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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 24: Chapter 24


Sitting in front of the mirror, a maid combed my hair.


“Your hair is so beautiful,” she smiled.


Yeah but unfortunately I wasn’t a blonde and my husband seemed to like blondes.


“Thank you” I smiled back.


“My Lady, do you want this dress or this one?” she said holding up two new dresses once she was done with my hair.


“None of them. Pick me a really beautiful dress.” I ordered. I would make Lucian regret what he did. I


would make him sleepless as he made me. I even wanted to make him cry because even though I didn’t


want to admit to myself, I cried a


little last night.



Oh, how I needed Lydia and Ylva now.


The maid picked me a peach-colored dress which suited my hair and skin color perfectly.


I put some paint on my lips and some perfume, then I let my hair down as I looked at myself in the mirror.


Now he would want me, but I wouldn’t give in so easily.


Lastly, I put my shoes on and strode out of the room. As I walked through the long hall, I started to lose my confidence. What if he didn’t even want me? He could always have another woman. I would always be the one to lose.


These were the times I hated being a woman.


When I neared the dining room, my heart was pounding so hard in my chest. I knew Lucian was waiting there, and I was both angry and nervous, maybe more angry than nervous.


I slowly opened the door and walked inside. Lucian was sitting at the table and he stared right at me when I entered the room. I forgot to breathe for a moment when his eyes met mine, but I quickly reminded myself how angry and hurt I was. I tried to suppress my angry. It was important to control myself if I wanted to win this war.


“Won’t you sit down?” he asked, gesturing to the seat next to him.


Saying nothing, I made my way to the table and down while all while avoiding to meet his gaze.


“Did you have a good night’s sleep?” He asked. Of course not, but I am sure you did.


“Yes, I did, Your Highness.” I said in a flat tone. He looked at me, surprised.


“Won’t you ask me?”


“Did you sleep well, Your highness?” I asked, using the same tone again. He chuckled.


“That’s not what I meant. Will you not ask why I never came last night?”


“I don’t have any right to ask, Your Highness.” He frowned and looked at me, confused.


“Hazel?” he said in a firm but soft voice that sent shivers down my spine. I resisted the urge to look up and meet his gaze.


“Look at me.” he demanded. No way I would do that. His eyes were my weakness and I wouldn’t show him my weakness right now.


When I didn’t do as he said, he grabbed my chin and lift my head up slightly.


“Look at me, Hazel.” He said even softer this time. I couldn’t help but look up and gaze into his eyes.


“Is something wrong?” he asked.


“No, Your Highness.”


“Don’t call me that.” He said sounding slightly irritated now. Good. He should be more than that.


“All right.” was all I said. He sighed.


“You seem to be in a terrible mood compared to how you dressed.” He said as his eyes traveled along my face down to my chest. His gaze felt like a hot iron on my skin.


“I am not hungry, excuse me.” I said standing up, ready to get away from there only to make him angry but before I could move he grabbed my arm and pulled me against the table trapping me between him and it.


“Are you taunting me wife? You dress so beautifully and you smell so good, but you are running away.”


“I am not running, I am just not hungry.” I said, trying to sound innocent. His eyes got darker.


“But I am.” he said slowly, leaning closer. He placed each hand on each side of my body so that I couldn’t get away, then he placed his head on the side of my neck. I could feel his hot breath on my skin.


“I can’t…” he breathed heavily as his lips brushed against my skin. I tilted my head back, wanting him to kiss every inch of my skin. He leaned even closer, pressing his body to mine as his lips traveled up to my jawline until they brushed mine. A soft brush that made me curl my toes.


“You should stop me.” he breathed before crushing his lips on mine. Yes, I should stop him. Why am I kissing him? How could he kiss me with those lips that had kissed another woman last night? Just thinking about that made me fuming with anger, and I bit his lip.


He pulled away with a hiss and brought his fingers up to his lip. He was bleeding. He wiped the blood with his thumb and then licked his lips.


I hadn’t meant to bite him that hard, so I was shocked at first, but then I thought he deserved it. Now come on, get angry. But he just stared at me.


“I am sorry, Your Highness.” I said, adding the last part to anger him. He walked closer, his eyes never leaving mine then he traced my lips with his thumb.



“You had a little blood there.” he said. What? I felt like he was toying with me so I decided to tell him straight up to go to hell or go back to that blonde but got interrupted by a knock on the door. Lincoln entered shortly after and when he saw us standing so close to each other “I can come back” he said and turned around quickly.


“What is it Lincoln?” Lucian asked still standing like he did trapping me with both his body and gaze.


Lincoln turned around slowly but kept looking down.


“Princess Klara is waiting for you in the garden.” He said. Klara? Why was she waiting for him?


“Tell her I am on my way.” Lucian said. Lincoln bowed and left.


“What does she want?” I asked.


“I thought you were uninterested?” He smirked. “Follow me if you want to know.”


I considered following him for a while, but then just decided I should. I could not let him go alone to meet Klara when I knew her intentions. If she could do anything to get a married man, I had to do everything to keep my man for myself.


Klara stood in the middle of the garden wearing an armor, but still looking as beautiful as ever. Her blonde hair glowed like the sunlight and her eyes were as blue as the summer sky. Yes, she was absolutely beautiful and blonde, just how Lucian liked his women I guess.


I could see how the soldiers that were gathered in the garden couldn’t stop staring at her. Did Lucian find her that beautiful too?


“Good morning princess Hazel and … Lucian, I am glad you kept your word.” She smiled as we neared. In the back of the garden, I could see Astrid sitting comfortably on a chair.


“Don’t be too excited,” he said in a serious tone and it surprised me they spoke so casually to each other, which bothered me. Lucian had explained on our way that Klara wanted to have a fight with him. Something seemed suspicious to me.


I sat next to Astrid while Lucian grabbed a sword, ready to fight with Klara.


“I don’t know why my sister insists to fight with him. It’s clear that he is going to win.” Astrid said. Yes, if it was true that he killed hundreds of men on his own, then one woman wouldn’t be a problem.


Klara began to swing her sword at Lucian and he was avoiding every swing swiftly without even raising his. At last he raised his sword and blocked one of her attacks. This time he started attacking her and it looked like she had a hard time defending herself. He had a smirk on his face and told her something I couldn’t hear.



They fought back and forth and it looked like Lucian was going easy on her. He didn’t even seem to try. I bet he could do this blindfolded. Klara, on the other hand, was panting and her hair got a little messy, but she wasn’t willing to give up.


Lucian swung his sword at her and just as she was to block his attack it looked like she changed her mind half ways and Lucian sword cut her on the upper arm. Blood seeped from the wound. It felt as if the time stood still for a while because everyone was quiet and chocked before Astrid rose from her seat and ran to her sister.



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