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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 36


Death doesn’t knock on the door and waits to get invited. It usually comes unexpected and without permission takes what it came for.


I quickly placed myself in front of Lucian as if I could protect him from what was about to happen, but to my surprise nor did death knock on the door nor did it come. Instead several of Lucians men almost threw themselves in front of our feet.


“Your Highness, we apologize for our rudeness but please help us. The crown prince has taken our families as hostages.” One of them said. I looked worriedly at Lucian but he was calm as usual.




“Your Highness, I beg of you to let us go and save our families.” another one pleaded.


Lincoln came into the room looking furious.


“What are you doing?” He yelled at the men. “Get up on your feet and apologize to his highness if you care to live.”


“It’s alright Lincoln.” Lucian said calmly. “You may leave to save your families,” he told the men.


I looked surprised at Lucian. He was about to let half of his men go which meant he had almost no protection now against the cruel king. Not that he had any good protection, to begin with.


I didn’t expect any less from his cruel brother. Of course, distracting Lucians men was the perfect way to get to him. Once his men go back to Decresh to save their families Pierre would hunt them down and torture them until they tell him where he can find Lucian. It was the perfect plan.



Lucians men stared surprised at him as well but then quickly got to their feet and hurried away.


“Your Highness, this is not good,” Lincoln said looking very disappointed and worried.




Yes, this was very bad and it would get much worse very soon. My stomach twisted in fear. I needed to do something.




“What will you do now?” I asked Lucian once Lincoln left us alone.


“I don’t know.” He said pacing back and forth.


“I know,” I said. ” You need to say yes to Klara.”


He looked at me for a while, his eyes piercing into mine before he left the room without a word.


Without waiting I quickly made my way to Klara’s room. I had no time to waste. Now the danger was closer than ever and I needed to take action this time.


“My Lady, princess Hazel is here to see you.” The guard outside her room informed. Shortly after the door opened and the guard gestured for me to enter.


Klara was sitting in a chair near the window with a book in her hand. Putting the book on a table nearby she stood up from her seat and smiled as she approached me.


“Welcome, Hazel. You came sooner than I expected.” She smiled. She must be enjoying this I thought but I held my head high.


“Are you alright? You don’t look well.” She asked nonchalantly.


“I know. You, on the other hand, look very beautiful My Lady. I wonder how Lucian was able to turn down your proposal.” I said pretending to be thoughtful


Her eyes hardened.


“Don’t worry,” I said waving my hand. ” I was the one holding him back but I won’t anymore.” She needed to know that even if she got Lucian I was the one in control.


She looked stoned for a moment but then smiled.


“You made a good decision Hazel and saved your husband a lot of trouble. Now see what magic I will do for him.”



She was mocking me but I didn’t care.


“Whatever you do I hope you do it fast. His brothers will find him soon.”


“Don’t worry. Nobody touches what’s mine.” She smirked. She was already calling him hers. I clenched my fists to not slap her out of sheer reflex.


Leaving her room I walked through the halls feeling defeated. You did good Hazel, it was the right thing to do, it was the only thing to do, I tried to console myself. As I was lost in my thoughts I almost bumped into the king.


“Your majesty,” I said surprised that I stood so close to him staring into his deep ocean blue eyes.


“My Lady, is all well?” He asked.


“Yes, your majesty.”


“Are you sure? Draco didn’t seem to be in a good mood.” He smiled.




“Your majesty? If I am wrong excuse me but doesn’t Draco mean dragon and not the devil?” I asked. ” I read it somewhere,” I added when he narrowed his gaze.


“You are not wrong. But do you know how dragons look like?”


“I read they look like big snakes.” I said.


“Who made Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit?”


The story of Adam and Eve. I had heard about it even though it was a long time ago. If I remember correctly it was the devil disguised as a snake who made them eat the forbidden fruit.Therefore snakes were associated with the devil or with evil deeds. But I still couldn’t understand what the connection between the dragon and the devil was.


“Have you studied the bible, my lady?”


“Not really.” I said,


“If you are really curious you should. Especially the Devils story.” He smiled.


“Do you really think Lucian is the Devil?” I asked.


“You tell me, you are his wife. I am really curious to know.”


“You want my husband to marry princess Klara. Why if I may ask Your Majesty?”


“Why not?”


“She won’t be a first wife. Why would you want that for your sister?”


“I don’t care about those stupid things. I care about my sister’s happiness.” He said.


What about mine? Of course, he didn’t care about my happiness but was there someone who did?


“By the way, I don’t mind you standing so close to me but I am sure your husband wouldn’t like that.” He smiled and I realized I was still standing very close to him.


I took a few steps back and gave him a meek smile before excusing myself and leaving.




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