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Married To The Devils Son.


Chapter 16: Chapter


“Ah, the scars? They healed” he said simply pulling the robe over his shoulders.


“That’s impossible, they can’t heal that fast and even if they did, they would leave scars,” I said still trying to make sense of everything.


“Well, they healed, and they didn’t leave any scars,” was all he said,” now your father is waiting, I need to get going.”


I was still confused as he walked to the bathroom. Not possible was all my brain was telling me.



After taking a bath, dressing up and making my hair with the help of some maids, I was on my way to the dining room. Lucian had already left to not make my father wait. I opened the door to the dining room and walked inside. Father was sitting on the short side of the table as mother and Lucian were sitting opposite each other on the long side of it. As I walked closer, I noticed that no one was eating, and the atmosphere was tense. Lucian’s hands were clenched under the table and father’s expression told me he was displeased. They didn’t even notice that I had walked into the room.


Mother was the first to notice me, so she stood up from her seat and came over to me.


“Darling I missed you so much” she said hugging me but got cut off by father.


“Teresa! Behave yourself” he said and mother tensed and walked back to her seat. I hated this, they could never act as parents. Father loved to show off his power, and mother was too scared of him to do anything she wanted.


“Hazel! The queen and I need to speak with you alone” he said as he and mother stood up from their seats and started walking to the door that led to the next room. I glanced over at Lucian, who was still sitting as a statue. He looked up and the expression on his face made my heart clench.


“Hurry!” father said, who had already walked into the room. I hurried inside and the door got closed, leaving Lucian alone in the dining room. What was happening? What did he do to Lucian?


Father walked to the center of the room and turned around with his arms crossed over his chest. “Your husband is asking for my help” he started with a frown “but I can’t invest in a war I am going to lose.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I knew that the kingdom was always his priority, but I thought if his child was in danger he would at least help a little.


“What makes you so sure we will lose?” I asked.


“Your husband has no allies because of the rumors about him, thus his brothers are stronger now” he explained.



“So you will not help even if it means I can die?” I asked slowly becoming impatient.


“That’s why you can stay here with us, if you want?” mother said.


“Are you telling me to leave my husband?”


“He can’t protect you, you don’t need someone who can’t protect you” father insisted. I can’t believe this! He was the one who made me get married to Lucian even though he knew of his reputation and without considering my feelings just for power, and now he was telling me to come back.


“And you can’t throw me away and take me back whenever you want” I spat.


“Hazel!” mother said with a warning.


“Be careful! You cannot speak to your king like that” father yelled.


“You are not my king anymore. Remember, you sold me to another kingdom for power,” I snapped “I am leaving with my husband now. If I die it’s fine, I will die with him. I was never treated like a living person here anyway,” I said. I never defied my parents. I don’t know where I the courage from this time. Turning my back, I strode out of the room.


Lucian was nowhere in the dining room. Where did he go?


“Seems your husband thinks it’s a good idea to leave you here as well” father voice came from behind. I clenched my fists to control the anger that was building up inside of me. How could Lucian leave me here without asking me if I wanted to stay? Ignoring my father, I ran out of the dining room through the halls to the main garden. Everyone was staring at me in shock because it was unladylike to run, but I didn’t care. I just hoped that Lucian hadn’t left yet and was relieved when I found him outside with his men.


Everyone was gathered with their horses, which only meant they were leaving. Lucian was leaving without me. Angry, I walked toward him. When he saw me he looked surprised, but when he realized I was angry he frowned. I walked closer and slapped him across the face. I heard some gasps coming from the guards and



some of them stared in shock. Lucian ran his fingers through his hair as he looked back at me. A smile crept its way to his face, and I was shocked at his reaction. He should be angry for slapping him, especially in front of everyone, so why was he smiling?


“What is the reason for slapping me wife?” he asked rubbing his cheek as if it hurt even though I was sure it didn’t hurt him, not physically anyway.


“Don’t call me wife. If I was your wife, you wouldn’t have decided to leave me.” He looked at me confused.


“I thought you are the one that wanted to stay,” he said.


“And what makes you think that way?” I asked. His gaze shifted to something behind me and he clenched his jaw. I looked behind me. Father was standing at the entry looking amused. It was father. He told Lucian I wanted to stay.




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