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Married To The Devil’s Son.


Chapter 14: Chapter 14


Lucian gazed down at Hazel as she blushed, and he couldn’t help but bring his hand up and caress her pink cheek with his thumb. Heavens knew how much he wanted to lean down and kiss her. She was tempting him with this red dress and her bare neck and shoulders. He had been surprised and relieved that he hadn’t forced himself on her last night when his demon was in control. Seems that his demon craves Hazel as much as he does the only difference is that his demon doesn’t care about Hazel’s feelings while Lucian does.


“Are you alright? I heard that the king is unwell” she asked worried. He had almost forgotten the big problem he had to deal with when he saw her.


“Hazel, I want you to pack some clothes, we will leave the castle”. He didn’t want for Hazel to stay another minute here. The king could die anytime and he knew that he would be the one to be attacked first, since his brothers hated him. Hazel looked confused at him “I will explain everything on the way” he said “now hurry!”.


Once Hazel left Lincoln approached him “Your highness the horses are ready”.


“Did oliver get information on what by brother’s plan to do?” Lucian asked.


“Yes, your highness. The crown prince is planning on attacking you first once the king dies and he has already pinned your brothers against each other, so that they kill each other and his job becomes easier,”. That sounded just like Pierre. Lucian had already expected that from his brother. “What did he tell them?”




“That I don’t know your highness. But your brothers have already begun to travel to gather their allies to help them get the crown. You should do that as well.” That



would be the difficult part since not many would want to be his allies and help him because of the rumors about him.


As if Lincoln read his thoughts he said “We should start with Maebeth kingdom.” His wife’s kingdom was a small kingdom that didn’t have much power. Even if they agreed to help him, it wouldn’t be that much of a help.


Lydia packed a few clothes for me while Ylva helped me get dressed into more comfortable clothes. Both were worried when I told them about the situation. Just to calm them down “everything is going to be alright” I said even though I myself wasn’t sure about that.


I walked out to the garden where Lucian seemed to be busy speaking to some soldiers. I just stood there staring at him. I have never seen him speak much before. He was a man of few words. Until now we never had a conversation that lasted long, and I really wanted our marriage to work.


“My lady” looking to my side, I found a smiling Oliver approaching me. Something about him was different. He didn’t look like the usually tough and silent soldier, he looked rather innocent and playful even though he was tall and looked strong.


“Do you prefer a white or a black horse?” he asked. Did he expect me to ride myself? I knew that most princesses know how to ride, it was something a royalty should know but my father never even let me out let alone learn something. I was more a prisoner than a princess back home.


“She will ride with me” Lucian said suddenly, standing next to me and taking my hand in his. Oliver smiled, a smile that reached his eyes. What was he so happy about?


“Fine” he said shrugging his shoulders.


I placed my arms around Lucians waist as we rode off. “Hold on tight, we will ride fast” he had told me, but I didn’t expect it would be this fast. Even though I thought this was too fast, many soldiers were riding faster than us, slowing down now and then for Lucian to catch up. That’s when I realized he was actually riding slow compared to how fast he usually rides.



“You don’t have to slow down because of me,” I said, “I am fine.”


He chuckled, “are you sure?”


“Yes” I replied.


“Fine, then” he said in a challenging way and suddenly it felt as if I was flying away. The air whipping my face and hair and I got really scared, holding onto Lucian even more. My grip was so hard around his waist I wondered if he could breathe, but he wasn’t complaining. Trees, houses, cliffs and lakes were passing by quickly before my eyes and I felt dizzy and sick. I tried to close my eyes and ignore the dizziness and the urge to vomit, but I couldn’t fight it for long.


“Please stop” I whispered clutching onto Lucian wondering if he even heard what I said.


Abruptly he stopped, ” are you alright?” he asked. I climbed down from the horse fast without any help and ran to the nearest tree, throwing up everything in my stomach. Lucian was already beside me and held my hair away. “Don’t..” I began before throwing up again. I didn’t want him to see me like this.


“It’s alright” he said, massaging my back with one hand as he still held my hair with the other. I was so embarrassed when I turned around and found that all the soldiers stood there looking at me.


Lucian gave me a handkerchief as one of the guards handed him a bottle of water, which he gave to me as well. “Drink” he said as I wiped my mouth still embarrassed “you should have told me to slow down.”


I took sips of the water while Lucian watched me intently, as if I would collapse anytime.


“I’m fine, let’s continue ” I smiled. I didn’t want the journey to take longer than usual because of me.




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