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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 27


Anger boiled inside him upon seeing Hazel’s bruised face. He wanted to go back and burn the bastards all over again and enjoy their screams of pain. He had been so scared and worried when he discovered that Hazel went outside the castle. If she hadn’t put as much perfume as she did today he would never have been able to follow her scent and find her.


Never had he let his demon take over completely before, but seeing Hazel get hurt today made his vision red with anger. He would have burned the whole place if Hazel hadn’t been there, but he was regretful. Regretful because he had shown the beast he was, the devil he was to Hazel. He hadn’t want her to see that side of him but now she did and when she recovers and remembers clearly what happened today she would fear him forever.




Leaving hazel to sleep Lucian made his way to the gatehouse while clenching his fists to suppress the rage he felt. Walking into the guardroom the guards moved out of his way as they sensed his anger.




Oliver laid on the bed as Lincoln attended to his wounds.


“Your highness” Lincoln said standing up immediately. Oliver, on the other hand, was trying hard to stand up as he was severely injured but Lucian didn’t feel any empathy at all. Anger was all he felt at the moment. Anger that Oliver risked Hazel life, he should have known better.


Oliver dropped to his knees in front of Lucian.


“Your Highness, no apology is enough for what I did. I deserve to die.” He said looking down. Ky walked into the room with a dagger in his hand. He held the dagger out to Lucian.


Lincoln stood at the corner of the room trying to keep a straight face but Lucian could see a hint of fear in his eyes, and when he took the dagger from Ky’s hands he could hear Lincoln’s heart beat faster.


Oliver still kept his head down while blood dripped from his wounds down to the floor. Everyone was waiting for Lucian to kill Oliver. He could even hear the other guards voices outside the room. They were both scared and sad that their friend would leave this world very soon.



Lucian had never killed one of his men before but he never got this angry on one of them either. He remembered how Hazel had been worried about Oliver and that he had said that Oliver was fine. If he killed him now what would he tell Hazel? and what would she think about him? Besides, would his anger disappear by killing one of his men?


Still, he was angry. Angry that oliver had put Hazel’s life in danger. Angry because of the pain Hazel had to go through today. He knew that it was something she wouldn’t be able to forget, and angry because she had seen the real him today.


Oliver lift his head up slightly confused by why he was still alive.


“I won’t kill you.” Lucian said. “But it’s not because I forgive you, it’s because of my wife and yours.” It wasn’t entirely true. Even though he was furiously angry with Oliver he didn’t think he deserved to die for a mistake, besides looking at his wounds he knew Oliver did try his best to protect Hazel.


Lincoln’s shoulders dropped in relief. Oliver looked at him surprised for a moment.


“Your Highness, please let Her Highness know that I am deeply sorry.” He said looking ashamed.


“You should do that yourself.” Speaking of Hazel he needed to go back before she woke up. Leaving Oliver behind he left the room but Lincoln was right behind him.


“Did you really think I would kill him?” Lucian asked a little irritated that even Lincoln thought he could kill someone easily.


“If it didn’t concern Her Highness I wouldn’t think so.” He replied. Lincoln was right. Lucian had thought about killing Oliver on his way here but had calmed down and come back to his senses.


“Make sure no one knows about what happened today.” Lucian said. Lincoln nodded but kept following him.


“What is it?” Lucian asked irritated.


“Your Highness…your father, the King is dead.” he said. Lucian stopped in his tracks.


“I am sorry, Your Highness.” Yeah sure he was, but Lucian didn’t feel a bit of sorrow. He tried to look for an emotion inside of him but he felt nothing.


“Something else?” he asked starting to walk again.


“Nathaniel and Peter are at war with each other.” His youngest brothers. Lucian knew it was Pierres doing. Lucian could already see his plan. He would make his brother kill each other and when he is left alone take the throne.



“Something else?”


“No your Highness.”


“Good, now stop following me.” Lucian said. He couldn’t think of all the information he got just know.


The only thing he could think about now was Hazel.


When he reached the room he was glad that she was still sleeping. Feeling tired himself he laid next to her and listened to her heart beat and her breathing. It somehow calmed him down. He closed his eyes and decided to take a nap.


A fresh scent of cinnamon and honey woke him up but he didn’t open his eyes. He could hear Hazel’s heartbeat nearby. She was very close to him, towering over him. Would she touch him again while asleep like last time, he was curious to know. She was leaning even closer now and he instantly stiffened as he realized what she was going to do.


Kiss him.


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No! Not now when she was hurt. Not now when some men had already forced themselves on her, he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t force himself on her too.


Waiting for the kiss he only felt her fingers on his lips. What was she doing? Then he heard a small gasp before she pulled her finger away.




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