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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 46


Lucian lay facing the other side and I wondered if he was angry with me.


“Are you angry with me?” I asked.


“Why would I be?”


“I don’t know” I whispered.


He turned around facing me.


“I am not angry.” He said his voice soft.


If he wasn’t angry, there was something else he wasn’t telling me.


“Will you hold me then while we rest?”


Without waiting he drew me into his arms and after a while, he fell asleep. I was very tired as well after being awake the whole night but I didn’t want to sleep since Lucian would leave after we woke up I wanted to be awake and savor the feel of being in his arms. But I couldn’t.


I kept repeating Irene’s words in my head and it made my stomach twist in fear. What if something happened to Lucian? What if he never came back? Maybe I should have convinced him to marry Klara.




“You haven’t slept?” Lucian asked surprised when he woke up.


“I wasn’t very tired.” I lied to no avail.


“Hazel, you don’t need to worry. I will come back safe.” He assured me.


Lucian’s men gathered their horses outside, getting ready to leave. Lincoln was speaking to his wife, it looked like he was assuring her he would come back safe but she still looked worried. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and a reassuring smile. Surprisingly I had never seen him smile before. This was the first time and he looked like a different person.


By the way, where was Lucian? Looking around I found him stalking toward me. By the time I realized what he was about to do it was too late and he had already pressed his lips to mine, in front of everyone. On top of that it wasn’t a light and quick kiss, but a long and passionate one that knocked all air out of my lungs.


He drew back, a smirk on his face. What was that for?


“This is for slapping me, wife.”


Embarrassed I looked around and everyone looked away quickly. I wished the earth could open up and swallow me and I glared at Lucian accusingly.


He laughed. “Do you still want me to come back?”


“Yes. How can I pay you back otherwise?” I said.


“I look forward to that.” He smirked.


Placing a kiss on my forehead, “I will be back wife.” He said then rode off with his men.


It has been a week since Lucian left and for every day that went by I got more and more worried. I couldn’t live on like this, the anxiety was eating me alive.




“My Lady, You haven’t been eating well lately.” Malia pointed. “You should eat something.”


“I am fine.” I said. She looked at me skeptically.


Suddenly the door flew open and Callum stood there breathless.


“My lady, we need to leave now.” He said.


“Why? What happened?” I asked standing up.


“I saw some guards with drawings of you and his highness asking the villagers if they saw you. Soon enough they will find us if we don’t leave.”


“Oh lord,” Malia said. “We should hurry then.”


Only grabbing a few important things we left the house. I sat behind Callum on the horse while Malia rode on her own. Even she could ride, why couldn’t I?


Well, I had my father to thank for all the things I couldn’t do.


When we thought we had come far enough we stopped.


“What now?” Malia asked confused.


“I really don’t know.” Callum said with a frown. “Maybe we should go to my house.”



“No! I have already put Malia in danger I don’t want your family to be in danger as well.” I said.




“Thank you for your concern My Lady, but protecting you is my priority. Besides we can’t stay here for long they will find us.”




He was right but it didn’t take the guilt away. We continued riding but realized that we were surrounded as every road we tried to take was blocked.


“We are trapped.” Callum said.

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“Malia, you should leave. They don’t want you anyways.” I said.


“But how can I leave you My Lady?”


“Just do what I say, we don’t have time.” I ordered.


“Yes, you should leave Malia. They won’t recognize you as long as you are not with us. Besides if you leave you can bring us help.” Callum suggested.


She hesitated for a while but quickly rode away when we heard men with their horses nearing.


“They are here, catch them.” I heard someone yell.


Callum took his sword out ready to fight.


“Don’t.” I said. He looked at me confused.


“But My Lady…”


“I will take care of this.” I interrupted him. I didn’t want him to fight because he would probably lose.


They were just too many, he wouldn’t be able to fight all of them.


The men surrounded us with their horses. One of them got off the horse and approached us.


His gaze moved over me then he smirked.


“Our little princess is wearing rags I see.” He smirked. “What happened?” He asked mockingly and then his men laughed.


His gaze moved over to Callum.



“I only need the princess alive. I think your time on earth has come to an end old friend.” He told Callum with a faked sad expression.


Callum stood in the same place his expression unwavering.


“There is no need to pretend to be brave when you are going to die. Why can’t you beg for your life while you can?”


“You won’t kill him.” I said.


The man looked at me then laughed.


“Why wouldn’t I?”


“Because I will make sure to remember your face and tell my husband to kill you in the most painful way.” I said.


He laughed again.


“That’s only if he finds me, little princess.” He said.


“Oh, he will. The devil finds its way everywhere. By now he is probably on his way while planning your death and everyone’s here.”


I could see that he got a bit scared. It was working.


“You fear the crown prince?” I asked speaking louder to everyone. “Well, then you fear the wrong person. The worst prince Pierre can do is kill you, but prince Lucian will torture you, kill you and then torture you again in hell, because trust me none of you is going to heaven.” I threatened.


They looked at each other hesitantly for a while.


“What are you waiting for.” Their commander yelled. “Tie them up!”





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