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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 32


His highness is going to marry Klara?” He asked surprised. I guess he didn’t know about that.


“Yes. The king wants him to marry his sister in exchange for help.”


“Oh…but how can I help you?” he asked.


I wasn’t sure how either but I wanted to stop this.


“Your highness I just want to tell you that if you stop this we could all die.”




“I know” I said quickly. “I want to stop this without us dying, that’s why I need your help.”


I hoped he could come up with something.


“There is only one way to stop this. It is to change Klaras mind about the marriage.”



I knew that was the safest way but I knew it wouldn’t be easy because Klara would do anything to get Lucian.


“How can we change her mind?”


“That…we will have to think about.” He said thoughtful.


“What about other allies? Is there someone else who can help his highness?” I asked.


“No. You know prince Lucian has a reputation.” He said. I knew what he meant.


Speaking of reputation, I still had to figure out what Lucian was. He couldn’t be the devil’s son because from what I learned when I was little the devil had no children. On the other hand when speaking spiritually if someone put their faith in Satan instead of God they become the children of the devil.



“Has his highness ever gone to church?” I asked. He was surprised by the sudden change of subject.


“I really don’t know.” He said.


“Alright. For now keep an eye on Klara. We might find something that can help us.”


“I will.” He said and left.


After he left I went to the mirror. The bruises on my face were still visible which meant I still couldn’t leave the room. Sighing I sat down. I wanted to go out so badly, there was nothing I could do in here.


I tried to read for a while, looked outside the window, ate lunch, tried on different dresses, brushed my hair, tried to read again, ate dinner, wondered around the room, thought about Lucian for a while and now I was sitting on the bed sighing now and then while doing nothing. What a day? Totally wasted.


I fell back on the bed and stared at the Ceiling. What if Lucian was spending time with Klara while I was bored to death in here. Why could he never spend the day with me?


“Lucian where are you?” I whispered for some odd reason.


“Did you miss me wife?”


Startled I sat up on the bed. Lucian was standing next to the bed a smirk on his face.


“How did you come in?” I asked.


“Through the door.” He said with an expression that said where else?


“I didn’t hear you come in.”


“That’s because you were thinking about me.” I tried not to blush.


“That’s because you were gone the whole day and I was locked in here.” I said.




“Not because you miss me?” He added. I could see he was enjoying this. Fine with me if he wanted to play.


“Did you miss me?” I asked.


His expression became serious as he walked to my side of the bed. Then he offered me his hand. As if my body controlled itself I grabbed it and he helped me up and pulled me closer gazing into my eyes . I did the same thing unable to looked away, his eyes were hypnotizing.


“I miss you even when you are this close.” He said pulling me even closer. I could hear the sincerity in his voice but there was a sadness there too.


“So, now answer my question. Did you miss me or not?” He asked. So he wasn’t giving up?


“Hmm…I don’t know.” I said teasingly. “I need to think.”


He smiled devilishly. “Let me help you.” He said as he slowly brushed the hair away from my neck. I instantly knew what he was going to do and I waited in anticipation, then he slowly leaned in and brushed his lips against my neck sending shivers down my spine.


“Now..” He breathed against my neck “Did you miss me now?”


How was this helping me think? It was doing the exact opposite. When I didn’t respond because I could barely breath he kissed my neck gently slowly moving down to my shoulders and back up to my neck again.


I bit my lip to suppress a m.o.a.n and grabbed his shoulders to hold myself up as I became weak in the knees.


“Now?” he asked once again. “Did you miss me or not?”


“Yes” I breathed. “I miss you.”


He pulled away and looked at me. I still felt dizzy from the kisses so I clutched on to him to hold myself up but even my arms felt numb. As if he knew he put his arm around my waist to help me stand on my feet but it only brought me closer to him. His warmth, his breath and most of all his scent, his spicy scent made me ache for more. I wanted more of his kisses.



“Remember you told me you wanted me for yourself?” He asked.


“Yes” I said as I tried to pull myself together.


“What if that doesn’t happen?”


Then what? I really didn’t know. I would live with a heartache for the rest of my life and probably die because of it.


I pulled myself away from his hold and tried to stand steadily.




“Did you say yes to the marriage?” I asked instead.




“But you will eventually say yes?”


He seemed to think for a while. I knew I was putting him in a difficult position. What man would want to die instead of having a second wife who was as beautiful as Klara.


“Never mind” I said sitting down on the bed.


I guess he wouldn’t have given me an answer anyways because he quietly walked to his side of the bed and lay down.


I blew the candles out and went to sleep as well.


Lucian woke up and tried to blink a few times to see clearly but it was still dark. Strange. He had always been able to see clearly in darkness. He tried to move but realized he was tied to a chair. What was happening? Using his thoughts he tried to untie his hands but that didn’t work either. Something was off.


“There is no need to try.” A voice said that send chills down his spine. Lucian looked around trying to find who the voice belonged to but he saw no one.


“Who are you?” he hissed.


Slowly a figure appeared from the shadows. A tall man with long hair he could tell but he couldn’t see his face.


“Tsk,tsk,tsk. I thought you were brave. I never thought you would hide somewhere instead of fighting.” He said.



There was raw power in his voice. This person was clearly dangerous.


“I don’t know what you are talking about. Who are you?” Lucian asked once again.


The man brought his hand up and seemed to look at his nails. They were sharp and long just like his, even longer.


“I am talking about the crown. You know you can’t avoid to kill your brothers forever or they will kill you.” He said.


Lucian tried to untie his hands again. He wasn’t feeling safe with this man and how could he know all of this?


“Just who are…”


“That doesn’t matter you fool.” The man cut him off. No one had ever dared to call him fool, not even his own father.


The man laughed. What was he laughing about? Then he stopped abruptly.


“In times of danger you need to become the danger itself. Remember, fear… fear is the best way to control humans.” He said. Was this man giving him advice? On what and why?


“What do you want?” Lucian said still confused how he got here and who this man could be.


“Hmm…will you give me what I want? That’s nice of you. I will think about it then and tell you next time.” He said turning around and walking away.


“Wait! Where are you going?” Lucian called but the man slowly disappeared in the darkness.





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