Sat. May 11th, 2024

Chapter 28


When I woke up I decided to take a bath. Lucian was sleeping next to me looking clean and fresh and here I was all dirty.


I prepared a bath myself and rubbed the dirt off my skin and hair till I was satisfied then I grabbed a towel and wrapped myself in it. Walking out and into the room, grabbed a simple gown and slid into it then I dried my hair with the towel. Even though I was all clean I still felt dirty.


My stomach growled. I was hungry since I didn’t eat lunch and it was nearly sunset. I wanted to go down and look for something to eat but looking at my reflection I couldn’t bring myself to walk outside the room. The bruises on my face and arms looked terrible and they still hurt. Thinking back of what happened made me sick. I was nearly r.a.p.ed, I would have been if Lucian hadn’t come in time looking like the Devil.



I went back to bed and studied Lucian while asleep. I didn’t know what I was Looking for but I was looking for something. My eyes traveled to his fingers, no sharp nails. Just normal short clean nails and his eyes had been normal too. But I was sure I didn’t imagine what I saw.


Then I remembered something, his lips. I had bitten him this morning which reminded me of his wounds that just had disappeared. Was it the same with his lips. I leaned closer and put my finger on his lip and moved it a little so that I could see better. There was nothing on his lip, not a wound, nothing.


A gasp escaped my mouth. I guess I hadn’t believed he was the devil’s son entirely until now. I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t be what the rumors said he was, the devil’s son with red eyes and long nails. He had burned the men alive and he could heal. What else could he do?


He opened his eyes slowly which made my heart jump. I looked into those eyes that had captivated me so much, I looked at the man I was married to, the man that moved my heart, evaded my thoughts and made my body tingle with pleasure. He couldn’t be the son of the devil. There was nothing evil in his eyes, in fact, they looked troubled.


“Is everything alright?” he asked.


“Yes” it came out as a whisper. Bringing his hand up he cupped my cheek.


“I am sorry I didn’t come earlier.” He said sounding really apologetic. How could this man be the devil’s son?


“It’s alright, I am fine.” I really was because it could have gotten much worse.


“Why did you go out? You could have asked me to go with you if you wanted to go.” This reminded me that I had been really angry with him for being with that blonde.






“I don’t want you to be with someone else. I want you for myself.” He looked at me surprised. I was surprised myself. I couldn’t believe I told him that especially now when I knew the rumors about him could be true. But that didn’t change my feelings.


Lucian was surprised. He already knew she wanted him but hearing her saying that stirred something inside of him, something wild and wicked. He just hoped he had enough self-restraint to not take her here and now.


“Sometimes I feel you want me and sometimes I feel you don’t.” She said a sadness in her voice that made his heart ache. Did she know that he had been with someone else? Or was she talking about Klara?



“I feel I am not enough for you,” she continued.


She was more than enough for him, she was everything to him. Maybe he should tell her the truth about himself, but what if he pushed her away with the truth now that she finally opened up to him.


He sat up on the bed and straightened himself.


“Hazel, I… I.” What if she thought he was making excuses to not be with her. She looked at him with disappointed.


“I am hungry.” She cut him off and her stomach growled shortly after that. Maybe it was for the best to not tell her, not yet anyway.


“I’ll bring you something to eat.”




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