. I m.o.a.ned into his lips as our bare bodies touched each other. I continued kissing him, both surprised and scared at how much I craved him, how much my body l.u.s.ted for his touch. I knew I wouldn’t stop if nobody stopped me and just then someone knocked on the door, making both of us stop.


“Your Highness, it’s an urgent matter.” Lincoln spoke from the other end.




I removed myself from Lucian’s hold. Lucian frowned then looked at me.


“Your Highness?”


“It’s fine you. You can go.” I told him.


Stepping out of the tub he wrapped a towel around his waist. Turning to me he leaned down and kissed my forehead. “I’ll see you later.” Then he left.


I washed away the soap, wrapped myself in a towel then walked out and into our chamber. Ylva was already there and greeted me with a smile.


Ylva was usually the one to dress me and make my hair while Lydia took care of other needs like food and sleep.


“I really miss how you make my hair.” I said as she combed it nicely.


“I miss doing your hair.” She smiled. “How would you like it today?”


“Just let it loose.”


Ylva did as I said. “You look happy today.” She pointed.


“I am.” I smiled. I just didn’t know it would be so obvious but again I was never good at hiding my feelings.


“I can understand that. His Highness must love you very much that he even chose to not have any mistresses.”


“What do you mean?” I asked confused.


“Didn’t he tell you?” She looked surprised.


I shook my head.


“Well, when you left the crown prince requested to see everyone who lived and worked here so we went to see him. Clearly, he was interested to see prince Lucians Mistresses and was confused when he found none. The head maid told him that His Highness got rid of his mistresses soon after he got married to you. That’s when the crown prince took interest in you. He was more eager to find you than His Highness.”


Lucian got rid of his mistresses? Why? Then who did he go to when he hadn’t been with me?




“I have heard a lot of frightening things about His Highness these last few days but I don’t care about those things anymore. I know he is a good husband.”




Yes, he was. Which man would get rid of his mistresses for his wife when he could have both and more?


“I’ll leave you now. Lydia is coming with breakfast soon.” She said and left.


Lucian, Lucian. He was still a mystery to me. I was so confused.


Standing up I looked myself in the mirror, turning back and forth I made sure that everything was perfect and that I looked good. When I was satisfied I grabbed one of my favorite scented oils and rubbed it into my hands and neck. As I massaged my neck slowly I felt sore in a specific place. It almost burned when I touched it. Removing the hair from my neck I leaned into the mirror to inspect the place.


There, just between my shoulder and neck I found a mark. I leaned even closer and my eyes widened at the realization. The mark looked just like Irene’s.


I drew back surprised. Lucian didn’t just bite me, he marked me. What was it Irene had said? Yes, mating mark. I was his mate and he…he was…he was a demon. Lucian was a demon!


Oh good lord.


I sat down and took a moment to accept that Lucian was a demon. It all made sense now, but something was missing. I still didn’t know Lucian’s connection to Lothaire or Irene. Could Lothaire really be Lucian’s father? And maybe he wasn’t helping him because…?


Lydia and another maid came in with breakfast. “Where would you like to have it, My Lady?”


I waved my hand, “Just serve it there.” I said. I had just now been hungry but I couldn’t even think about food right now.


They served the food on the table and left. I paced back and forth in the room as different theories flooded my head. Why was Irene cursed? And why am I the one who can help her break the curse? Is Irene maybe related to me? She had been so nice and loving from the first day I met her and she had been helping me a lot.


Ignoring my theories I sat at the table. I looked at the food but didn’t feel like eating at all. I just wanted to see Lucian and talk to him, but before that, I had to think of how to tell him he was a demon. He would probably laugh or take it badly and get hurt. Who would like to be called a demon?



I sighed. Grabbing a fork I picket a piece of the egg omelet before putting it into my mouth. It tasted good. Blocking all thoughts out I decided to enjoy my breakfast when someone knocked on the door.


“Come in.” I called. I heard the door open.


“Good morning, Your Highness.”


Startled I looked up. I knew this voice. Callum!


I hastily stood up from my seat almost making the chair fall. “Callum, I am so glad to see you. Are you alright?”


“No, thank you for your concern.”


“I am sorry I left you behind.”


His eyes widened. “Your Highness, please do not apologize to a mere servant like me.” He said looking down. “It’s my duty to protect you and I shall die doing so.”


I just smiled. It was a typical soldier behavior. “I am glad you are safe.”


“I shall excuse myself. Enjoy your breakfast.” He said and left.


I looked at the breakfast table then decided to leave. I left the room remembering Lucian’s words to stay in the room, but as impatient as I was now I couldn’t listen.


The two guards who were placed at the door began to follow me. Lucian probably told them to keep an eye on me.


“Where is His Highness?” I asked.


“At the crown princess quarters.” One of them said.


I made my way to Pierre’s quarters and just as I arrived I witnessed the most horrifying thing. Lucian had his hand buried inside a soldier’s chest and with a jerk, he pulled it out holding something bloody. It looked like a heart and it was still beating.



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